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  1. Fanatic72

    CSLA Iron Curtain Unofficial discussion

    If you want to be taken seriously than you should put more effort into your replies. All your unrealistic and non-authentic claims are based on that one improvised airfield which was already proven to be a fairly realistic possibility so its a very lame argument. The rest of the map uses authentic buildings and objects from the 80s time period and looks very much like its real life counterpart which you can simply look up on google maps. It obviously has some gameplay focused modifications which you might not like. But I prefer that over an ultra-realistic map like Weferlingen which has basically no military installations and you have to build everything yourself. No map is perfect, there is always something you can dislike about it. But if you wanna act like Weferlingen or Cam Lao Nam are miles above Gabreta in quality or authenticity then you are extremely biased since you probably consider Tanoan buildings on a 60s Vietnam map more authentic than the realistic buildings on Gabreta.
  2. Fanatic72

    CSLA Iron Curtain Unofficial discussion

    That highway was built at the end of the 80s. Blame communism for that. Ever since the 70s they had a plan to build about 15 of highway airfields but in reality they only managed to build like 3 with only a single one actually used for exercises etc. Not all of them had hangars obviously, but as you can see some were built alongside old airfields that had no paved runways because it was convenient. All of these projects had additional paved areas alongside the highway for planes to park at which are nowadays used mostly for fuel stations. This is the one that was actually in use back in the day and is still officialy a substitute airfield today. https://en.mapy.cz/s/refutogoze The next one is the one we already mentioned and then there is this one which was clearly finished but its no longer airfield ready with the vegetation strip in the middle. https://en.mapy.cz/letecka?x=13.6001221&y=49.7551259&z=16 I know these are in the Czech Republic and not in Germany, but as you already saw this practice was used by both sides. The map in CSLA is obviously not 1:1 and that airfield or maybe even the highway might not be accurate but its not at all far fetched or unrealistic to include them. Also the little detail where the highway ends on the border and becomes a shitty road on the Czechoslovakian side is great. 😄
  3. Fanatic72

    CSLA Iron Curtain Unofficial discussion

    Just to add to the improvised airfield topic. Here is a link to google maps: https://goo.gl/maps/JuYvyxsRuNQqS1HP7 That is present day Czech Republic. This cDLC is a little bit of a disaster but the map is very authentic and looks very much like the real life counterpart did.
  4. Fanatic72

    Arma 3 Creator DLC: CSLA Iron Curtain

    Im a big fan of the Arma games and played them ever since OFP including the good old original CSLA mod. I have also bought all the previous cDLCs and loved both of them. I did not love this one, unfortunately I did not even like it even though I am a big fan of the concept and the team behind it. Being someone who buys all the cDLCs my perspective on this one is even worse because I was treated to high quality cDLCs like GM which set the bar extremely high when it comes to model quality and textures and then shortly before the release of this - S.O.G. which absolutely blows everything away when it comes to sound design and immersion. But that does not change the fact that this is an extremely underwhelming release even without knowing the other cDLCs. As a long time Arma multiplayer guy I always go into reviewing these cDLCs in this order: 1. Explore the map 2. Check out all the vehicles and weapons (model and texture quality, amount of content) 3. Test all of it (how they sound, behave etc) 4. Play the playable content With CSLA I was a little bit skeptical when launching the game already as the screenshots left me with a lot to be desired. But still I thought f... it and let's see what this cDLC has. Step 1 I was blown away by the map. It is great, it has interesting locations, its very immersive (especially for me being from the Czech Republic) and it has a lot of brand new content making it very unique from the other woodland maps that we already have. It also has a lot of character compared to GMs Weferlingen which is pretty bland in many places and lacks necessary gameplay locations like airfields. So in my opinion the map is a 10/10 and it warrants the price tag for me as a die hard fan of Arma so I will not be refunding it. But it only gets worse from there. The amount of content is okay for an initial release but much like GM lacks any planes (the map even has airfields unlike GM). Unfortunately when it comes to said contents quality it is absolutely not good enough compared to the previous cDLCs and the countless free mods on the workshop. The models are not very detailed (compare with GM or RHS vehicles). The textures are horrible on most of the content, especially the american side of things. But what completely ruined everything for me was when I decided to check out the sound design of vehicles and weapons and found out that most if not all of them are re-using A3 Vanilla sounds!!! 😡 With all of that explored and discovered I was not even interested in playing the few SP missions provided as that is hardly something that could salvage this disaster. A very disappointing release that does not meet the quality standard set by the previous cDLCs. Its only saving grace is the map but is that enough for a 12 EUR cDLC?... 😕 I expected a lot higher quality of content, their own sounds and a decent SP campaign. Please no more cDLCs like this... 😢
  5. There was an update around New Year what are you talking about?
  6. Amazing work with the new PKL man. Thank you!
  7. Fanatic72

    DHI Battle Dress Uniforms

    Incredible shame and it is sad to see how much power these thieves have when it comes to this. Making talented artists quit just because they lack any respect for your work. Thank you for all the assets you have provided to us over the years Delta Hawk.
  8. Fanatic72

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Yeah it is just quite difficult with certain vehicles that have tiny turrents like BTRs for example. But it is what it is. 🙂
  9. Fanatic72

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Its really nice that the tanks dont explode every time. What is annoying is that ArmA just lets the AI stay in a basically destroyed vehicle. So the gunner might be near dead but his turret will still work and he will keep fighting like none of those 10 RPGs before happened. 🙂
  10. Not sure if this was mentioned yet but are there any plans to use the Livonia assets to overhaul Chernarus and other A2 maps that use the same or similar assets? 🤔
  11. Those wooden buildings seem to have better textures than I remember. 🤔
  12. Fanatic72

    CSLA Studio - A3 WIP

    Get your facts straight before you post non-sense please.
  13. Lots of work done, but no new release yet.