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  1. rowdied

    Arma 4 a look to the future

    It would be awesome if we could have TerraSim in VBS4 implemented for Arma 4. Just think of the possibilities... Yes I know not possible but are we not human if we do not have hope for the future? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XpIrOlXPTic
  2. rowdied

    Crew Hit Reaction

    Script works great in SP but not in MP on a dedicated server. Any chance you are making a MP compatible mod and script? thanks again!
  3. rowdied

    Crew Hit Reaction

    Love this mod! Any chance to make a script version for this? Also have the crew bail on fire too? thanks again!!
  4. Use MGI Advanced modules mod, his respawn vehicles one it should provide what you need
  5. I have a MSI 6800XT and have never had this problem, sp or mp. Maybe its your brand of card? total AMD system too 5800x and 32gb ram.
  6. i can send you the latest script if you need. it is still a few years old but it works

  7. rowdied


    I still use this script with zeros issues. It is the easiest one to use by far.
  8. Hello, Having issues unpacking the pbo from missions I have made. it is adding this to the start of the mission.sqm and it should not be there or at least commented out. Problem is the ediotr will not open the file and lists the errors below. sable random button and shortcut keys LARs_overrideVA_random = 1; it is not adding the end of the file either and cuts it off. Example below }; class Item112 { linkID=112; item0=4129; item1=4113; class Cu it is missing this last part to end the file class CustomData { type="Sync"; }; }; }; }; I would love to use this as Mikeros tools have crapped the bed and no longer work no matter what i do. thanks!
  9. rowdied

    Bon's Infantry Recruitment Redux

    Anyway to get this to only work for only certain players and/or ranks not all players? Found a solution for this on the Rock Paper Shotgun forum of all places posted by SvDvorak. Only specific named players (rowdy) can see recruit action when this code is placed in an object like a flagpole. Works on dedicated server with respawn in place. No others will see the prompt unless they are named to see it. this addAction["Recruit Infantry", "bon_recruit_units\open_dialog.sqf", nil, 6, True, True, "", "(_target distance _this) < 4 && _this == rowdy"];
  10. Fair enough, seems like I dont fully understand what he is trying to do. But reading what he wrote, I interpreted is like he is trying to get 2 zeuses (is that a word?) to work at the same time in a MP mission, on 2 different factions. I did this through the method I mentioned above. I hope it gets it to work.
  11. why not just place to zues modules down and name each one to correspond with a player. ie/ zeus s1 = blufor player named s1 and zeus s2 = independent player named s2. Works for me and they both have cart blanche to do whatever they want. no scripts. easy peasy
  12. Any thoughts on sullen skies for Beketov? Love the mod!!
  13. rowdied

    ARMAHOLIC website not working

    WTF? So there are gone without a word? Wow there are a lot of files there. What will happen to them now?
  14. @Groove_C Would the Noctua U12S be sufficient enough to cool the 5800x? I run the computer in a basement with the side panel removed
  15. @Groove_C Great thanks for the info! I was also looking at that kit of 3800Mhz as well and it is cheaper than the 3600Mhz lol. Did you get the Ryzen 5800x yet? thanks!