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  1. Feel free to poke around with Mikero's pbo tools, since phrase 1 is about to end, and the mod will soon turn APL-SL. I'm happy that the community is quite generous with permissions (as long as one asks politely for them).
  2. UPDATE 1: FOV has been reverted to vanilla standard (.25) upon common request. A seperate download for a patch for hard FOV (.5) will be available if requested. Revert to Vanilla FOV (0.5 => 0.25) in the main branch. Improved ACE magazine repack. Now you can cross-pack from one type of mags to another. Empty mags are kept if the player has spare boxes of ammo in inventory (currently works only for LIB_100Rnd_792x57). New sounds are also added for repacking Belt-fed magazine items. Improved Massi T100/44 Rate of fire. Improved IFA3 .30-06 M1 Ball Advanced Ballistic data correction. Improved IFA3 Liberation MG-30, M31 firing sound. More accurate IIA level protection data. More accurate 12G Buckshot damage data. Fixed external mod IFA3 Liberation disabling driver zooming. Fixed external mod IFA3 ACE compatibility addon's mortar picture pop-up. Improved place/defuse sound (mechanic sound instead of digital beeping) for IFA3 explosive charges. Buildings can realistically take more beatings now. IFA3 1kg Satchel Charge is now placeable with ACE. Improved IFA3's built-in Smarter Tanks script (standalone as alarm.pbo).
  3. Addition Got no friends to play WW2 in Arma3 with? Here's a script to enjoy single-player missions and campaigns alone! Execute it with MCC sandbox or whatever debug addon you have, and Turn Any mission into a WW2 mission! Enjoy! Drawdown 2035 is a good place to familiarize your STG44! (may require some customization on your own) gp_ww2_equipInfoTable = [ ["LIB_US_Mk_2","LIB_US_Mk_2","LIB_US_M18","ifa3_TS_Small","MOLOTOV_MAG","LIB_Colt_M1911","LIB_M1_Garand","LIB_M1903A4_Springfield","LIB_M1918A2_BAR","LIB_M1A1_Thompson","LIB_M1A1_Bazooka","Binocular",{_unit addItem "LIB_ACC_GL_M7";_unit addMagazine "LIB_1Rnd_G_M9A1";_unit addMagazine "LIB_1Rnd_G_M9A1";_unit addMagazine "LIB_1Rnd_G_M9A1";_unit addMagazine "LIB_1Rnd_G_M9A1";_unit addMagazine "LIB_8Rnd_762x63_Blank"},{if(!_isGL && rankId _unit > 1)then{_rif = _smg}},{ private _vest = switch true do { case (_isGL): { "V_LIB_US_Vest_Grenadier" }; case (_add_pri == _smg && _add_hgun != ""): { "V_LIB_US_Vest_Thompson_nco" }; case (_add_pri == _mg): { "V_LIB_US_Vest_Bar" }; case (_unit getUnitTrait "medic"): { "V_LIB_US_Vest_Medic2" }; case (_add_pri == _smg): { "V_LIB_US_Vest_Thompson" }; default { "V_LIB_US_Vest_Garand" } }; _unit addVest _vest },{ switch true do { case (rankId _unit > 1): {_unit forceAddUniform "U_LIB_US_Sergant"; if(random 1 > 0.5)then {_unit addHeadgear "H_LIB_US_AB_Helmet_2"} else {_unit addHeadgear "H_LIB_US_Helmet_os"}}; case(_unit getUnitTrait "medic"):{ _unit forceAddUniform "U_LIB_US_Med"; _unit addHeadgear "H_LIB_US_Helmet_Med_ns" }; default { _unit forceAddUniform "U_LIB_US_Private"; _unit addHeadgear "H_LIB_US_Helmet_os"} }; if(_add_sec == "")then{if(backpack _unit == "")then{if(_isGL)then{_unit addBackpack "B_LIB_US_M36_Bandoleer"}else{_unit addBackpack "B_LIB_US_Bandoleer"}}else{ removeBackpack _unit; _unit addBackpack "B_LIB_US_Backpack_Bandoleer"}}else{_unit addBackpack "B_LIB_US_Backpack_RocketBag_Empty"}; _unit unlinkItem (hmd _unit) }], ["LIB_m39","LIB_shg24","LIB_nb39","LIB_shg24x7","LIB_pwm","LIB_P38","LIB_K98","LIB_K98ZF39","LIB_MG42","LIB_MP40","LIB_RPzB","LIB_Binocular_GER",{if(_rif != "LIB_MP44" && _rif != "LIB_MP40")then{_unit addItem "LIB_ACC_GW_SB_Empty";_unit addMagazine "LIB_1Rnd_G_SPRGR_30";_unit addMagazine "LIB_1Rnd_G_SPRGR_30";_unit addMagazine "LIB_1Rnd_G_PZGR_40";_unit addMagazine "LIB_1Rnd_G_PZGR_40";_unit addMagazine "LIB_1Rnd_G_PZGR_40";_unit