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  1. The string for the remoted execvm is not correct. startscenario.sqf is an arguments for the remoteexec (see "params" in first syntax in https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/remoteExec Anyway the command execVM is not remote executable (you can find what commands are remote executable by looking at what is listed in the config under CfgRemoteExecCommands). You can just replace it with the function BIS_fnc_execVM. In the first addAction "Start Scenario" you should use this {["startscenario.sqf"] remoteExec ["BIS_fnc_execVM", 0];} This allows execution of the startscenario.sqf for all clients.
  2. Hi, 1) Put this in the init of the object this addAction ["<t color='#00FF00' size='1.3'>LOADOUT PANEL</t>",{createDialog "home";}]; 2) Disabilitate command of ACE menu. Open initPlayerLocal.sqf and comment (//) or remove this line player call LDP_fnc_addLoadoutPanel;
  3. I have included your suggestion in version 1.01. Now each light vehicle has a chance to be full of infantry units. Chance (%) can be specified in the ESS call with a value from 1 to 100. Set 1 to have only driver and gunner, 100 to have all light vehicles full. Of course in your case put 80. Spawning in water not implemented, so change strings as I've already written in previous post to have this function. Updated version soon available on Armaholic link.
  4. Hi, thanks for your comments. 1. I removed water spawning because I think it has no sense. Do you really want soldiers swiming into water or BTR in the deep sea? 😊 Anyway if you want it you can change few strings as follows: -) For infantry In file ESS_Launch.sqf, at lines 43-55, change _p1 = [_ESSAreaMkr] call SHK_pos; sleep _TempSpawn; _p2 = [_ESSAreaMkr] call SHK_pos; sleep _TempSpawn; _p3 = [_ESSAreaMkr] call SHK_pos; sleep _TempSpawn; _p4 = [_ESSAreaMkr] call SHK_pos; sleep _TempSpawn; _p5 = [_ESSAreaMkr] call SHK_pos; with _p1 = [_ESSAreaMkr,true] call SHK_pos; sleep _TempSpawn; _p2 = [_ESSAreaMkr,true] call SHK_pos; sleep _TempSpawn; _p3 = [_ESSAreaMkr,true] call SHK_pos; sleep _TempSpawn; _p4 = [_ESSAreaMkr,true] call SHK_pos; sleep _TempSpawn; _p5 = [_ESSAreaMkr,true] call SHK_pos; -) for light veh, heavy veh, static weapon In file findSafePos.sqf, at line 5, change _pos = [_mrk] call SHK_pos; with _pos = [_mrk,true] call SHK_pos; That's all. You can find additional options into SHK script "shk_pos.sqf". if you want 2. Explain me better. Do you want: - each light vehicles to be 80% full? or that - 80% of them are full? (this is no easy to implement) or that - everyone has an 80% chance of being full? (maybe this) Now the system spawn only driver and gunner if vehicle provided with gunnur postation.
  5. Modify the script as private "_time"; _time = _this select 0; stopCountdown = 0; publicVariable "stopCountdown"; while {(_time > 0) and (stopCountdown == 0)} do { _time = _time - 1; hintSilent format["Tiempo restante: \n %1", [((_time)/60)+.01,"HH:MM"] call BIS_fnc_timetostring]; sleep 1; }; barricada2 setPos [2679.017,4803.602,6.477]; barricada2 setDir 352.207; hint "Paso despejado."; To stop it, place a trigger that executes this stopCountdown = 1; publicVariable "stopCountdown"; I used publicVariable because I used this method in a MP mission running it by interaction menu, but it is the same. If you want activate/deactivate countdown whenever you want you can use also ACE interaction menu. In this case 1) load ACE mod in your mission 3) Barricadas\cuenta2.sqf as I wrote above 2) Create initPlayerLocal.sqf in mission folder (if not already present) and add these strings in it authPlyrs = ["XXXXXXX", ... , "YYYYY"]; // <-- ADD HERE THE STEAM ID OF THE PLAYER/S ENABLED TO ACTIVATE/DEACTIVATE COUNTDOWN BY ACE COMMANDS _uidP = getPlayerUID player; if (_uidP in authPlyrs) then { _actionAct = {[[120],"Barricadas\cuenta2.sqf"] remoteExec ["BIS_fnc_execVM",0];}; _CallAct = ['ActivateCoutdown', 'Activate Coutdown', '', _actionAct, {true}] call ace_interact_menu_fnc_createAction; [player, 1, ["ACE_SelfActions"], _CallAct] call ace_interact_menu_fnc_addActionToObject; _actionDeact = {stopCountdown = 1;publicVariable "stopCountdown";}; _CallDeact = ['DeactivateCoutdown', 'Deactivate Coutdown', '', _actionDeact, {true}] call ace_interact_menu_fnc_createAction; [player, 1, ["ACE_SelfActions"], _CallDeact] call ace_interact_menu_fnc_addActionToObject; }; It works also in MP. From editor run mission as MP to activate ACE and steam ID. Two commands will be available, for enabled players withe the indicated steam ID, to start and stop countdown. Cheers
