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  1. simon1279

    Mission editing Seize module

    Ok NVM i've just figured out the fact that if i place costs modules synced to Curator module synced to the Seize module, the curator will not work as intended (no units shown) and i'm pretty sure this is BIS fault and not CDLC devs fault. If i clear out all of the costs modules the curator just works perfectly, but the Seize module will not work because it needs costs to be set. With the curator module only and a bunch of GM units synced to Manage addons module, everything works perfect and i can have a perfectly working GM only Zeus mission without any other addon involved, included Vanilla A3 ones Too bad BIS before selling things you really be sure every single thing must perfectly work whithin the platform, i mean all of your modules, all of your game stuff and be sure it will be perfectly integrated with CDLC which are payware and not just common mods. What makes me bothered is should i buy future CDLC that i'm very afraid they will not work 100% whithin A3 platform? Nice question here.
  2. Hello, it's over a week i'm searching through the internet to find a solution for my problem with no luck at all. I'm trying to make a Seize mission using the seize module, which is the favourite gamemode we play with friends, but even if i sync GM units to zeus addon module, the infantry units aren't working at all, when i access the Zeus interface as a debug i can only place vehicles but not infantry. Please help, attached to the post the editor version for the mission. Download sample mission
  3. @M1ke_SK BIN_fnc stands for Bohemia Interactive Netherlands the creators and developers of the contact DLC, while BIS_fnc stands for Bohemia Interactive Stutios and all of the new functions added for the contact DLC do have BIN as main prefix and they are only available for those who own the paid contact DLC
  4. @JD Wang as far as i know Arma 3 contact doesn't have a multiplayer option in its menu, and the radio stuff it's not available for contact platform
  5. A sample mission in editor format it's attached at the end of the post. Well let's start about the module itself, i've been using it just to have a reference antenna, by placing it not synced to anything at the right altitude for matching map antenna object altitude. ID: i set it to: radio1 checked transmission and static signal: EM_RadioStation_Song_01 Antenna settings: NATO network it will start playing the music on the antenna as seen in the contact campaign. for making LDF patrols (works just on LDF units for what i've tested so far) to be "hacked" and moved to a determined position do what follows. 1. Place an LDF group (for this example i'll be using a fireteam) 2. Click on the group's attributes (click on the green square upon the team leader) 3. In the init field put this short line of code: this call BIN_fnc_initAISquad; 4. in the field named composition contact: 4a. we'll set Company ID to C01 in this example (IDs are unique so bear this in mind) 4b. we'll set Squad ID to Alpha in this example (IDs are unique so bear this in mind) 4c. Check the ping square 4d. Check Automatic Callback 4e. Set cheat to temporary or permanent as you wish. 5. add a patrol waypoint to the group (they'll be starting to randomly patrol around) but if you want them to hold the position add a game logic named: Patrol Waypoint, which you can find under: Game Logic -> Objects. Sync this game logic to EVERY member of the group, double click on the logic, scroll the menu and choose fireteam (this last is mandatory but it gives to the group a set of nice animations). The Patrol waypoint must be added for making the system to work, otherwise you'll get negative answers from the enemy group, once you "hack" them to move south or north or whatever. [Just remember that you need a Military Antenna DSE (78-89 Mhz)]. you're done with the patrols thing. JAMMING A UAV Place a flying UAV in the editor and in its init field put this short line of code: this call BIN_fnc_initUAV; the system is up an running and you're done for the UAV jamming thing [Just remember that you need a Jammer antenna DSE (433 Mhz)]. Once the UAV have landed if you reach its position you'll get the action for deactivate it, making it in a !alive driver condition (usefull for tasks). JAMMING A UGV Place a UGV in the editor and in its init field put this short line of code: this call BIN_fnc_initUGV; the system is up an running and you're done for the UGV jamming thing [Just remember that you need a Jammer antenna DSE (433 Mhz)]. Once you've jammed the UGV approach it keeping the jamming on and slowly walk to its position and you'll get the action for deactivate it, making it in a !alive driver condition (usefull for tasks). If the UGV it's armed and you don't approach it keeping the jam on and not by slowly walking, you're simply dead. You have to place not empty UAVs or UGVs for making the system to work properly. This is the same as the common ARMA 3 method, by placing the task modules, keeping in mind that the task ID and the Main task ID must be different and unique to make everything to work properly, this is the only one thing that differs from the vanilla game. The name of the functions is not wrong, it is not BIS_fnc but BIN_fnc, i believe it stands for Bohemia Interactive Netherlands SAMPLE MISSION DOWNLOAD Hope this post helps Cheers guys.
  6. I really love this DLC and its setting, really love it, my only one disappointment about this DLC is the fact that there are not tank interiors which should be in line with main game and its tanks DLC, we're not talking about a mod after all, but about a paid DLC. BTW it's great.
  7. Here it is for the italian traslation issues about the Jets DLC https://feedback.bistudio.com/T124859 Regards Simon
  8. the carrier itself yes and that's right but for those which have bought the DLC i believe that a deck crew animations module would be something to have, at least for sure another good incentive for selling the DLC
  9. I'd prefer a module like the one included in the Nimitz mod, instead of writing tons of lines and variables, after all it's a paid DLC that can easily do what a free mod can do i suppose, at least for the crew. there's something that could be interesting in the showcase mission, but i can' find it on ArmA 3 samples library nor i can unpack the missions pbo inside the DLC folder for obvious reasons
  10. @Ma77h3hac83r yes i do have the 64 bit .dll downloaded from github. The fact that everyone should run the same version sucks, because we do have many players without a single issue in our community with 64 bit, while we have many other players that do have lot of issues with 64 bit version of the game, mainly on laptops. And those that are running @64 bits don't want to run the game @32 and vice versa wow such a huge chaos........
  11. Hello everyone, i've got the following problem with the mod: I'm currently running my server in 64 bit, i have the 64bit + the usual radio_pipe.dll in the mod's main folfer. Everything works fine if someone runnign the 64 bit version joins the server, but the mod is not gonna work i someone running the 32 bit version joins the server, he will have the pipe error 6 any clue on how to fix this?
  12. Laywiin my rig is: I7-4770K occked @ 4.2 Ghz Mobo ASUS P6Q3 Deluxe 16 Giga RAM @2600 Mhz (useless right now until the 64 bit version of the game is released) MSI GTX1080 Armor OC and i keep ArmA and DCS running on an SSD My average FPS on Altis without mods are 52-60 FPS same goes for Tanoa more or less. everything set on ultra but i suggest you right now, to lowering your view distance to 2500 or max to 3200 BTW 2500 is way better and just wait for the 64 bit version of the game to be released to move back the view distance to 3600 hope this helps, have a nice day
  13. This was just sarcasm......, but yeah history repeats, it is happening the same as seen in ArmA2 with DayZ mod, now it's time of: Life Game Mode, and topics and discussions are looking pretty much the same, with people asking to close, lock, secure, encrypt their stuff made in a game's editor which has a single main purpose: create and sharing, isn't it? BTW there should be an EULA to prevent these kind of topics to come out every 3, 4 months and from what i can see these kind of topics for the most are written and supported by users registered on the forums after the release of ArmA 3, which leads me thinking that this game ain't for them according to their mindset (no this is not sarcasm at all)
  14. I've got a better idea.... ban the whole life community from the game and its community, for bringing absolute toxicity to these last, or, life community and creators MUST understand that the base game is ArmA 3 and ArmA 3's main community traditions rules in this case, otherwise make your life game mode a standalone game and do whatever you want!