addMagazine "lib_5Rnd_792x57_Schiessbecher"}},{ if(rankId _unit > 2)then{_rif = _smg} else { _rif = "LIB_MP44"} },{ private _vest = switch true do { case (_add_pri == "LIB_MP44"): { "V_LIB_GER_VestSTG" }; case (_isGL): { "V_LIB_GER_PioneerVest" }; case (_add_pri == _mg): { "V_LIB_GER_VestMG" }; case (_isLeader): { "V_LIB_GER_VestUnterofficer" }; case (_add_pri == _smg): { "V_LIB_GER_VestMP40" }; default { "V_LIB_GER_VestKar98" } }; _unit addVest _vest },{ _unit forceAddUniform "U_LIB_GER_Soldier_camo2"; _unit addHeadgear "H_LIB_GER_Helmet"; if(backpack _unit != "")then{ removeBackpack _unit; _unit addBackpack "B_LIB_GER_Backpack"}; if(_add_sec == "" && {backpack _unit == ""})then{_unit addBackpack "B_LIB_GER_A_frame"; if(rankId _unit < 3 && {!_isGL} && {random 1 > 0.7})then{ if(_add_pri == _smg || {_add_pri == _rif})then {_add_sec = "fow_w_pzfaust_100"}}}; _unit unlinkItem (hmd _unit); if(vehicle _unit isKindOf "Tank")then{ if(_isLeader)then{_unit addHeadgear "H_LIB_GER_TankOfficerCap2"}else{_unit addHeadgear "H_LIB_GER_TankPrivateCap"}};if(_add_pri == _mg)then{ _unit linkItem "fow_i_nvg_GER_ammoboxes_mg34"} }], ["fow_e_type99","fow_e_type97","fow_e_type94_smoke","ifa3_TS_BIG","fow_e_type99_at","fow_w_type14","fow_w_type99","fow_w_type99_sniper","fow_w_type99_lmg","fow_w_type100","LIB_PzFaust_30m","LIB_Binocular_GER",{},{if(random 1 > 0.5)then{_pist = "Hatchet"}},{ private _vest = switch true do { case (_isLeader && _add_hgun != ""): { "fow_v_ija_nco" }; case (_isGL): { "fow_v_ija_grenadier" }; case (_add_pri == _mg): { "fow_v_ija_mg" }; case (_unit getUnitTrait "medic"): { "fow_v_ija_medic" }; default { "fow_v_ija_rifle" } }; _unit addVest _vest },{ switch true do { case (rankId _unit > 1): {_unit addHeadgear "fow_h_ija_fieldcap_officer"}; case(_add_pri == _snip):{ _unit addHeadgear "fow_h_ija_type90_foliage" }; default { _unit addHeadgear "fow_h_ija_type90_net_neck"} }; _unit forceAddUniform "U_mas_ww2_O_CombatUniform_jap"; removeBackpack _unit; if(_add_pri==_snip)then{_unit addBackpack "fow_b_ija_backpack_foliage"}else{_unit addBackpack "fow_b_ija_backpack"}; _unit unlinkItem (hmd _unit); if(_add_pri == _mg)then{ _unit linkItem "fow_i_nvg_GER_ammo_belt"}; if(vehicle _unit isKindOf "Tank")then{ _unit addHeadgear "fow_h_ija_tank_helmet"} }], ["fow_e_no69","fow_e_no36mk1","fow_e_no77","fow_e_no73","fow_e_no82","fow_w_webley","fow_w_leeenfield_no4mk1","arifle_mas_ww2_lee_l","fow_w_bren","fow_w_sten_mk2","fow_w_piat","Binocular",{},{},{ private _vest = switch true do { case (_add_hgun != ""): { "fow_v_uk_officer_green" }; case (_add_pri == _mg): { "fow_v_uk_bren_green" }; case (_add_pri == _smg): { "fow_v_uk_sten_green" }; default { "fow_v_uk_base_green" } }; _unit addVest _vest },{ if(_add_sec != "")then{_add_hgun = _pist; _add_pri = ""}; if(rankId _unit > 1)then {_unit forceAddUniform "fow_u_uk_bd40_pib_01_sergeant"} else {_unit forceAddUniform "fow_u_uk_bd40_pib_01_private"}; if(backpack _unit != "" )then{ removeBackpack _unit; if(_add_sec == "")then{_unit addBackpack "fow_b_uk_bergenpack"}else{_unit addBackpack "fow_b_uk_piat"} } else { if(_add_sec == "")then{if(_isGL)then{_unit addBackpack "fow_b_uk_bergenpack"}else{if(_unit getUnitTrait "engineer")then{ _unit addBackpack "fow_b_uk_p37_blanco_shovel"} else {_unit addBackpack "fow_b_uk_p37_blanco"}}}else{_unit addBackpack "fow_b_uk_piat"} }; if(_add_pri==_snip)then{ _unit addHeadgear "fow_h_uk_mk2_net_camo" }else{ _unit addHeadgear "fow_h_uk_mk2" }; _unit unlinkItem (hmd _unit) }], ["LIB_m39","LIB_shg24","LIB_nb39","LIB_shg24x7","LIB_pwm","hgun_mas_ww2_m34_F","arifle_mas_ww2_m91","arifle_mas_ww2_m91_l","LIB_Mg30","arifle_mas_ww2_mb38","LIB_RPzB","LIB_Binocular_GER",{},{},{ private _vest = switch true do { case (_add_hgun != ""): { "fow_v_usmc_thompson_nco" }; case (_add_pri == _mg): { "fow_v_usmc_bar" }; case (_add_pri == _smg): { "fow_v_us_thompson" }; default { "fow_v_us_grenade" } }; _unit addVest _vest },{ _unit forceAddUniform "U_mas_wwa_O_CombatUniform_ita"; if( backpack _unit == "" )then{if(_add_sec=="")then{ if(_isGL)then{ _unit addBackpack "fow_b_grenadebag"}else{ _unit addBackpack "B_LIB_DAK_A_frame"} } else {_unit addBackpack "B_LIB_GER_Backpack"} } else { removeBackpack _unit; _unit addBackpack "B_LIB_GER_Backpack"}; _unit addHeadgear "H_mas_wwa_helmet_pith_O"; _unit unlinkItem (hmd _unit) }] ]; gp_ww2_chk = { private _unit = _this; if !