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  1. It's nice to hear that! Our community is looking forward to use Polish Armed Forces once againg! 🙂
  2. Maaras

    3CB Factions

    Is great to hear it! Thanks for the response 🙂
  3. Maaras

    3CB Factions

    Hi! @evrik i have small question to you. Does 3CB consider to add any African Militia and Civilians fractions to 3CB Fractions MOD? It could be great supplement to this mod given number of great African maps in Arma 3. Thanks for this mod and your effort. Maras
  4. Im not a dev but I can tell you that ACRE2 should work on TS3 v3.2.3. Tested on JointOp event with 50 players without any problems with ACRE. (Modline: CUP Terrains Complete, RHS, ACE3, ASR_AI, CBA_A3)
  5. PROBLEM WITH CLIENTSIDE ADDONS After this update it's not possible to let server clients use addons like JSRS/CTab/BlastCore etc without puting them into modline (forcing all clients to using the same mods). Now every user who wants to join server must have identical modline like is on server. Before this update it worked, because server admins had possibility to put only addon keys on server without changing modline and forcing every clients to had identical modline everytime. This update has corrupted the fact that if want to invite other Arma3 groups for Joint Operations Community event they must have identical modline like me, what force them to download a lot of extra addons. Please fix it because it's really annoyng that i need to change server modline everytime. Before this update it worked perfectly and it was huge simplification for this kind of community events.
  6. Is anyone checked if new TeamSpeak version 3.2.2 works stable with ACRE2?
  7. Maaras

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    That's really good news! Anyway besides all recently reported issues with tanks can we also expect a hotfix of missing direction indicator in US Army vehicles such like M1 and M2?
  8. Hi! I know, that incoming will be focused on german units, but can we expect one a little thing? I mean winter coat for US units which was some updates ago in IFA3. I ask because some weeks ago i prepared scenario based on Foy assalut form Band of Brothers but next updates removes winter coat which is on the picture bellow: Regards, Maras
  9. Is pilot flying with us? ;) I just want to inform that some people are keeping fingers corssed and looking forward behind the horizon to see another polish equipment in virtual battlefield in Arma 3! To prove it i just want to inform that, one of polish community are going to play in next week a new COOP mission as a polish special forces unit JWK! I hope that one day this and many others vehicles/equipment will be available with PSZ mod in Arma 3! Regards, Maras
  10. Now i feel like a little kid before christmas... Pedro 6-1 is heading into Arma 3!!! :D And cheers for answer warlord!
  11. Probably i should write, that i can read and i know about door gunners seats... (wooow!) but for me is obvious, that common ranger operator will not seat on door gunner seat during the mission/extraction, because HE IS NOT PAYING FOR BEING DOOR GUNNER LOL! That is my point and for me it harms climat, which is build by this awesome choppers from warlord. I think that is clear now...
  12. @warlord554 Do you consider any MH60M version with additional 1 or 2 seats between FFV seats? (like in yurapetrov MH/BH) I ask you, because typical Rangers squad consist 9 members and it could makes some problems with transporting for eg. rangers platoon (3 squads) to AO on COOP mission. Regards!
  13. Can you explain, how did you achieve this awesome Anti-Air Artillery storm effects? :)
  14. Now, i'm just waiting for the same feature to M1919 with tripod Can we expect this in future?
  15. Hello! I would like to ask you @.kju about this, that can we expect M1919A4 in v18 after I44 "takeover"? In current equipment US fraction has not any equivalent of german MG-42 or soviet DP what makes me really sad :/ Thanks in advance for any answer! Cheers!