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  1. rowdied

    3den Enhanced

    I guess you never found a solution to this for dedicated servers? This is too bad and weird it won't work. thanks for all the hard work!!
  2. rowdied

    [SP/CO6) Ghost Recon: Desert Siege

    Agree 100%!! Your missions are awesome and I wish UBI crap would remaster those old R6 and Recon games, cause the new ones just don't cut it. Or maybe I am getting old lol.
  3. rowdied

    What was your Gateway Arma?

    Muzzle Velocity Rainbow Six Ghost recon European Air War Across the Rhine Where the games that got me into Arma (I still know it as OFP) Saw the demo in Computer Gaming and played the hell out of it and bought OFP but found it too difficult and shelved it for a few months until I got sick of R6 and tried it again. Been hooked for life...
  4. rowdied

    3den Enhanced

    As usual....gotta love BIS and hate them at the same time lol
  5. rowdied

    Secret Weapons

    Hey DSabre, Love the planes and all the new ones especially the Stuka with the cannon pods but the recoil when you shoot them is too strong. Any way you could tone it down a bit so it makes it easier to use them? thanks again!
  6. rowdied

    3den Enhanced

    It doesn't work at all on a dedicated server. Tried with IFA3 mod and Vanilla A3. Used a steam mod "no weapon or recoil" and that worked. But I want to control the recoil just not have it 100% as default and not 0% as in that mod. Yours was a more convenient way and would like it to work for MP. thanks!
  7. rowdied

    3den Enhanced

    Love your mod, couldn't edit/play Arma 3 with out it. Also love the ability to control the weapon sway and recoil but it doesn't appear to work on a dedicated server. Any reason why this wouldn't work if it is hard coded into the mission? Looking forward to the new changes! Thanks for all your hard work!
  8. rowdied

    TAW View Distance Script

    Cool. much appreciated thank you!!
  9. rowdied

    TAW View Distance Script

    Love this and use it in all my missions and thanks for the update! Question, though, is there a way to change the starting VD in the configs? Every time I start up a mission and go to the VD settings, my VD is always set to 8910.94 for everything including object distance. Is there a way to change this default parameter? Thanks again for all your hard work!
  10. Loving the new map and all the new assets, I can live without the interiors but are there no airports? I realize this is based on real world data, but having at least 1 or even 2 airports would be nice, or maybe I just cant find them?
  11. I guess no one ever played Arma or Arma 2 then judging by the comments here (Gunter excluded 🙂). The AI used to target planes to the detriment of other tanks being around them. I have seen and lived it. Being shot down by AI when in a helicopter and them in a t72. My fault for flying low and slow. If I am in a tank and you are stupid enough to fly close to the horizon and go very slow or even hover for a minute I will shoot you out of the sky regardless of game OFP, Arma, Arma 2 or Arma 3. Much harder to shoot a plane down when he zooms by but again, the helicopter is more vulnerable than a plane because it can hover, fly slow and land etc... much quicker and practically anywhere where a plane cannot. @mickeymen it sounds like you are butt hurt because you keep getting shot down by humans. Maybe adjust your tactics or don't fly then. Just sayin....
  12. Awesome !!! Looking forward to this! Nice to see you back in some form or other on the forums Mondkalb
  13. @.kjuI guess 3rd time will be the charm? :) Not sure what you mean by fictional factory numbers. If a tanks turret speed in full rotation is 20 seconds as per factory specs why is it fictional? There are a lot of things that tankers on both sides did to their tanks that never followed the written manual, such as the load out of main cannon shells. Some tankers crammed more into the tank than was specified by the manual, and removed unnecessary equipment to make room for them. I will plead my case again on discord.... Now, can we have tanks not always blowup A3 style? :)
  14. Turret speeds on some of the tanks are not correct. Almost all the German tanks are slower than they were in real life and certain Allied ones as well . Unless you want to turn the German Turrets by hand then they are correct which the game seems to simulate now. I am not sure why this was changed again. You can try the Real Panzer Mod by RP Allan on steam. This should make all the tanks Allied and Axis the correct turning speed.
  15. @ El Tyranos Why not use just the sounds from IF that do this already? They seemed to work pretty good.