(local _unit) exitWith{}; if (_unit getVariable ["gp_ww2_chked",false]) exitWith{}; _unit setVariable ["gp_ww2_chked",true,true]; if( _unit call ace_common_fnc_isZombie )exitWith{}; _unit addEventHandler ["respawn",{(_this select 0) setVariable ["gp_ww2_chked",nil,true]}]; _sideGer = false; _sideUS = west; _sideJap = east; _sideUK = false; _sideIta = independent; private _side = side _unit; if(captive _unit)then { _side = switch getNumber(configFile>>"CfgVehicles">>typeOf _unit>>"side") do { case 0: { east }; case 1: { west }; case 2: { independent }; default { civilian }; }; }; private _equipInfo = switch true do { case (_side isEqualTo _sideUS): { +(gp_ww2_equipInfoTable select 0); }; case (_side isEqualTo _sideGer): { +(gp_ww2_equipInfoTable select 1); }; case (_side isEqualTo _sideJap): { +(gp_ww2_equipInfoTable select 2); }; case (_side isEqualTo _sideUK): { +(gp_ww2_equipInfoTable select 3); }; case (_side isEqualTo _sideIta): { +(gp_ww2_equipInfoTable select 4); }; default { +(gp_ww2_equipInfoTable select 3); }; }; _equipInfo params ["_gS","_g","_gSmk","_gDemo","_gAT","_pist","_rif","_snip","_mg","_smg","_launch","_bino","_rGL_Script","_leader_Script","_vest_Script","_uniform_Script"]; private _cnt_g = 0; private _cnt_gS = 0; private _cnt_gAT = 0; private _cnt_gSmk = 0; private _cnt_gDemo = 0; private _add_pri = ""; private _add_sec = ""; private _add_bino = ""; private _add_hgun = ""; private _isLeader = false; private _isGL = false; { if(_x == _g)then { _cnt_g = _cnt_g + 1; }; if(_x == _gS)then { _cnt_gS = _cnt_gS + 1; }; if(_x == _gAT)then { _cnt_gAT = _cnt_gAT + 1; }; if(_x == _gSmk)then { _cnt_gSmk = _cnt_gSmk + 1; }; if(_x == _gDemo)then { _cnt_gDemo = _cnt_gDemo + 1; }; if([_x,"IR_Grenade"] call BIS_fnc_inString)then { _cnt_gAT = _cnt_gAT + 1; }; if(_x == "MiniGrenade")then { _cnt_gS = _cnt_gS + 1; }; if(_x == "HandGrenade")then { _cnt_g = _cnt_g + 1; if(random 1 > 0.5)then { _cnt_gAT = _cnt_gAT + 1; }; }; if(_x == "SmokeShell")then { _cnt_gSmk = _cnt_gSmk + 1; }; if(_x == "1Rnd_Smoke_Grenade_shell")then { _isGL = true; _cnt_gDemo = _cnt_gDemo + 1; }; } forEach (magazines _unit); if(_unit == leader group _unit)then { _isLeader = true; call _leader_Script; }; if(_gDemo in ["ifa3_TS_BIG","LIB_shg24x7"])then { _cnt_gDemo = _cnt_gDemo min 1; }; { private _type = getText(configFile >> "CfgWeapons" >> _x >> "cursor"); switch true do { case (_x == secondaryWeapon _unit) : { _add_sec = _launch; }; case (_x == binocular _unit) : { _add_bino = _bino; }; case ((_x == handgunWeapon _unit) && {_isLeader || {_add_pri == ""} || {rankId _unit > 2}} ) : { _add_hgun = _pist; }; case (_type == "srifle") : { _add_pri = _snip; }; case (_type == "mg") : { _add_pri = _mg; }; case (_type == "smg") : { _add_pri = _smg; }; case (["_MXC_",_x] call BIS_fnc_inString) : { _add_pri = _smg; }; case (["Katiba_C",_x] call BIS_fnc_inString) : { _add_pri = _smg; }; case (["_Mk20C_",_x] call BIS_fnc_inString) : { _add_pri = _smg; }; case (["_TRG20_",_x] call BIS_fnc_inString) : { _add_pri = _smg; }; case (_type == "arifle") : { _add_pri = _rif; }; }; } forEach (weapons _unit); {_unit removeWeapon _x} count (weapons _unit); { private _handled = true; switch true do { case (_x == "ATMine_Range_Mag"): { _unit