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  2. I'm confused as to why you have FlakPz 1A1's and ZSU-23's triple-A vehicles without having any actual air assets to fight. It's a bit like having scuba gear for troops in a landlocked desert environment. I understand if this is a planned FREE expansion to the existing product down the road, say Bo-105's and DDR Mi-24D's. But if you plan to charge for like assets, assets meant to have been included at the outset, then you're going to face some rather heavy push-back, and rightly so. I just hope you take these concerns into consideration before moving forward with the development plan and what seems like an infinite monetization with regards to potential expansions, vehicles, assets, terrains, etc.
  3. Alpine_gremlin

    Force Players to Spectate After 2 Lives

    Understood. Thank you!
  4. Donnie_Plays


    +1,000,000 Thank you for saying this. This statement should be something that everyone who plays Arma... should have to sign and agree to before they play the first time. It should be noted... to anyone who's having performance issues. Every single time you add a new mod to your list, you're adding performance issues to your mission. One mod can break features. It's a fact. If you're running 10 mods... you're really pushing it. RHS and CUP are not as optimized as we all wish they were. I also saw the edited "Blastcore" mod in the list. That's an outdated re-uploaded mod that hasn't been properly updated in four years. Any mods that edit or add graphical improvements to smoke or fire, will absolutely cause performance issues. If you run ASR... you're tweaking the AI. This will have performance hits when AI spawn.
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  6. Echelon International Media Information This special forces and private military company inspired gear pack built for Echelon International includes weapons, vehicles, uniforms, equipment, and objects. All equipment is textured in the flat black, grey, white, green, and tan colors, as well as our own custom camouflage in night, alpine, and terrain variants. All gear is textured from RHS assets, and includes additional TFAR radios in various colors should you have the mod loaded. License This work is licensed under the Arma Public License No Derivatives Contents Weapons: IIIE HK416 (Terrain, Night, Alpine) Vehicles: IIIE MH6M (Black, White, Green, Tan) IIIE AH6M (Black, White, Green, Tan) Uniforms: IIIE Uniform (Black, Grey, White, Green, Tan, Terrain, Night, Alpine) IIIE Shirt (Black, White, Blue, Red) Equipment: IIIE Mask (Skull) IIIE Beret (Black, Green, Tan, Red, Blue) IIIE Balaclava (Black, Grey, White, Green, Tan, Terrain, Night, Alpine) IIIE Cap (Black, Grey, White, Green, Tan, Terrain, Night, Alpine) IIIE Headset (Black, Grey, White, Green, Tan, Terrain, Night, Alpine) IIIE Helmet (Black, Grey, White, Green, Tan, Terrain, Night, Alpine) Backpacks: IIIE Eagle Backpack (Black, Grey, White, Green, Tan, Terrain, Night, Alpine) IIIE Engineer Backpack (Black, Grey, White, Green, Tan, Terrain, Night, Alpine) IIIE Medic Backpack (Black, Grey, White, Green, Tan, Terrain, Night, Alpine) IIIE Falcon Backpack (Black, Grey, White, Green, Tan, Terrain, Night, Alpine) IIIE Radio (Black, Grey, White, Green, Tan, Terrain, Night, Alpine) IIIE Insignia (Logo, Medic, White, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow) Vests: IIIE Operator Vest (Black, Grey, White, Green, Tan, Terrain, Night, Alpine) IIIE Gunner Vest (Black, Grey, White, Green, Tan, Terrain, Night, Alpine) IIIE Marksman Vest (Black, Grey, White, Green, Tan, Terrain, Night, Alpine) IIIE Medic Vest (Black, Grey, White, Green, Tan, Terrain, Night, Alpine) Objects: IIIE Flag IIIE Sign IIIE Screen Download Steam Workshop
  7. Hi, so I'm trying to spawn vehicles on predefined points using forEach loops. I need to be able to check what types of points I am selecting in the script, because i have points specifically for light vehicles, tanks and planes respectively. To do that I want to use setVariable to the objects I'm using as reference so I can filter dynamically. So far, my attempts to add variables is only producing an error: Undefined variable in expression vehicleSlots (an array). Replacing the vehicles with arrows (placeholder) is working perfectly. Any help would be appreciated. _findVehicleSlots = nearestObjects [[5100,5100], ["B_Truck_01_covered_F"],5100]; vehicleSlots = { _vehicleSlotPos = getPos _x; _vehicleSlotRot = getDir _x; deleteVehicle _x; _createVehicleSlot = createVehicle ["Sign_Arrow_Direction_F", _vehicleSlotPos, [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; _createVehicleSlot setDir _vehicleSlotRot; _createVehicleSlot setVariable ["SLOTTYPE", "VEHICLE"]; _createVehicleSlot enableSimulationGlobal false; } forEach _findVehicleSlots; Cheers!
  8. Riverman23

    Blud's Terrain thread.

