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  1. JoramD

    Arma 3 Tools Cannot load texture

    Are you using a properly set up P drive? Bulldozer should try and reference from that.
  2. JoramD

    DLL NOT FOUND...solved!!!

    Can you elaborate on what .dll is missing?
  3. JoramD


    If you order the uniforms, vest, backpacks. You get a box that has a lot of stuff in it but no backpacks
  4. JoramD

    Loadout Transfer 2

    Hi, My unit has been using this script for a while now. We are having an issue blacklisting faces, voices and insignias. Is there any way to disable these?
  5. Nice! But ehm sorry to ask this but is there an eta on the next update?
  6. I'm tring to figure out how to restrict zeus to a certain people but I cant seem to figure out in what format you can add several people. Would you do it like this: GRLIB_whitelisted_steamids = [ "76561198016642626","76561198016642627","76561198016642628" ]; or: GRLIB_whitelisted_steamids = [ 76561198016642626,76561198016642627,76561198016642628 ];
  7. I have played this with some of my friends. We are all first-timers with ALiVE and ace but when we got the hang of it the mission seemed to be acting up. I mean as in all our ai troups were gone the 4 basic vehicles weren't spawning rebels spawning in our base and ahving IED factories in out baracks and checkpoints outside our gate. I tried editing the mission but it breaks when I open it in EDEN editor :| Any idea why this is happening?
  8. JoramD

    [COOP 1-14] OP. USS Retake

    Ah okay, lots of things dont show up in eden for some reason. Thx for the reply anyway :)
  9. JoramD

    [COOP 1-14] OP. USS Retake

    Hi, sorry for the late response but what i meant with that that its not showing any outlines for the nimitz. Wich is not really a bug but it would be nice to see.
  10. *First mission published* SCENARIO: The USS Nimitz got attacked by russian forces, they have captured the ship. We have to take it back! There will be decent but quickly set up defences. We can fly a helicopter in there but the landing spot i tiny and hot. there will be AA on the deck so we can't get too high. We can also go in by boat. Mod collection for easy download/install: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=683763598 DOWNLOAD 1 (dropbox): https://goo.gl/ZSeRyV DOWNLOAD 2 (stackstorage): https://goo.gl/8AYkSL Issues/Bugs: Some AI glitch into walls wich will have to be killed (ask a zeus if required) Some AI will end up in the water wich will have to be killed to complete the main objective. Some random AI will get on the main island and head towards the FOB. (WARNING:) This might include the side objectives. Credits: FAR Revive v1.5 By Farooq NRE Earplugs v1.02 By NemesisRE rvg?! and TheStainlessSteelRat from UKGZ for helping me out alot! Mission Editing By JoramD
  11. JoramD


    Hit me up too :) I'm home most of the time :P
  12. JoramD


    Yea... unfortunately I think thats gonna be my issue aswell :(
  13. JoramD


    Im most excited for the campiagn too it sounds awesome! :) Quote lexx: Its possible to play it in SP you would probably not get those issues in coop tho ;)
  14. Hello, I recently started running a dedicated server with this mission but I made some changes and want to reset the save. How would I go about doing this? Would it be possible to do this without the mission params?
  15. I would be totally up for a pt.2! Really liked the first part :)