removeMagazine _x; _unit addMagazine "LIB_TMI_42_MINE_mag"; }; case (_x == "APERSMine_Range_Mag"): { _unit removeMagazine _x; _unit addMagazine "LIB_shumine_42_MINE_mag"; }; case (_x == "APERSBoundingMine_Range_Mag"): { _unit removeMagazine _x; _unit addMagazine "LIB_M3_MINE_mag"; }; case (_x == "DemoCharge_Remote_Mag"): { _unit removeMagazine _x; _unit addMagazines ["LIB_Ladung_Small_MINE_mag",4]; }; case (_x == "SatchelCharge_Remote_Mag"): { _unit removeMagazine _x; _unit addMagazines ["LIB_Ladung_Big_MINE_mag",4]; }; case (_x == "SLAMDirectionalMine_Wire_Mag"): { _unit removeMagazine _x; _unit addMagazine "LIB_US_M1A1_ATMINE_mag"; }; case (_x == "ClaymoreDirectionalMine_Remote_Mag"): { _unit removeMagazine _x; _unit addMagazine "LIB_SMI_35_1_MINE_mag"; }; default { _handled = false; }; }; if(!_handled)then { private _ammo = getText(configFile >> "CfgMagazines" >> _x >> "ammo"); if !( _ammo isKindOf ["TimeBombCore",configFile >> "CfgAmmo"] )then { _unit removeMagazine _x }; }; } count (magazines _unit); if(_side != civilian)then { if !( _vest_Script isEqualTo {} ) then { private _items = vestItems _unit; call _vest_Script; {_unit addItemToVest _x} forEach _items; }; if !( _uniform_Script isEqualTo {} ) then { private _items = uniformItems _unit; private _items2 = []; if(backpack _unit != "")then { _items2 = backpackItems _unit; }; call _uniform_Script; {_unit addItemToUniform _x} forEach _items; {_unit addItemToBackpack _x} forEach _items2; }; }; for "_i" from 1 to _cnt_gS do { _unit addMagazine _gS; }; for "_i" from 1 to _cnt_g do { _unit addMagazine _g; }; for "_i" from 1 to _cnt_gAT do { _unit addMagazine _gAT; }; _cnt_gDemo = _cnt_gDemo min 2; for "_i" from 1 to _cnt_gDemo do { _unit addMagazine _gDemo; }; for "_i" from 1 to _cnt_gSmk do { _unit addMagazine _gSmk; }; if(_add_sec != "")then { if(backpack _unit == "")then { _unit addBackpack "B_LIB_US_RocketBag_Empty"; }; private _mags = getArray(configFile >> "CfgWeapons" >> _add_sec >> "magazines"); for "_i" from 1 to 3 do { _unit addMagazine (_mags select 0); }; if(count _mags > 1)then { _unit addMagazine (_mags select 1); }; _unit addWeapon _add_sec; }; if(_add_hgun != "")then { private _mag = (getArray(configFile >> "CfgWeapons" >> _add_hgun >> "magazines") select 0); for "_i" from 1 to 3 do { _unit addMagazine _mag; }; _unit addWeapon _add_hgun; }; if(_add_pri != "")then { private _mag = (getArray(configFile >> "CfgWeapons" >> _add_pri >> "magazines") select 0); if(_isGL)then { call _rGL_Script; }; if( (isPlayer _unit) && { getNumber(configFile>>"CfgWeapons">>_add_pri>>"4gp_switchClipToMag") > 0 } )then { _unit addMagazine _mag; _unit addMagazine _mag; private _clip = getText(configFile>>"CfgMagazines">>_mag>>"4gp_clip"); for "_i" from 1 to 18 do { _unit addMagazine _clip; }; } else { for "_i" from 1 to 11 do { _unit addMagazine _mag; }; }; _unit addWeapon _add_pri; _unit selectWeapon _add_pri; }; if(_add_bino != "")then { _unit addWeapon _add_bino; }; }; [false,false] spawn { params [["_forcePlayer",false],["_skipPlayer",false]]; if(_forcePlayer)exitWith { ace_player setVariable ["gp_ww2_chked",nil]; ace_player call gp_ww2_chk; }; while {true} do { if(_skipPlayer)then { { _x call gp_ww2_chk; } forEach (allUnits - [ace_player]); } else { { _x call gp_ww2_chk; } forEach allUnits; }; sleep 5; }; };