  6. EGX System by Enigx EGX system is a complete gaming system created to help Arma 3 clan administrators and mission makers for their activities. It offers a lot of tools useful for MP missions and training servers. I developed this system, also inspired by the Arma 3 clan community that I frequented, and have had a lot of positive feedback with it in my MP missions. I have personally created many of the scripts for the tools contained in the system. For others I have used scripts shared on Armaholic and BI forum by the Arma 3 community. You can find credits in section below. Of course it does not want to be pretentious or replace systems already in use and tested, but only my personal contribution to share with the community. No more, no less. Armaholic EGX System Features: Dynamic adminPanel that gives to mission masters, administrators and specific players a lot of functions to manage and help them in their MP missions and activities A number of 78 modules covering a lot of useful functions and utilities to manage your missions when in game, comprising: * General modules with admin tools and helicopter systems * Tools to manage players and general utilities * Blufor support modules * Enemy support modules * Civilian and objective modules Launcher to run 15 external personal scripts when in game whenever you want MedicMenu panel that gives to medics an additional tool for their loadout MedevacMenu panel to manage automatic medevac system for transport and healing of players directly when in game TransportMenu panel to manage players transport for their insertion from respawn point directly when in game LoadoutPanel system to manage loadouts, radio frequencies and special functions Start & End mission screens and logo system to make unique and customizable your missions A lot of pre-configurated factions available for use Possibility to add other factions needed for your mission Graphical windows to manage modules option Integrated Enemy Spawning System (ESS) to dynamically spawn enemies on clickable ESS zones directly when in game Integrated Area Defending System (ADS) to dynamically create enemy attacks on area directly when in game Activation by ACE self interaction menu for authorized players User guide included MP compatible Installation / Usage: For instructions and information to use the EGX System refer to included guide, DOC-EGX-SYS Rev1.0 file. Mission example included in zip archive. Notes: The EGX system needs the following main mods loaded in your mission: - ACE, for the activation of the different panels - RHS USAF, for the definition of some type vehicles contained in the modules. For some of them, if not loaded, you can use the vanilla vehicles selected in the relevant graphical windows. Mods list: - ace - CBA_A3 - RHSUSAF - ACE Compat - RHS United States Armed Forces For the radio frequencies setting the standard Task Force Radio is needed: - Task Force Arrowhead Radio (BETA!!!) For long range radios the mod "ILBE Assault Pack – Rewrite" is suggested. Anyway classnames of additional radios can be added. Credits & Thanks: Not in order of importance: - All members of Bohemia Interactive Forums & Armaholic community for their constant contribute to share information and helps - All Arma 3 clans I was inspired by and supported by - Shuko for sharing his SHK_pos - Random position generator system - Zenophon for sharing his Infantry Occupy House system - Sceptre for sharing his Custom Dialog System (CDS) - Aliascartoons for sharing his Minefield script, Artillery script and Jdam bomb script - Zooloo75/Stealthstick for sharing their suicide bomber script - Phronk for sharing his IEDs script - HallyG for sharing his supply drop script - AirFell for sharing his Keypad Script - =7Cav=CW2.Iher.I for sharing their Vehicle Repair, Refuel, Rearm Pad script Changelog: First released version 6.0
  7. EGX LoadoutPanel System by Enigx EGX_LoadoutPanel gives the possibility to select loadouts and set radio frequencies using a dedicated panel instead of the classical box placed on map from editor. It is always available and you don’t need to include it in editor during mission editing. Just modify your loadouts with your needs. Armaholic EGX_LoadoutPanel System Features: It appears as option in ACE interaction self menu for all players when in respawn position (usually the Blufor Base for example) You can select loadouts and set radio frequencies using the different panel screens You can select special skills from dedicated screen (medic, engineer, explosives specialist) A number of 11 (+ 