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  1. rowdied

    can no longer play server

    If you dont have control of the server you will have to wait until the server updates that file, no other way around it i am afraid.
  2. rowdied

    random placement radius crash

    It doesnt work. Dont use random placement. Should be fixed in the next patch hopefully as per the Arma 3 Discord.
  3. rowdied

    Haul Cargo

    I figured you wanted to do something yourself from scratch, no worries. I just thought if you had issues you could hit up Drongo as he has done this already. Glad you got it figured out!!!
  4. rowdied

    Haul Cargo

    you could hit Drongo up as he has a mod on steam that does this exact thing. I use it all the time and works on dedicated server as well. it does not hide the object like ACE either and is height adjustable too. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2561708057
  5. Sorry not on here too often. I went on their discord and asked why it doesn't pop anymore. They had issues with the latest version of Ace so they disabled it for the near future. They are not sure when it will make it back in either.
  6. Yyo I can confirm the Stuttering has to do with the Workshop Compositions. Best bet is to download the compositions, save them as your own compositions and then delete the Workshop ones. Also these micro stutters are most likely from the HDD you are using. Go back to the SSD and those should be gone.
  7. Still doesn't work. Would be nice if they could fix this issue. Maybe as a Xmas present?
  8. "You can drag and drop everything in the workshop folder into the tadst mod interface" Found that solution on reddit so you don't have to do drill down to add each one individually. You can even highlight a bunch and drag them over. Verified it works. I wish I found this years ago lol
  9. rowdied

    [Poll] ArmA Reforger / Arm4

    Bought it cause I am a fanboy and... Because... Arma
  10. rowdied

    Fuel consumption script

    In the mission folder. What I did is copy the info from above and pasted it into a text file and renamed it fuel.sqf (you can name it anything you want) Make sure you rename the file form .txt to .sqf and then place it into a folder inside the mission folder called scripts (the folder can be named anything you want) Next you have to reference it in the init.sqf which is also in the mission folder. If not you will have to create it like you did the fuel one. Next place this code in the init.sqf; [] execVM "scripts\fuel.sqf"; and thats it it should now work in SP or MP and even on dedicated servers. Make sense? If not pm me
  11. rowdied

    PMC Ukraine Berdyansk

    Even if you could just populate areas around towns and riverbeds with foliage, that would be awesome Towns can always be placed by hand if need be. Even if you were able to place all the buildings down that show up on your maps, it would take years to do with current methods. Lets hope Arma 4 or whatever they want to call it, will allow maps this large the ability to populate them with objects that wont take decades of your life to do. Just populate objects on the map around a specified distance from the player.
  12. rowdied

    How to setvelocity.

    This most interesting part of that video is when the shell lands, then skids and hits the wall, bringing it to a stop and then explodes after a few seconds. Is there was a way to do this with bombs on planes? That would be awesome.
  13. rowdied

    PMC Ukraine Mariupol

    Why don't you use Steam Workshop? Not sure I need to have a reason for not using torrents but I also don't fly a 747's. I guess I will have to pass on this terrain unless there is an alternative download site. Loved PMC stuff since OFP back in the day and used WRP tool quite a bit for OFP. Does the terrain have any towns and roads or is it just terrain like some of your other terrains? thanks for all your hard work!!
  14. rowdied

    PMC Ukraine Mariupol

    don't do torrents, so I guess the answer is a no then for steam upload or alternative download links.
  15. rowdied

    PMC Ukraine Mariupol

    Any chance for a Steam Link?