  4. UPDATE FOV has been reverted to vanilla standard (.25) upon common request. A seperate download for a patch for hard FOV (.5) will be available if requested. INTRODUCTION There're plenty of WW2 mods in the community (IFA3, FOW, Massi WW2 units etc). Many of them are quite well-made, however, they're rarely meant to be compatible with each other. An JS2 from IFA3 can never defeat a Cromwell from FOW mod, for example, since 2 mods use different standard of damage, armor and hitpoints for their tanks. The same goes for rifles, grenades, AT weapons, LBEs, helmets. This has made WW2 game-playing in Arma3 quite confusing for players (one K98 is much powerful than another, and they sound differently), and every community WW2 mission-maker who ambitiously wishes to use a vast content of community WW2 mods has to face the fact of in-compatibility, and has to solve the problem on his own. This calls for a set of integrated, inter- compatible community mods, where JS2 can defeat Cromwell, and all small arms use the same / compatible magazines and sound the same. I've been working alone for weeks to achieve this goal, and now it's nearly complete. There's nothing glory like new models or new planes or what, but dirty work of config files, wikipedia, re-calculation, scripts and testing. MAIN FEATURES 1.Complete overhaul of ammo config for IFA3, FOW, Massi WW2 units and IFA3 Liberation. Tanks can now shoot each other! With nice penetration and Beyond-armour effect! 2.Many minor adjustments to fix / improve / correct. Example: a.Using IFA3's M2 flamethrower no longer removes your grenade. One of a number of bug fixes for the above source mods. b.Detailed, vanilla-styled text description for all smallarms & magazines. And penetration info, if it's an AT weapon. c.Data of weapons, ammo and magazines of all mods have been re-calculated to follow vanilla weight-mass, energy-hit, penetration-caliber standard. Wanna see a fight between modern and WW2 soldiers? Now they're on the same stage! d.IFA3's built-in Alarm9k's Smarter Tanks script has been optimized to have minor performance impact in huge tank battles! AI tank crew have been trained to better use APCR rounds & autocannons as well! 3.Cross mod integration. Example: a.Magazine compatibilities. FOW guns are good with IFA3 magazines. b.Weapons, magazines & ammo of the same type share the same stats. initSpeed, mass, hit, caliber and advanced ballistic data. c.All smallarms of the same type now share the same firing sound. Each unified weapon sound is hand-picked from best quality contents of all mods. and enhanced by JSRS! d.All WW2 mods now share a same pool of combined high quaility icons, sounds and animations. 4.A customized version of ACE3. a.An improved advanced medical system. No more magical PAK! To treat a patient, restore his blood pressure and heart rate. b.Improved magazine repacking system with Cross type repacking supported. c.Working penetration-protection system for helmets and vests. Authentic bullet-proof vests and helmets! d.All WW2 smallarms are ACE Advanced Ballistic ready. Re-live your life as a WW2 sniper. e.And grenades got their ACE Fragmentation data! Not bad being a WW2 grenadier too! f.AI soldiers will shoots less straight if they're suffering from ACE pain & bloodloss. No more ironman! Shoot their legs and they'll fall down! 5.Personal addition (ideas while doing data searching). Example: a.FOW Japanese Army are now equipped with mod added Type 94 Smoke Candle, replacing their M83 Smoke Grenade. b.Clip-based (instead of magazine-based) reloading for bolt-action rifles like K98 and Lee-Enfield. SVT-40 and G43 support clip reloading too. Reload your SVT with Style! c.Improved IFA3 M2 Flamethrower. The effect is really cool (see below). Or hot. d.M1A1 bazooka is now armed with new M10 Smoke Rocket with Working WP smoke. Now your enemies will think twice before bunching in a building. e.Shoot rifle grenades with correct ammo (blanks or wooden)! Or face the consequence. (well, they will only fall off because of the penetration, and will not explode) 6.Enhanced community mods for WW2 environment. a.Crash your enemy and Gib them with tank tracks! (Powered by BloodLust mod) b.Climb walls as you like, but stay away from ones with barbed wires, they're