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  1. How can they engage anything while they are cached? It seems you're better off with a spawn-on-demand script that spawns AI's when required. ZBE_Cache checks distance from players and caches/uncaches AI's based on pre-defined distance params.
  2. You want them to remain cached forever? Why just not delete them?
  3. Ignore what I said before and copy below in your InitPlayerLocal.sqf:
  4. Check the file header. To use it without the framework then add ADF_disable3PV = true; to your init.sqf or initPlayerLocal.sqf And remove the reporting lines: // Reporting if (ADF_extRpt || {ADF_debug}) then {diag_log "ADF rpt: fnc - executing: ADF_fnc_disable3P"};
  5. Thanks! The forced third person option can be enabled/disable in mission params (multiplayer, slotting screen). It's part of the ADF framework. See ADF\fnc\players\fn_disable3P.sqf
  6. Updated to 0.92. See OP for download information. CHANGELOG Added: CUP Units/Weapons/Vehicles compatibility. Requires Community Factions Project; Added: New maps: Chongo, Al-Rayak, Dingor, Farkhar; Added: Localization (CN, CZ, FR, DE, IT, JP, KO, PO, PT, RU, ES, TR); Added: Intel function. Intel provides clues, opfor location information etc; Added: Side missions (can be enabled/disabled in mission params); Added: IED's and VBED's (can be enabled/disabled in mission params); Fixed: Airlift support when the airframe was KIA.; Fixed: RPT spamming; Fixed: Invunerable turret gunners (fixed for real this time); Updated: Ambient civilians can be enabled/disabled in mission params; Updated: Ambient air traffic can be enabled/disabled in mission params; Updated: Clear map AO's and/or Side Missions, enable/disable in mission params; Updated: Advanced flight models set to 'player option'; Updated: Applied ADF 2.26.
  7. whiztler

    [MP CO37 Campaign] Two Sierra

    Updated to version 1.12. See OP for download information. Version 1.12 Fixed: Turret gunners. Updated: Various performance improvements. Updated: 2sierra_readme.pdf ReadMe document. Updated: Applied ADF 2.25 framework.
  8. If you have a file "initServer.sqf" in your mission root folder then you can copy it in there. But the init.sqf will do as well. Player clients will ignore it. This would only work when all the blufor units have been created. If you create more units later in the game you would need set the variable for these units as well. In the init of the group leader: (group this) setVariable ["zbe_cacheDisabled", true];
  9. You can set the variable zbe_cacheDisabled to true for units that should not be cached. E.g. to exclude all blufor units: {_x setVariable ["zbe_cacheDisabled", true]} forEach allUnits select {side _x == west};
  10. I remember from the old days with insurgency on Arma1 and 2 that when server load was high the explosions (blowing up the cache) would get out of hand (lots and amplified). Perhaps monitor server FPS and check which scrips are running at time of the explosions.
  11. Updated to 0.91. See OP for download information. CHANGELOG Added: new maps: Lythium, Al-Salman, Zargabad, South Sahrani; Added: hand weapon ammunition to the supply container and BCo vehicles; Added: Support for EricJ Taliban Units (Optional) Fixed: few AO-trigger conditions; Fixed: error where AO's would not always spawn as intended; Fixed: bug where a second AO could not be cleared; Fixed: bullet-proof turret gunners; Fixed: command support options after respawn Fixed: tomcat airframe would RTB with players still onboard; Fixed: knight M1A1 support would get stuck when engaging enemies enroute to the AO; Updated: vehicle inventories; Updated: Ambient air based on map size Updated: implemented a workaround to ensure the tomcat airframe moves as ordered; Updated: knight M1A1 support RTB when the current AO is cleared. Updated: Applied ADF 2.24.
  12. There is an engine command to check if a client jipped: didJIP
  13. Great points Nyte. I'll look into them and fix/update where needed. Thanks!
  14. Thanks for the report. I'll look into it.