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  1. Vehicle Interiors - Feedback

    Known issue, animators are already fixing it :)
  2. Those TI fixes are just general fixes, there were bigger problems which needed to be fixed before TI.
  3. We are already aware of this, it will be changed :)
  4. Yup, I'll add hidden selection to it.
  5. I am glad you like it, I was surprised when I found out that it's missing, so I added that to all weapon. Also, sadly, attachments can't be retextured. I might look into it.
  6. Well those "AAF APCs" are more or less Pandur models, so that's final thing. Also Tatra trucks should be already ported by CUP.
  7. Laws of War DLC Assets

    It's "Narcos", but we are getting bit offtopic here :P
  8. Oh well, it was fairly fast and easy to fix, so why not?
  9. viewDriverInExternal should be already fixed and working for tanks
  10. Thanks for noticing, it seems that there was typo in selection. It should be fine tomorrow.
  11. I made change that when you fire from launcher, there will be also some light coming from back of launcher. Before there were only smoke and fire particles, but that fire particle didn't produce any light. Also I found some small bug which which will be included in tomorrow's dev branch update, so please wait for tomorrow for proper version of this :)
  12. Should be fixed again.
  13. We simply can't delete old aircrafts, just for backwards compatibility sake.