extremely dangerous! (Powered by Enhanced Movement mod) c.Check temperature and clear jamming with Style! (Animations by Project Infinite & Sham's US Armament Pack) d.Smarter and Fast enemies! Now with CQB enhancement! (Powered by ASR AI 3 mod) e.HEAT penentration system used by RHS has now come back to WW2! (re-written from RHS & AIS script) USAGE This mod is intended to be used with following mods: Face of War: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=891433622 IFA3 Lite: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=660460283 IFA3 Liberation: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=950999958 WW2 mas units: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=690552013 IFA3 : ACE 3 Compatibility patch: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=773759919 Enhanced Movement http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=333310405 The following mods are needed for dependency: CBA A3: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=450814997 GRAD Trenches: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1224892496 Project Infinite - Inspect weapons: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=812441729 NIArms Core: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=667454606 --- (CREDITS) --- ACE3 * by ACE3 team https://github.com/acemod/ACE3 JSRS 2.0 * by LordJarhead http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=861133494 Blastcore: Phoenix 2 * by OpticalSnare http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=23899 BloodLust * by zooloo75 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=667953829 Sawn-off Shotgun * by KICKASS <Link not available> CANS -- Civilian Throwables * by Jones.S https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=898902841 Sham's US Armament Pack * by shammy2010 https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/162050-shams-us-armament-pack/ ASR AI 3 * by Robalo https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/163742-asr-ai-3/ Smarter Tanks * by Alarm9K http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?182368-Smarter-tanks-script The mods marked with * are needed for dependency, but the related file are already included in this mod. You don't have to download them seperately. This is because these files are either modded during the process or are of different version of currently available ones. Presently, these files have to be included for the mod to work. While asking for permission, I'll actively reorganize file structures to better use the external mod source and minimize external file presence in this mod. Other than the contents of the above mods in the credit list, there's no edit / re-upload of files from other mods. This is supposed to be done within one week of first release. The following mods are recommended for best experience: Faces of War: German Voices Config http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1096794089 PERMISSION Modification of the contents of this mod is not allowed at present. Not until the permissions and licenses of the dependent mods included are figured out (Most likely this mod will follow APL-SL after this phase). The contents of this mod are not allowed for any type of commercial use, that includes any derivatives. The use of contents of this addon (if permission was granted) is not allowed outside of arma games. DOWNLOAD Steam Workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1337409233 NOTE Currently you have to manually disable workshop ACE3 from launcher's auto-generated load list, or it won't load any missions (thanks TheIdiot for the info). MEDIA Fun with M2 Flamethower Be sure to use the right ammo to launch rifle grenades! Welcome to join our Arma 3 unit. QQ group: 101247938. 欢迎加入我们的Arma3战队。QQ群: 101247938.
  5. gpgpgpgp

