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  1. Update 2.0 I know it has been 3 years since I released it, but nevermind that. Here is the promised update. Progress of the mod can be found on the GITLAB. Well see you all in next 3 years! (Joking I hope.) Changelog: Added 10 new faces. Improved old faces. Unlocked more hidden faces. Changed some stuff in config. New logo of the mod. New Server key. Download: GOOGLE DRIVE STEAM WORKSHOP New Gallery: IMGUR Classnames: PASTEBIN Main page will be updated.
  2. Oh too bad it didn't work :( When I get time i will try to make new bunch of faces dont worry :D
  3. I don't recommend doing camo faces in Arma 3 since A3 faces are shine as clean metal, and facepaint looks weird on them with that shining, but give me some time I will try something.
  4. Thanks everyone for feedback :D thanks Since they are officially in game, they already had classname, they should work... if you type vanilla class in your "insertyournamehere".Arma3Profile -> face="Miller"; for example... it may even works, just dont edit your profile in-game menu. Thank you, I hope I see more from you as well :D Yeah I know about Kerry variants, maybe in another update I will add them too. Yes I know about this bug, not sure how to fix it, i will speak to some people maybe they will know how to fix this.
  5. Thanks for a mirror, just hope for PWS link as well.
  6. Version 2.0 Description: This pack adds 37 new faces to your game and also unlocks faces from campaign. Download: The mod can be found on these official release mirrors: ARMAHOLIC WITHSIX STEAM WORKSHOP GOOGLE DRIVE Gallery: Full Gallery Link Classnames Link
  7. taurus4k


    Interesting idea, I'm working on something similar, only difference I'm gonna add new faces to game... I may later do camo faces for them too, so it can works with this AGM feature you did. Cheers.