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  1. PatPgtips

    co10 Escape

    we have vcom_ai mod and enemies that are close by will be alerted and will move towards you vcom_ai does change the way the mission works in a big way the ai hearing distance is set to 200 metres after some testing if i make it any higher than that then the ai will come from everywere also the ai are way smarter and will split into groups to flank you but you still should not see them spawning after the initial server start as i said in the previous message i think its other squads pushing you from outside 200 metres as vcom_ai is designed to do you just have to keep moving as a group
  2. PatPgtips

    co10 Escape

    if your finding this as the mission starts this will happen it takes a few minutes on the mission to load properly Enemy Spawn Distance : 1200 Far (for good rigs) all servers and missions are set to the same settings and i havent seen this happen except on server start untill the mission properly loads you might see ai spawn on takistan as the terrain has a lot of open areas that cover long distances if you have video of this happening later ingame please let me see the video thanks for the info though sorry i forgot to say we have a suicide bomber script that either grabs a local civilian ai or will spawn a new ai civilian it is possible to see them spawn in nearby but this script isnt an escape from mission script its a seperate script and there is a possibility it will spawn the suicide bomber nearby
  3. PatPgtips

    co10 Escape

    find another comms hack it for a new lz
  4. PatPgtips

    co10 Escape

    goto mission folder then /include/params.hpp edit this file to change it so mission calls in the params from params.hpp class Param_Loadparams { title = "Parameter Load and Save (save params between sessions, see readme!)"; values[] = {0, 1, 2}; texts[] = {"Use settings below and save (settings will be restored on mission restart)", "Load previously saved settings (Use below if none found)", "Use settings below without saving"}; default = 0; // set this to 0 so it reads the params from the mission file }; to enable wartorn change the value to 1 class Param_War_Torn { title="War-Torn mode (CSAT and AAF are fighting each other)"; values[]={0,1}; texts[]={"Disabled","Enabled"}; default = 1; change this to 1 to enable wartorn }; remember to save after the changes hope that helps there are lots of params there you might want to change some more
  5. PatPgtips

    co10 Escape

    i have set a 30 second delay since we added the paradrop instead of prisons so we all drop at the same time if we dont do that then players will spawn on the ground if they dont load in quick enough so i added the delay for that reason
  6. a friend sent me a fix for battleye kicks just add this line to your config.cfg or server.cfg it will allow you to enable battleye again on your servers in the mission cycle area add this autoSelectMission = true; // MISSIONS CYCLE forcedDifficulty = "Veteran"; autoSelectMission = true; // add this to fix your battleye kicks when joining your servers class Missions { class Mission1 { template="msission1.takistan"; forcedDifficulty = "Veteran"; }; class Mission2 { template="mission2_chernarus_A3"; forcedDifficulty = "Veteran"; }; }; missionWhitelist[] = { "msission1.takistan", "mission2_chernarus_A3", }; hope this helps seemingly battleye have changed their ip address and thats what is causing all the issues with kicks
  7. i am getting the same battleye error on 3 of my servers after the last update i deleted battleye files localy verified game and still got kicked i then did a full reinstall of 1 of my servers and copied missions and such back still got the battleye kicks i then did a full reinstall and never added any of my mission files back and was kicked from a wasteland mission not sure if its an escape from missions thing with mods and and scripts added to the mission so i downloaded a mission without any mods and any unofficial scripts added and i still get the same error ive tried everything and battleye just kicks so i have had to disable for now i also purchased art of war dlc just incase it was linked to that somehow but still have the same issue very frustrating
  8. i have tried and tested the code changes you said above switching the code to true now the enemy ai and dog work properly the dog will attack and works well the only issue i found is once the dog owner enemy ai is dead the dogs will move but wont attack at all so its getting closer to working just a shame the dogs goto a passive state will move but wont attack once owner is dead thanks for the info though much appreciated
  9. im glad you guys got it working i changed it to false as we run escape servers and i didnt want the enemy ai killing the patrol dogs before the playable units see them so it made the escape missions have some more options to change things up a bit realy good script and everyone does enjoy seeing them
  10. i have sent jgaz-uk a test mission file in pm try that out see if it helps give you an idea what to do but all working for me
  11. hi after i seen your post i quickly checked my missions out and my ai and dogs are still the right way up maybe you are running a mod that is causing the issue also try changing the ai soldier also i am using the patrol dog script as enemy ai and dog patrol it seems weird as im not having any issues i have the patrol and ferral script on 20 missions on 5 servers and all is fine i will quickly do a sample mission and send it to you so you can try and it will give you an idea how i setup ours on the servers ill get it to you asap
  12. PatPgtips

    co10 Escape

    if your running from a dedi server make sure AutoInit is disabled the patrols dont work when enabled also check params.hpp to change the params of the server location includes/params.hpp i hope that helps but sounds as if Autoinit is enabled and does break the mission
  13. PatPgtips

    JBOY Sniper Nest In Tree

    i have an issue that when i place an enemy opfor sniper in the tree he is still grouped up with blufor player is there any way i can fix that or am i doing something wrong id like to add this to some escape from missions i have
  14. i have it on 5 escape from servers i have updated today but havent had the chance to test it out yet but do love the speed of the dogs now got to change things up now and again to keep players on their toes