    Sham's US Armament Pack

    Hello Shammy2010, I'm gpgpgpgp and I'm part of ACE dev group. I've played your mod and I am astonished at those marvelous clear jam animations you've made. May I ask for permission to include them in ACE 3 mod, so that the community may enjoy your great work? The ACE guys will definitely be very happy to add your name into the author list.
  6. gpgpgpgp


    Feature Request! Feature Request! In config.cpp: add these lines! class RscControlsGroupNoScrollbars; class RscToolbox; class RscAttributeWaypointType: RscControlsGroupNoScrollbars { class controls { class Value: RscToolbox { strings[] = {"$STR_ac_seekanddestroy","$STR_ac_hold","$STR_ac_sentry","$STR_ac_unload","$STR_ac_transportunload","$STR_ac_unhook","$STR_ac_cycle","$STR_ac_move","$STR_ac_dismiss"}; names[] = {"SAD","HOLD","SENTRY","UNLOAD","TR UNLOAD","UNHOOK","CYCLE","MOVE","DISMISS"}; }; }; }; We need Moorrrrre waypoint types in zeus! Can't imagine they didn't include common types like Hold and S&D in the first place! Also, even I haven't got time to try this mod yet, but... big kudos for countermeasures (is there even support for smoke launchers? base classes are "SmokeLauncher","rhs_weap_902a","rhs_weap_smokegen" that's all for vanilla + RHS), and big kudos for suppressive fire!
  7. gpgpgpgp

    JSRS4 - APEX 1.2

    I think he's talking about the old JSRS RHS 2.5 mod. It no longer works since it depends on configs of old JSRS EDEN 1.3, and many file name changes (mainly "+.ogg") have taken placed during the 1.3 => 1.4 update. You'd better disable it until LJ releases new RHS support. Other than that, JSRS & RHS should be ok to use together ( just don't expect RHS weapons to use JSRS sounds, they still use default RHS sounds), unless there is really an "updatng base class" issue, mentioned by LJ. I don't think it's the case because since I fixed JSRS RHS 2.5 mod manually for 1.4, my group have played with them with no issue for many hours. About the SMAW spotting round, you still need the patch in my old post to get rid of the explosion sound. JSRS 1.4 update didn't magically fix RHS's round, I'm afraid. :) Edit: After some digging, Here: RHS SMAW Spotting Rounds Explosion Sound Fix http://www.mediafire.com/download/g6f6uhi3jh16bn4/JSRS_Eden_1.2_RHS_SMAW_Spotting_Rounds_Explosion_Sound_Fix.zip
  8. gpgpgpgp

    JSRS4 - APEX 1.2

    So, the best solution looks like using wss format for close (first person) gunshots, while keeping the others in ogg. ;) Yours, gpgpgpgp
  9. gpgpgpgp