1 optional for your needs) loadouts can be selected You can set radio frequencies with your values MP compatible Installation / Usage: See included README.TXT file for details. Mission example included in zip archive. Notes: EGX_LoadoutPanel needs the following mod loaded in your mission: - ACE for the interaction menu: * ace * CBA_A3 The loadouts, included in the annexed files of the sample mission, have been defined using the RHS USAF mod. Load it to see the sample. * RHSUSAF * ACE Compat - RHS United States Armed Forces Of course use your loadouts and/or any mod you want. For the radio frequencies setting the standard Task Force Radio is needed: - Task Force Arrowhead Radio (BETA!!!) For long range radios the mod "ILBE Assault Pack – Rewrite" is suggested. Anyway classnames of additional radios can be added. Credits & Thanks: Thanks to BI Forum and Armaholic Community. Changelog: First released version 1.0
  8. I checked these functions and I think are applicabile to units and not vehicles. I don't think they work. I cannot find functions for vehicles.
  9. Hi, there is an error in name mission folder. There is a dot that it must be there. Enter in your mission and rename the root folder \SEA_system_V1.0.Altis with \SEA_system_V10.Altis or any name you want (ex: \YourMissionName.Altis) the dot in "1.0" generates the error. Sorry. I modified the name in a second time and I forgot this dot. 😁 Remember to load the ACE and insert your steam Id in initPlayerlocal.sqf. Have a fun with it.
  10. I don't know if there is a fuction for that, never used. You can set the helis invincible if you want. To do that: - in CallHeli.sqf place this string in line 120 createVehicleCrew _heli_trasp; _heliGrp = group _heli_trasp; _heli_trasp allowdamage false; // <-- this line (it sets heli invulnerable) _wp2 = _heliGrp addWaypoint [getMarkerPos "p_rotta2", 0]; - in OrderHeliGO.sqf place this string in line 140 _heli_Go = vehicle player; _heliGrp = group _heli_Go; _heli_Go allowdamage false; // <-- this line (it sets your heli invulnerable) _MkrIntArrayCount = (count _MkrIntArray) - 1;
  11. Hi, you can use Phronks' ied script. I did the same in one of my system. It is very good. all credits to Phronks Script is configured to be launched at mission start by the ini.sqf execution. You can avoid it and launch by triggers. I did the same for one of my system. 1) place the marker area from editor where create ieds and name it (ex. "SpawnIED") 2) place Phronks' ied.sqf script in mission folder 3) place a trigger area and match exactly the area "SpawnIED". Set trigger condition "blufor present" or whatever you want, and in OnActivation digit the string (not the comments of course): [["SpawnIED" , 10 , true, false], "ied.sqf"] remoteExec ["BIS_fnc_execVM",2]; // the execution is on server (in reality not needed if you activate by trigger). but leave as it is // SpawnIED: name of marker area (be careful it must include roads!) // 10: number of desired ied // true: the IED can be detonated with weapons. false if not // false: do not show location of IEDs on the map. true if yes Of course change it with your parameters 4) open ied.sqf script and modify begining part as // input from calling trigger _iedMkr1 = _this select 0; _iedNum1 = _this select 1; _iedDmg1 = _this select 2; _Dbug1 = _this select 3; // redefine inputs as global as requested by ied script iedMkr = _iedMkr1; //List of markers to spawn IEDs in iedNum= _iedNum1; //Number of IEDs per marker, defined in iedMkr [Default: 5] iedDmg= _iedDmg1; //Can the IED be killed with weapons? [Default: false] TRUE = Yes | FALSE = Can only be disarmed Dbug = _Dbug1; //Show IED markers on map? [Default: false] //!!DO NOT EDIT BELOW!! iedBlast=["Bo_Mk82","Rocket_03_HE_F","M_Mo_82mm_AT_LG","Bo_GBU12_LGB","Bo_GBU12_LGB_MI10","HelicopterExploSmall"]; iedList=["IEDLandBig_F","IEDLandSmall_F","IEDUrbanBig_F","IEDUrbanSmall_F"]; iedAmmo=["IEDUrbanSmall_Remote_Ammo","IEDLandSmall_Remote_Ammo","IEDUrbanBig_Remote_Ammo","IEDLandBig_Remote_Ammo"]; iedJunk=["Land_Garbage_square3_F","Land_Garbage_square5_F","Land_Garbage_line_F"]; if(!Dbug)then{{_x setMarkerAlpha 0;}forEach iedMkr;}; ... That's all. If you want more ied areas you just repeat steps 1) and 3) with the new inputs. Sorry, not tested in this mode because in my system I can select, when I'm in game, the area directly clicking on map. So it is quite different from above. Anyway it should work. Test it Cheers
  12. It's strange I can downolad without problems. Try to join Armaholic by creating an account. Anyway I'm sorry I have no google drive link.
