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  1. Sgt Potter

    [IceBreakr/IBIS] Project Yulakia

    Really looking forward to this! Any recommendations for factions to use on it?
  2. No, any uploads found on Steam Workshop will receive a DMCA.
  3. Sgt Potter

    Arma 3 Third-Party DLC Pitch Discussion

    While I love the idea of continuing content update for Arma 3, I am worried what precedent this might set going forward. I am hesitant to throw this into the same boat as Bethesda's recent Paid mod integration into their games, but it does sound remarkably like it. Do not mistake my hesitation for not wanting to see modder's paid for their work, I am all for it, proven previously when I commissioned a tank from Katie byrnes to be made as a mod for Arma 3. I very much believe modders should be paid for the quality content they provide, My hesitation falls down to a few questions on the forthcoming DLC program which I'm sure will be answered in due time, but I will ask nonetheless: How much will the content creator gain from creating DLC for Bohemia? For instance, will it be a system where the Content creator is paid a set amount and then they forfeit the rights to the content, which is then received well by the community, leaving the creator to lose out on a share of profit, or will the creator retain a small share of the sales? Can we expect this system to carry over to other BI titles in the future? and what happens to the content created in this program, if another BI title is produced, will it be able to be ported over like the Community Upgrade Project. Is BI's Intention profit focused or community focused? (I am sorry for this loaded question, but there are very few developers I can look to and say that they are great DEV's focused on producing a great product, BI is one, but I have seen great Developers fall from grace.) I have tried to keep the questions open ended, I do not expect an answer, its mainly just food for thought. That's all I have for now!
  4. 2010 to 2016 is fine, I personally have no problem with you replacing the LWRC with a weapon already in SMA/NIArms, like the AAC MPW. I know, I know, people will scream MUH IMMERSION but you gotta make do with what you have. Ultimately its your call, I would love to see SOG but its up to you. I do like the new AAF, the uniform only irked me because of the amount of time I spent fighting Syndicate on Tanoa, so I was very used to that Uniform and used to seeing AAF in the Vanilla Digi. Again its not really a problem, I'm just wondering aloud. Potter
  5. Discover this thread only recently, now replaying the single player campaign with your overhaul mods (Nice work on them!) thought I would add my two cents on the AAF. Really like the G3's it makes for a heavy hitting enemy, engagements have changed for me when facing them, I use cover ALOT more, I generally avoid concealment, I also try to engage at a distance so the AI are not as accurate as opposed to CQC which was my norm before, I really like the AAF now, my only concern is that they are now a more difficult enemy to face that CSAT due to the heavier armor and larger caliber weapons. Not a huge fan of the uniforms on Altis but I get what you were trying to do with the Greek pattern similarity, I was fine with the vanilla uniforms they had, but it would be cool to have a custom uniform. vest are fine in my opinion. Really liking the mods, Maybe we can see the Särskilda Operationsgruppe or SOG from Sweden one day? Keep it up Potter
  6. Sgt Potter

    new 3 italian navy ship

    Interesting, Do you mind sharing some screens? I would love to see, if not, it is okay, I shall wait :)
  7. Sgt Potter

    Nord, Arctic circle map II

    So I have held off posting until you had shown more of the map, while I was very much looking forward to your old map horde, this has started to excite me more. Between this and Suonkomar Sahav you have quickly become one of my favorite mod maker for arma as of late. I have one question now that I have seen the naval guns, do you intend to add some underground areas like horde? Of course I do not expect them to be on the same scale, but I cannot help but hope for some small bunker areas. Keep up the damn fine work.
  8. Very nice, Can always use more Nordic maps. Really looking forward to this!
  9. Sgt Potter

    Krokom, Sweden

    Wow, I mean, Wow, this is brilliant. Looks so much like Sweden its unreal, I am really looking forward to this.
  10. Epic stuff, these were missed! Thank you!
  11. Finally got back around to looking at this map again, few comments if I dare? - The dirt runway could be a bit longer, Had a hard time taking of in the Caesar BTT Plane. Kept hitting the dirt humps at the end :( - Towns are beautiful, but feel to clean, not so lived in, if you understand? same with the smaller villages. - The ground textures are so god damn pretty, I literally placed down a unit just to go for a walk. Damn fine work. -That road area to the south west is brilliant, kept expecting an ambush even though I was in editor, and it was god damn nice to drive in with all the twists and turns, do you have plans to connect it to the north roads? - I'm not sure what you have planned for the map but I would not mind seeing more random debris, crashed planes, old bunkers in the deeper areas of jungle. - In some of the North west temple I noticed some areas I had to go prone to move to the other side, I would like to see more of this. I.E Areas only accessible by going prone, some Indiana Jones or tunnel rats type stuff. it would make for interesting hidden areas. - prison camp maybe? - Airfield base could be expanded towards the runway seems to lack defenses on that end. I hope you will hear my words kindly, and not take offence, This map is amazing, such high quality, with high frames and I will be using it for several missions when the Independent version comes out. Thanks for making it.
  12. The intent is to do the STRF 9040, 9030, 90105, 90120 - T, and the STRB 90 but its all on hold at the moment for the foreseeable future. This looks interesting and down the line its a possibility.
  13. They are cans of diesel fuel for one of the engines, as well as added armor. an you take a photo and link it?
  14. Yes I learned this when I went to visit, It was crazy, I made a mistake in the post, it should be changed now, thanks!