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  1. Mod is definitely not dead, but team members are just busy with other stuff
  2. I just made them use able, that's all. You'll be able to retexture them now
  3. Also I looked into those "placeholder" models and made some little tweaks
  4. Shemag is not part of the uniform for the some time already. (Also no vest on model, just belt).
  5. Please do that, he really deserves it
  6. Nice work! Just small note, we have different fence around property for some while :P
  7. There is no need for new documentation, we used Vehicle Customization (VhC).
  8. In today's Dev-Branch we've added an ability to customize the appearance of all vanilla armored vehicles. It is possible to do it via the Virtual Garage and in Eden Editor. The customization not only brings new ways to give your vehicle unique appearance, but it also affects the durability of your vehicle. Cage armor will protect you against RPG rounds, and camo net will make you less visible in Thermal Imaging.
  9. Vehicle Interiors - Feedback

    Known issue, animators are already fixing it :)
  10. Those TI fixes are just general fixes, there were bigger problems which needed to be fixed before TI.
  11. We are already aware of this, it will be changed :)
  12. Yup, I'll add hidden selection to it.
  13. I am glad you like it, I was surprised when I found out that it's missing, so I added that to all weapon. Also, sadly, attachments can't be retextured. I might look into it.
  14. Well those "AAF APCs" are more or less Pandur models, so that's final thing. Also Tatra trucks should be already ported by CUP.