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  1. thus... if i would like to assign 33% i have to code : am i right?
  2. ...Oook ...seems that it choose only the case 1. Is there a way to randomize hardly this thing?
  3. i seem to work in the office "complications simple things". thank you
  4. I would like to run this script server side. that's basically what it's supposed to do. When the "a1_trig" trigger fires (a trigger placed in the editor) it randomly chooses a value between B1 and B2. then the if loop checks that b1 (or b2) is true and activates a DAC zone or other one. I don't know why but it gives me an error hint and doesn't run the script. Would anyone with a good heart know how to correct this?i'm noob i known😅 null = [] spawn { a1_trig = False; _randomWp = selectRandom [b1,b2]; while {!a1_trig} do { if (_randomWP == b1)then { [["Bravo_1"]] call BIS_fnc_advHint; sleep 1; [z_b1] call DAC_Activate;} else (if(_randomWP == b2)then { [["Bravo_2"]] call BIS_fnc_advHint; sleep 1; [z_b2] call DAC_Activate;}) };
  5. which are? you could help me a lot ....please copy paste here the link about it edit 12/12: in the end I found some bugfixes and some stuff that talk about how to improve the work done so far. as I write we are at version 2.10 of Arma. I hope it can help all those who still want to create extremely dynamic missions with a tool that, even if old, still teaches the mission editors of tomorrow https://github.com/SavageCDN/DAC_A3/blob/master/undocumented_features.sqf
  6. please could you re-upload the pbo file or copy/paste here the way you solve this problem?