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  1. @.kju Seriously, it's a joke, no offense please. I just want to say that right now everyone should have a view of you.
  2. I just say that this looks like this
  3. Hello, I am currently developing a mod for which I need the original military cap of weapon 3 but without the built-in microphone. I have seen some mods that have this model and I would like to know if this model is available for free use somewhere or if someone who has it would be willing to share it.
  4. By the way, do not you think it would be useful to have something like the FoW whistle in IFA3? I'm saying it because after Desert Rats really comes out, at least I do not plan to run FoW again
  5. 🤩I am currently as we say in my country, "climbing the walls" of how annoying I am for this new update! That new system of bayonets is great! I want to charge against German trenches at the touch of a whistle!
  6. Yurichenk

    DHI Battle Dress Uniforms

    It would have to be a bat with glasses to be able to call "GREEN" to that uniform that is included in the mod.
  7. Yurichenk

    DHI Battle Dress Uniforms

    Hello @Delta Hawk, could you add this texture to your uniforms? also a variant of the caps of the same color. Additionally, do you think you could add a check of your uniform using the belt shown in this photo?
  8. Yurichenk

    Project OPFOR

    Hello, precisely from the Cubans wanted to talk. I have created a mod using the RHSAFRF models with several models of Cuban army uniforms and troops, from regular troops, internationalists, to special forces "Black Wasps". I would like to provide all this content to Proyect OPFOR to include it and, if possible, to improve it (since I am not a professional texturizer) I hope response.
  9. It is true that we would all be very happy if ifa3 and fow shared proportions. You do not know how hateful it is for me to have to decide between using the GEIST models and camouflages or the FoW models because the hamstrings do not fit well with each other. But hey, I suppose that it is a question that we choose which is more suited to what each one prefers. Right now I have this list for WW2 in ArmA 3: IFA3_AIO_LITE: Weapons, Vehicles and Maps (and soon, English assets) IFA3 Liberation ACE: More Vehicles Sabers Secret Weapons: Aircraft and Ships GEIST: High quality textures for Germans, Russians, secondary nations and some weapons US General Equipment and Accssories (US G.E.A): High quality uniforms for Americans Faces of War: Provisionally provides English assets and reins for US G.E.A
  10. Is it possible to process a file that is outside the pbo of a mission and instead is located on a server? maybe something like this?????? initServer.sqf if (! isServer ) exitWith { Myprocess = call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "Server\File.sqf"; };
  11. Yurichenk

    Script to lock out player slots

    Hello, could you tell me how I could modify this to place the file "allowedIDs.txt" out of the pbo mission file and instead put it on a server? That's how I call the list from an external file?
  12. I understand, thanks for the explanation. Well, I guess that really would be a problem at the moment using the reins of FoW, but if really Simcardo plans to create their own Gears, I could think about this when it comes to adjusting the measurements.
  13. I'm sorry, I really do not know what you're talking about, but I guess you'll have your reasons
  14. Do not you think that maybe you should try to make the uniforms a bit brittle? Not as much as IFA3 but a little more than the current I think it would be fine. I think that to have several layers of different garments underneath, the jackets are too tight to the body
  15. Well, when you take most of the weapons in safe mode (canyon down), the right hand looks like the cloth is uniform, as if the sleeve remained straight without regard to the hand.