  13. ACE is an elegant way to allow activation only by authorized players (in general TL/SL). Imagine that everyone can call it !! it would be a tragedy ☺️ Moreover ACE menus are more efficient. Anyway, it is possible also to use the script without the ACE, because it is a simple call of sqf files. Here some options you can try Option 1 One alternative mode is to activate it simply by a trigger radio Alpha and Bravo. Place from editor a trigger with condition radio Alpha, make it repetable and put in OnActivation the following line null = execVM "EGX_HeliTransport\CallHeli.sqf"; // for heli call Again, place another trigger radio Bravo but now with following line null = execVM "EGX_HeliTransport\OrderHeliGO.sqf"; // To order heli to go In this way pressing the support modules when in game (keybutton "\" ) you can call the radio commands. Of course everyone can call the radio. There is the possibility to activate it only by authorized players, using the thisList command, but forget it is more complicated Of course in this option forget the lines of initPlayerLocal.sqf. Don't create it. Option 2 Other option is to use always the initPlayerLocal.sqf but inserting these lines rather than the ones I specified for ACE _actionHeli = {execVM "EGX_HeliTransport\CallHeli.sqf";}; _actionHeliGo = {execVM "EGX_HeliTransport\OrderHeliGO.sqf";}; player addAction ["Call helicopter", _actionHeli]; player addAction ["Order heli GO", _actionHeliGo]; These create for each player two adactions, activable by the mouse wheel, with the two activations. Everyone can activate them Option 3 As option 2 but only authorized players can activate them authPlyrsHeliTr = ["XXXXXXX", ... , "YYYYY"]; // <-- ADD HERE THE STEAM ID OF THE PLAYER/S ENABLED TO MANAGE HELI TRANSPORT BY ACE COMMANDS _uidP = getPlayerUID player; if (_uidP in authPlyrsHeliTr) then { _actionHeli = {execVM "EGX_HeliTransport\CallHeli.sqf";}; player addAction ["Call helicopter", _actionHeli]; _actionHeliGo = {execVM "EGX_HeliTransport\OrderHeliGO.sqf";}; player addAction ["Order heli GO", _actionHeliGo]; }; Options not tested but they should work. NOTE: the system uses CDS system interface. I think CDS doesn't use Ace so the methods should work. Try Cheers
  14. Hi, the suggest of Play3r can be applied to your scope. Open file ESS_system\functions\ESS_Launch.sqf. At line 24 it is defined the trigger for EZZ zone activation. Try to change the line _essActivated setTriggerArea [(_distance+_mkrX),(_distance+_mkrY),_mkrAgl,FALSE]; with _essActivated setTriggerArea [(_distance+_mkrX),(_distance+_mkrY),_mkrAgl,FALSE , 100 ]; // 100 (meters) is the height of the trigger. Modify it with your minimum flight altitude Not tested but it should work. Of course flying vehicles below the 100m will always activate it ☺️ Note: I don't know how it could work for infantry activation if ESS area is defined on mountains. You need to do some tests and find the optimized height limit.