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  1. yeah found it but i get error messages whatever i do, i on the edge of giving up and just trying another mission
  2. One more thing, is there a manual how to install the view distance script?
  3. Pushi


    so it did not change anything, its still locked to 1200....what command should i put in the server.cfg to set it higher?
  4. Pushi


    i replaced the pbo in my server but now there is extrem fog and i can barely see over 800 meters...
  5. Pushi


    Ok i saved the changed file in my documents and put it back to the pbo manager and overwrote the original file, now after i reopen the .pbo its on 5000
  6. Pushi


    well im trying to change it from 1000 to 5000, but im trying to figure out how to save it properly, am using the pbo manager, any ideas how to save it ?
  7. Pushi


    Can somebody help me and tell me how i can change the viewing distance, there are multiple jets and aircrafts set on this mission and i want to use them but thats really hard, to not possible as the viewing distance is locked to 1200
  8. I had this problem very often that the viewing distance could never be changed.
  9. I dont know its a mission from workshop named "opex" i tried changing the description.ext and adding "class ViewDistance" but it didnt work out for me
  10. Hello guys, so im running a nitrado server and have already played some missions with mods etc. So on our current mission i want to give air support but the viewing distance is set to i believe 1200. The parameters cant be change in this mission. Where can i tell the server to set the viewing distance to lets say 5000? Thank you for your time.
  11. Hey everyone, so we've been playing on our Nitrado server for a while now, already with other mods like CBA and what so ever. Now we wanted to add TFR, the Server accepted the mod and the mission itself runs perfectly. The directions of the voices also work. The only problem we have, is that as soon as we join the server we get a notification right in the middle of the screen saying: "No Task Force Radio deployed on server!" The normal radios sometime disapear after picking them up and opening the radio with ctrl + p doesnt work aswell... do we need to change something in the mission.pbo file? really hard to find stuff in there. We also sometime problems with the parameters not being changeble even as an admin. Thanks for reading and helping. 🙂