    JSRS4 - APEX 1.2

    I somehow, hand-maded a version of JSRS - RHS - VTN remix pack for the own use for my group. For small weapons, I used some Internet "explosively badass movie-like" sounds for "close" gunshots, RHS default sounds for "middle" shot sounds, VTN's sound banks for "dist" sounds, and JSRS's similar caliber weapons' far shot sounds for "far" sounds, and JSRS's sound tails for tails. For vehicles, it was the old JSRS-RHS patch re-configed to fit the new 1.4 release. All the work turned out to be a super enjoyable sound experience. People in my group were astonished at what Arma3 could sound like :D. You can call that a miracle of "passive" joint community effort :P. What a shame that I can't post it anywhere.
  10. gpgpgpgp

    JSRS4 - APEX 1.2

    Acutally. Arma3 Engine handles super-sonic and "crack" sound pretty well. Arm an AI with a suppressed .45 and let him shoot you, you'll feel the difference. :) Creating sonic cracks' echoing from mountains is not achieveable without a script. But somehow it can be mimiced with config edits -- higher volume, larger range of environmental tail sound. Since the only subsonic ammo in-game is .45, so it might be ideal to increase the volume and hearable range of suppressed tail sounds for all other weapons, except for vector and 1911. Default JSRS value is 220, which is good for small caliber rifles, but somehow it feels lack of power for 7.62s & larger weapons. Yours, gpgpgpgp
  11. By the way, FOA works perfectly well in dedicated servers. AIs are more responsive and reactive, and FOA doesn't seem to slow down the speed of script since extra calculations are well handled by the server's powerful CPUs. I had to make some script changes at "fn_FOAVO.sqf" to make units' say3ds MP synced (implementing "remoteExecCall"), and fixed minor "variable not defined" errors in FSMs showed up in RPTs. Have been tested for several months at my group's server, and immersion is really improved from vanilla. Nice work, mikey74! :D Will definitely look into that. Can't wait to go through vanilla campaigns again with FOA! :) There is some kind of work-around. Consider using disableAI "AUTOCOMBAT", disableAI "TARGET", disableAI "AUTOTARGET" and turn the group into safe or cautious mode, and after things are done, enable those AI features back on. Kinda troublesome, but it somehow works when you're eager to deal with something but find yourself out of choice. ;)
  12. gpgpgpgp

    JSRS4 - APEX 1.2

    Wait a sec! Just downloaded and unpboed the "JSRS serverside" files and... It seems that LJ forgot to include dummy files for firemode changing sound! :o Still, It's great to know the way works. :D
  13. gpgpgpgp

    JSRS4 - APEX 1.2

    With correct names and the correct file paths. Yes. LJ, you may first try putting all current dragonfyre_p_*.pbo files into the server-side mod load list to test the theory. See if the RPTs are gone when clients are using full JSRS.
  14. gpgpgpgp

    JSRS4 - APEX 1.2

    Well. As far as I know, the sound effects are defintely local (client-side). The server complains about the sound only because "there is no such file!", and only happens for special cases. So far all of the cases are: 1. Weapon Reloading sound. 2. Weapon Dry sound. 3. Weapon Change Mode sound. 4. Mines / Explosives Activate sound. 5. Mines / Explosives Deactivate sound. Such spam goes away as long as "there is such a file", for example, when JSRS is loaded on server (our group did this to get rid all of RPT spams). And if I understand it right, it doesn't even matter if the sounds are 0.1kb dummies with no actual sound wave at all. Basically, just create a PBO with all necessary sound packed together, and call that minimum (dummy) files needed to load by server admins to get rid of JSRS rpt spams so that people can enjoy great sounds or a seperate addon that does the JSRS public server rpt support , etc. Doesn't hurt to have a try. Yours, gpgpgpgp
  15. gpgpgpgp

    JSRS4 - APEX 1.2

    Haha, I won't even propose lowering the volume of supersonic crack sounds (I love them personally) if it wasn't my group's Dungeon Master (aka Zeus) has a strange fond for the evil Stryker APC the Minigun type. This guy is probably heavily inflenced by shooter game scenes and refuses to give us Strykers with good old M2 or Mk19, and every night there are so Many red tracers flying all over our heads in rate of 2000 - 4000 RPM, :blink: and the gunner guy usually spends all his 10,000 rounds in a 2 hour mission. And the snapping sounds were... disastrous. :(