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  1. Soapbox0331


    Hello @pierremgi, truly enjoying the mods! I ran into a situation last night, MP, dedicated server, UNSUNG mission on Song Bin Tahn map: I have "Drop vehicles instead of crates module" synced to "uns_pbr" (also in module as "dropped vehicle/crate") and "uns_ch47_m60_army" (also in module as "default helicopter"). Module synced to Support Provider / /Support Requestor / and a Player unit. The intent is to have a PBR dropped into one of the rivers, which consistently works fine in editor. Trying it on dedicated server the drop was always in the tree line short of the map-click on the river...almost acted as if it didn't want to drop over water. What do you think?
  2. This is a great script. I just tested it in a mission I used it in and works as normal.
  3. @pierremgi, your mods make mission making so much more enjoyable for me, thanks for these! I have a couple of questions on this module: 1) I am creating a battle that lasts overnight (timed) with module Repeat occurrence set to -1. I would like to stop the AI from spawning from the module at the end of the fight. Deleting the module does not stop spawning. Can it be turned off after a certain amount of time or condition met? 2) Concerning the Group skill levels: my friends prefer firefights that are high volume of fire and low accuracy, so I usually have setSkill spotdistance higher and setSkill aimingaccuracy lower, using script called in unit init. Can skill levels be modified like this in the module?
  4. Soapbox0331

    Infinite ammo and random target

    @CPT_ALPHA I have used this for random mortar strikes. Not sure how to make unlimited ammo for mortars.
  5. Soapbox0331

    Suppressing Fire Scipt

    @diehardfc I have used this for turrets and infantry. You can set rate of fire and duration of fire:
  6. Soapbox0331

    Random SAR Missions

    This is what I use for the wounded rescue target from nomadd: : I haven't tried this yet, check last entry from wogz187:
  7. Hello Bardosy, could I take a look at your Napalm strike script please?
  8. I would really like to use this to complete a task to mine a trail (UNSUNG, MP, dedicated), but I am unfamiliar with waitUntil. This would go into initServer.sqf? When I try: waitUntil {sleep 1; {_x inArea trailmarker} count allMines >= 4}; using an ellipse named trailmarker, I get "Error Undefined variable in expression: trailmarker" What am I missing here?
  9. There is an UNSUNG discussion forum here, via STEAM Workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/discussions/943001311
  10. This is a new script for me and I have a question on use. I have the dog patrolling with OPFOR AI. When I try to come up behind the AI, the dog detects me, charges, growls , barks...all good. The AI keeps on walking. Is there a way to get the AI to react to the dogs "alert"?
  11. I have used radio triggers to toggle time-skip to night, and then another to time-skip back to day when party left the tunnels. I'm sure there is a more immersive way.
  12. Larrow's method above work's great! I have added that to my mix.
  13. Hello mankar, I use Jebus - Just Editor Based Unit Spawning by dreadpirate for most of my AI. You can use for OPFOR and BLUFOR. You have a lot of ways to set them up using editor placed units to respawn and continue the fight. For sector fights, I also use two triggers to create a victory condition, example below had BLUFOR taking 4 OPFOR sectors and holding them for 10 minutes to achieve mission success: Trigger1: Type: None Activation: None Check Repeatable Condition: [west] call BIS_fnc_moduleSector == 4 Timer Type: Countdown Timer values are 0 Trigger2: Type: End #1 Activation: None Checked Repeatable Condition: [west] call BIS_fnc_moduleSector == 4 Timer Type: Timeout Timer values are 600 Hope this helps.
  14. Soapbox0331

    Main & Secondary Tasks

    No worries zag, this is still very helpful!