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  1. RumberO

    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    Thank you so much for your awesome work! Gameplay improves a lot with this kind of mod! Thank you so much for your unselfishness too 😈
  2. Hi brothers in arms, @WarhammerActual, @BikerJoe, @Dj Rolnik I think you should review the work of our mate @bangabob let me put his work here:
  3. Yeah, after reading this intro I've put your code to a file called TwoPrimWeas.sqf and then put this file in the mission folder, and then inside the mission (eden editor) I've executed the script file with debug console like this: [] execVM "TwoPrimWeas.sqf"; Very useful in the battle to carry a long range weapon and an assault one at the same time! Thank you so much! @BRPVP
  4. Hi @BRPVP thank you so much for sharing this. But, please how can I use it. Regards.
  5. Great work! I'm testing it and it's so good to make the gameplay more inmersive and difficult. Thank you so much both @Rydygier & @Gunter Severloh for this!
  6. RumberO

    WARMACHINE - Game mode - SP/Coop/PvP

    Now testing the mission/map thank you very much for this work @IvosH_cz
  7. RumberO

    WARMACHINE - Game mode - SP/Coop/PvP

    Yes, I did it and now I got a file called mission.pbo in C:\Users\TRKI\Documents\Arma 3 - Other Profiles\RumberO\Saved\steamMPMission\WARMACHINE%20Tobruk.iron_excelsior_tobruk, now I'm trying to put it in a DS to use it with IFA3 + CUPs terrain -core mods. Is this the correct way to use it in a DS? Thank you so much. @Harzach
  8. RumberO

    WARMACHINE - Game mode - SP/Coop/PvP

    Yeah @Harzach I've subscribed to this mission but I can't see the file mission. Sorry for my ignorance. Thank you.
  9. RumberO

    WARMACHINE - Game mode - SP/Coop/PvP

    Hi @IvosH_cz thank you for your work, please let me know where can I download this mission.
  10. RumberO

    [MP/SP/COOP] Einsatz 1941

    Hi @Taylor1984, please can you share your mission with me, me and my homies want to play it! Thank you.
  11. @PatPgtips @rhyswilliams999 @aussie battler Thank you very much for sharing this.