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  1. Rex Imperator

    There is Only War, Warhammer 40,000 Mod

    Does anyone know what happened to the Ork ragz? (The shirts they're wearing) It seems to be invisible now. Also, i distinctly remember Orks having ambient voice lines in the older versions. It's been long since i've downloaded a recent version of the mod and i'm a bit confused with the changes. Hoping to get some answers. Thanks.
  2. Rex Imperator

    345th Soviet Uniforms Mod

    Where did you get these? I don't get it. I downloaded the 345th mod yet there were no MSV uniforms.
  3. Rex Imperator

    Northern Fronts - Scandinavia in WW2

    Hello, i'd like to report a bug with this mod while using ACE (Specifically ACE Advanced Throwing) where you are unable to prime/cookoff your grenade anymore.
  4. Rex Imperator

    Forgotten Fronts: 40-45

    Is there any chance of this mod being uploaded to Armaholic or any other file sharing site?
  5. Rex Imperator

    Hidden Identity v3

    Is it possible for it not to conflict with Tryk Shemaghs? I mean is there like a compat i can download? Thanks.
  6. Hello. I was wondering if anyone could upload the latest version to mega drive? I couldn't download it from armaholic due to the fact that i only use my data from my phone. I've already tried to download it 4 times but it keeps stopping. I come from a country that has poor internet connection and is currently still on lockdown so i can only use data on my phone. Which sucks. I like megadrive because even if it stops, you can resume it.
  7. Rex Imperator

    Project RACS

    Woah. Had no idea there was a Project RACS for ARMA 3. Why did i just found out about this? Lol. Do you have any plans in including a variety of LAVs in this mod like your Project RACS Armored Car Pack back in Armed Assault? I loved your work in that one, especially the LAV-200 with the 105mm. Hopefully you'd include some in this mod someday. :)
  8. Ola, If you don't mind me asking: 1. Do you have any plans on updating/improving the machine gun sound effects for the planes? 2. Do you have any plans on giving the search lights some light rays? (I don't know if it's possible, but having search lights without the ominous light rays sort of make them pointless, i love seeing the rays coming out from the search lights in ww2 movies or video games) 3. Any plans on updating the uniforms for the crews? (Though there are sub mods for it, i am interested as to how you would interpret their look, especially the navy ones. If you have the time to design them, that is) 4. Any plans on having variants for the Flak guns? Thanks a bunch! Keep up the AMAZING work. To be honest, i've been checking up on this mod ever since it came out, and i thought at first "ah, you're just one of those casual modders who makes mods just for the hell of it, and then just leave them and never do an update. Too bad". But then you continued your work and made it into something awesome. Good luck comrade. I hope to see you improve your mod even more and still have fun while doing it. 👍
  9. Rex Imperator

    US Forces 2000s

    Any chance you can upload that to another file sharing site? Thanks.
  10. Greetings Eaglke! I'm a big fan. I've loved your work since your OFP mods. Hehe. But if you don't mind, may i request a personal modification? My friends and i are planning to do a WW2 invasion of france sort of event and i was hoping if we could ask you to create a dark olive green texture variant for one of your french soldier units (The one with the adrian helmets.) and release it as a separate mini mod? If you the have time. Thanks. :) Also, looking forward to the addition of tanks in this mod. :D
  11. Does this mean i am unable to use CSA38 and the Interaction with bodies mod because of this incompatibility? I tried accessing the PBOs to try to modify it for personal use, but it restricted me from opening it. Was this intentional? If it was, it's fine. However, may i ask how i would be able to use both mods without modifying them? Or is that action impossible and the only way to actually use both mods at the same time is to edit the pbo files? If so, is it possible for you to provide a compatibility submod? Thank you. 🙂
  12. Instantly fell in love with this addon when i first saw it. Loved it even more when the Wehrmacht and SS generals were added. Any plans on adding Model 1936 uniforms for the Germans? I really want to see an early rendition of their uniforms and helmets. 🙂 P.S. If you've got time on your hands, can you make a correction on the SSH helmets for the Polish and replace them with the proper wz.37 helmet? And since you've started with the Adrian helmets, do you have plans in adding French army uniforms pre-occupation? Though i know you're busy and not gonna take this comment seriously. Just would love to see some earlier versions of each country's combat uniforms. More power to you! 😄
  13. Hello, great mod. But i found an incompatibility with a little mod that makes you drag dead bodies. The "Interaction with bodies - No Req" mod. Supposedly, the mod appears in the interaction menu but whenever your mod is activated, it doesn't. Does anyone know what the problem might be?
  14. Awesome mod man! 🙂 I have a question though, would this be applicable to: AI to Player Player to Player AI to AI Good luck man!
  15. Rex Imperator

    Interaction with bodies

    Does anyone know why it doesn't work with CSA38? Or how to make it work with CSA38? I found that it's based on its characters pbos but i honestly don't know how to enable it.