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  1. I really love this DLC and its setting, really love it, my only one disappointment about this DLC is the fact that there are not tank interiors which should be in line with main game and its tanks DLC, we're not talking about a mod after all, but about a paid DLC. BTW it's great.
  2. Here it is for the italian traslation issues about the Jets DLC https://feedback.bistudio.com/T124859 Regards Simon
  3. the carrier itself yes and that's right but for those which have bought the DLC i believe that a deck crew animations module would be something to have, at least for sure another good incentive for selling the DLC
  4. I'd prefer a module like the one included in the Nimitz mod, instead of writing tons of lines and variables, after all it's a paid DLC that can easily do what a free mod can do i suppose, at least for the crew. there's something that could be interesting in the showcase mission, but i can' find it on ArmA 3 samples library nor i can unpack the missions pbo inside the DLC folder for obvious reasons
  5. @Ma77h3hac83r yes i do have the 64 bit .dll downloaded from github. The fact that everyone should run the same version sucks, because we do have many players without a single issue in our community with 64 bit, while we have many other players that do have lot of issues with 64 bit version of the game, mainly on laptops. And those that are running @64 bits don't want to run the game @32 and vice versa wow such a huge chaos........
  6. Hello everyone, i've got the following problem with the mod: I'm currently running my server in 64 bit, i have the 64bit + the usual radio_pipe.dll in the mod's main folfer. Everything works fine if someone runnign the 64 bit version joins the server, but the mod is not gonna work i someone running the 32 bit version joins the server, he will have the pipe error 6 any clue on how to fix this?
  7. Laywiin my rig is: I7-4770K occked @ 4.2 Ghz Mobo ASUS P6Q3 Deluxe 16 Giga RAM @2600 Mhz (useless right now until the 64 bit version of the game is released) MSI GTX1080 Armor OC and i keep ArmA and DCS running on an SSD My average FPS on Altis without mods are 52-60 FPS same goes for Tanoa more or less. everything set on ultra but i suggest you right now, to lowering your view distance to 2500 or max to 3200 BTW 2500 is way better and just wait for the 64 bit version of the game to be released to move back the view distance to 3600 hope this helps, have a nice day
  8. This was just sarcasm......, but yeah history repeats, it is happening the same as seen in ArmA2 with DayZ mod, now it's time of: Life Game Mode, and topics and discussions are looking pretty much the same, with people asking to close, lock, secure, encrypt their stuff made in a game's editor which has a single main purpose: create and sharing, isn't it? BTW there should be an EULA to prevent these kind of topics to come out every 3, 4 months and from what i can see these kind of topics for the most are written and supported by users registered on the forums after the release of ArmA 3, which leads me thinking that this game ain't for them according to their mindset (no this is not sarcasm at all)
  9. I've got a better idea.... ban the whole life community from the game and its community, for bringing absolute toxicity to these last, or, life community and creators MUST understand that the base game is ArmA 3 and ArmA 3's main community traditions rules in this case, otherwise make your life game mode a standalone game and do whatever you want!
  10. Someone "stole" my textures, someone else asked me to give him my textures, in any case my textures and retextured objects (2 months of work) has been used for better usage than the one from myself, in some cases i've received some credits in their projects in other cases my nick is not appearing at all, BTW i'm happy to play some addons which are using my stuff and which are better made than mine. This is the real beauty of ArmA community since a long time, much more time before ArmA 3 release......
  11. i'm not projecting my prospective, the only one allowed to make money from ArmA and its engine is Bohemia Intercative which is the developer/publisher of such game, same goes for encrypting files of any kind generated from and for ArmA engine by "3rd party developers", only the publisher/developer (Bohemia Interactive) can do it, just because it is their property and that's all, isn't it? answering your question just ask around the forums and you'll find your answers. communications out!
  12. Thank you very much for your answer, yep i know about conversion exc. lowering the quality, but at this point, i believe i've found a solution, which is forcing my community to download the mission file from Meega Due to server security i don't like the idea to stream the video from outside the server itself such as youtube
  13. Work is work if it is work indeed, talking about ArmA content creation, we're talking about entertainment, if you do it, you're doing it for entertainment, it is not work, nobody pays you for that and it is not expected that somebody may pay you for ArmA content creation, asking for moneys or protecting "your work" it is something related to the devolution of society and community valor which is something that i see pretty common around this world nowadays, here we're a great and cool community so we're looking for continuous evolution starting from core engine of the game to game content creation by users, evolution is the future of human kind while devolution is getting back to medieval age, of course we do have high tech stuff nowadays, but as i can see mindset is getting back to medieval age in every field from politics to entertainment.