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  1. Im searching urgently for a solution to spawn animals on a dedicated server on speficic places, where they move in a certain radius. I tried all the modules, scripts, but cant get a solution for this one. willing to pay for a script that works. thanks in advance.
  2. mrsandbox

    Faces of War [WW2]

    yea using many other mods. maybe u can test it with FOW only? great mod by the way and thanks for the hard work...!
  3. mrsandbox

    Faces of War [WW2]

    did that and they have german voices, but the american fow chatter is also there.
  4. mrsandbox

    Faces of War [WW2]

    How can you mute the chatter of soldiers? Its strange hearing the SS or Wehrmacht talking english and there are allready german voice profiles. I tried the module, but this didnt work. Thanks in advance.
  5. Thans lexx! Other thing i noticed, flags cant be added to Angora neither to Kuma and Varsuk. would be cool...
  6. Trailer shows Nymx can put out the periscope. no option with the nymx recon via action menue. missed something?
  7. Mods have many pro´s, so vanilla has many pro´s. Vanilla has so much content now, id rather see quality missions with more stability in vanilla, as missions which require tons of mods, which are buggy or low quality and frames are BS.
  8. The Angara, the most fearsome battletank. One shot in the tracks, crew jumps out, thread banned. This really should be adjusted.
  9. Im searching for the weapon class of the T-55A tank in Project Opfor to make AI fire its maingun. would appreciate a solution with code where i can read out all classnames of the vehicle. nothing in the readme and nothing found in configviewer. thanks in advance...!
  10. Couldnt find any documentation about the civilian presence modules. Can someone link me one if one exists or give a short description how it works? Thanks in advance.
  11. would be cool if somebody can upload a little sneak peak of the operations....
  12. I wanted to create some tankshells for decorative purposes. Are there even models for Sh_105mm_HEAT_MP_T_Red for example ingame? Thanks.
  13. mrsandbox

    ArmA 3: Callsign Minotaur

    I wonder why there is only so few feedback for your campaign so far ! You have done excellent work and it was great fun to play through and like the most things you like very much, it ends too fast of course;-) May i ask where you found the guys for the iranian voice overs, were they paid? I thought i heard voice overs from the official campaign also, or am i wrong? If you decide to develope something new, best luck with it, il definitly keep an eye on your entrys!
  14. I want to check, in a waypoint, would be the best, if a VTOL (Xiang) has NOT the specific vehicle in its cargo. I found those script commands, but cant transform them into a simple waypoint condition. Thanks in advance.