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  1. Takahashi Yuuki

    NR6 Sites - CBA Based Sites Script

    Could you provide an example of how to use the config path option?
  2. Takahashi Yuuki


    I would like to second this. The way the AI select vehicles seems a bit flawed at best. I've got a mission set up using CUP, Takistani Army vs US army. The TKA only ever spawn M2HMG Land Rovers, unarmed BTR-40s, BTR-60s, and ZSU-23s. No anti-armour at all. I'm not even sure how the AI selects what to spawn. I have a MG armed UAZ with the same cost defined before the land rover and they never spawn it for instance. Nor do they ever spawn the T-34 which I've made the same price as the ZSU-23. It is very puzzling.
  3. Takahashi Yuuki

    Neat little rotating Radar script

    B_Radar_System_01_F, and O_Radar_System_02_F Although the script will work with any AI. Apply it to a tank gunner and the turret will spin around for instance.
  4. Takahashi Yuuki

    Neat little rotating Radar script

    while {true} do { { radar lookAt (radar getRelPos [100, _x]); sleep 2.45; } forEach [120, 240, 0]; }; I tweaked the code a little to eliminate the jerkiness as it goes from point to point. Any lower than 2.45 will result in slightly smoother rotation but will cause the radar to occasionally reverse direction back to the previous point, pause, and then start up again. Reducing the number of points to three helps make things a little smoother as well as the ai is spending more time traversing between points that are further apart. Less than three just confuses the AI, you need at least three to establish a direction of rotation. [120, 240, 0] makes the radar start spinning instantly, instead of waiting a few moments to start up. As a last note, this script does not seem to work in the init field of the radar itself.
  5. Takahashi Yuuki


    Is there any intention to allow the possibility of defining sectors by linking modules to triggers like you can with sector modules? I'm currently playing around with warlords on Takistan and I feel rectangles in particular would be more suitable than simple squares.
  6. Takahashi Yuuki


    The Vorona in particular is overpowered as hell if you can keep it supplied. I make sure to leave it out of the arsenal in every mission I host because it make the game trivial.
  7. Takahashi Yuuki

    Faces of War [WW2]

    I'd imagine they'd be British equipped, as Altis was apparently a British colony at one point as indicated by some of the map blurbs and presence of the Altis flag (colonial). Should be a simple re texture, identity swap.
  8. Takahashi Yuuki

    Faces of War [WW2]

    They are, but the uniforms look like they've been re textured. Looks like he took the Type 98 (khaki-brown) and darkened it and stripped of the rank insignia. If the information on the page the lennard linked is to be considered accurate, the date supplied and the gear these troops are wearing would indicate that these were Japanese puppet troops. However, the flags behind them would indicate otherwise. The presence of American and British vehicles, along with the Springfields the troops appear to be carrying could simply be captured materiel. The author's intent is not clear if the island is occupied by the allies or axis at this point however. I'm leaning toward axis occupied in my interpretation, as it's extremely unusual for armies to use captured uniforms, especially something highly symbolic like the Type 98 Shin Gunto many of these men are carrying. And if I paid attention I'd have seen this. "Uniforms were loosely inspired by what the Dutch KNIL wore in the Dutch East Indies (Indonesia). " In which case they're clearly Dutch colonial troop and they really should not have swords.
  9. Takahashi Yuuki

    Faces of War [WW2]

    I've been driving about on the new Henderson airfield map. I've noticed that occasionally when driving through the jungle your vehicle will be launched into the air, quite violently sometimes. I suspect some of the custom vegetation is to blame. Several of the "young_tree" objects are impassable to vehicles, it really shouldn't be so. At many locations on the smaller footpaths, trees and rocks are located directly on the path sometimes blocking the path so completely it forces men on foot to leave the path and go around. I assume this was not intended. I will compile a co-ordinate list if requested. Would it be to much to ask for an investigation into the possibility of enabling the Type 95 Ha-Go's turret to be rotated from both the Main Gun and Machine gun positions? Eagerly looking forward to the next great update as always.
  10. Takahashi Yuuki

    Live feed control (LFC)

    Yes. Works very well, although not with jebus.
  11. Takahashi Yuuki

    HETMAN - Artificial Leader

    My current setup. The all lower case class name was incorrect. The other arty requirement for it had me confused. RydHQ_RHQAutoFill = false; RHQs_Cars = ["I_Truck_02_MLRS_F"]; RydHQ_NoRecon = ["I_Truck_02_MLRS_F"]; RydHQ_NoCargo = ["I_Truck_02_MLRS_F"]; RydHQ_NoDef = ["I_Truck_02_MLRS_F"]; RydHQ_NoAttack = ["I_Truck_02_MLRS_F"]; RydHQ_NoFlank = ["I_Truck_02_MLRS_F"]; RydHQ_Add_OtherArty = [[["i_truck_02_mlrs_f"],["40Rnd_122mm_rockets","40Rnd_122mm_rockets","40Rnd_122mm_rockets","",""]] ]; Null = [] execVM "initializeHAL.sqf"; I turned of autofill just in case. I have tried it with it on as well.
  12. Takahashi Yuuki

    Arma 3 Aegis (Beta)

    Zamak MRLS is improperly names "Zamak RLS". It's magazine still has the display name "230mm Titan", and the windows on it seem to be bulletproof. Nice o finally get some AAF artillery though.
  13. Takahashi Yuuki

    HETMAN - Artificial Leader

    Static does make it hold still. But "RydHQ_No(Recon/Attack/Flank/Def/Cargo)" does not seem to work. Still went off on search and destroy immediately.
  14. Takahashi Yuuki

    HETMAN - Artificial Leader

    Ok. I just seem completely incapable of getting any custom artillery to work. I was trying to get the Zamak MRLS from "Arma3 Aegis" to work, but no matter what I try HAL keep sending it on recon, and search and destroy missions instead of doing it's job. What am I messing up here? RHQs_Cars = ["i_truck_02_mlrs_f"]; RHQ_RocketArty = ["i_truck_02_mlrs_f"]; RHQ_Art = ["i_truck_02_mlrs_f"]; RydHQ_Add_OtherArty = [[["i_truck_02_mlrs_f"],["40Rnd_122mm_rockets","40Rnd_122mm_rockets","40Rnd_122mm_rockets","",""]] ];
  15. Takahashi Yuuki

    Enhanced Trenches

    Exciting! As a trench warfare enthusiast, a mod focuses exclusively on trenches will aid my mission making greatly. Might I recommend making some ww1 style trenches as well. There are some very interesting ones in this manual. https://archive.org/details/elementsoftrench01wald