    I'm loving your maps bud. If I could make a request for PKL, which I'm not sure if there's a workaround, but I'm having issues transferring the mod via FTP because of the unusual characters in the mod name. I was wondering if there's a way to make it work or if you are able to get rid of the characters.
  9. LSValmont

    Yet Another Arma Benchmark

    Sorry @oldbear! Its fixed now!
  10. oh common, i am un stupid boy. IsEDEN = 1 … well the parameter chang.. logic
  11. well, my function Don't work and i Don't know why. nothing error messages fn_genetationsoccupations.sqf private ["_module","_unites","_activer"]; // Module specific behavior. Function can extract arguments from logic and use them. if (_this select 2) then { // Attribute values are saved in module's object space under their class names _position = getpos (_this select 0); _faction = (_this select 0) getVariable ["hds_generations_occupations_factions_Yield",0]; //(as per the previous example, but you can define your own.) _taille = 100; _nombres_equipes = 4; //création du marqueur _secteur = [(format ["hds_occups_%1",round random 900]),_position,"Ellipse",[_taille,_taille], "BRUSH:","Border", "COLOR:","colorOPFOR" ] call cba_fnc_createmarker; for "_i" from 1 to _nombres_equipes do { _equipe = [(_secteur call bis_fnc_randomPosTrigger), east, (configfile >> "CfgGroups" >> "East" >> "OPF_F" >> "UInfantry" >> "OIA_GuardSquad") ] call BIS_fnc_spawnGroup; [_position,nil,(units _equipe),_taille,1,false,true] call ace_ai_fnc_garrison; }; }; true help me plz Note my _faction variable no used
  12. BvB1

    Secret Weapons

    First, thanks for more toys. 🙂 One thing I noticed, while the units have the "correct" side=x set (correct in so far as matching with Iron Front, Faces of War etc, Soviets/Red = 0, Axis/Blue = 1, Western Allies/Green = 2), the factions in the config are still using the old side arrangement so they mismatch. This only becomes apparent in specific situations, for example using ALIVE mod with your aircraft, it will fail to initialize the air component as it thinks it's an enemy faction.
  13. Indeed lol, thank you bro (c'est con en effet) j'ai un problème maintenant avec ma fonction qui ne retour aucune erreur et ne fait rien mais je vais chercher un peu. thank you again
  14. Hi, How do I get spare tracks (or anything) to show up in the ACE cargo of a vehicle? I've been trying for a while now and nothing seems to work. I've tried in the Object: ACE Options area of the vehicle attributes. I've tried specifying in the vehicles init: [repair_veh, 2, "ACE_Track", true] call ace_repair_fnc_addSpareParts; I can't get anything to show other than the default wheel or whatever that shows in ACE cargo of a vehicle. The vehicle has more than enough ACE cargo space for the items.
  15. williamle12

    SRV record support

    @Bohemia Interactive yes pls add SRV for arma 3 server!
  16. Yesterday
  17. R0adki11

    I don't know why he was banned? İNFİstar BAAN =)

    BI can't help you resolve this issue, please contact the server admins to remove the ban. Any idea why you were banned? Also perhaps consider playing on a different server if the ban can't/will not be removed.
  18. Dragon_GER

    Tactical Combat Link - TypeX

    Just to let you know. My unit is using this A.I. Mod pretty successfully in the Liberation CTI. It's an completly differend feeling with an ai reacting smart to player movements. Sometimes it's amazing to see how players get pinned down in buildings while other units advance and rush them :D
  19. Oh thinking about cool features: Could you extend this to an API interacting Framework featuring functions to enable us doing post and get requests with json returns?
  20. Vanz0r

    Arma3 Videos

  21. There is a Chinese BRPVP server doing very well. It do not appears in normal searchs because names are in chinese characters. This server: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/arma3/3482367
  22. [SOLVED] Special thanks to Larrow for all his help, very descriptive and helpful information. So thank you Larrow for everything, I don't think I would have solved this if it weren't for you. At least I wouldn't have solved it any time soon. Working code with private variables: How to call the code: null = [_player,_slingLoadHelo,_slingLoadGroup,_trashLoc,_slingLoadHeloRTB,_vehicleSupplyLoc,_supplyLoc,_cargonetLoc,_technicalLoc,_truckLoc,_repairLoc] execVM "1slingload1.sqf"; Sample file
  23. dursun_acar06

    I don't know why he was banned? İNFİstar BAAN =)

    Bohemia Interactive HELP ME !!
  24. Cfgvehicles not cfgvehicule you silly frog! (Je te taquine suis français aussi (
  25. infiSTAR I asked why They banned me from discord. I paid money for this game. I want wrongdoing corrected. https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/835890517848272404/0E04DC98FC2CEF2E905ED9B3D47661206170FC83/
  26. @tanin69 Yes synchronize it to any unit of the A.I. group. Disabled A.I. group(s) will have no map markers. @oldy41 This would have been my next question how you set it up. Well okay thanks i will test and see what cause it. Guess some doWatch command or something like this...
  27. Hey i know the thread ist old but..no no not gold ^^ i would like to know how ich can return a bool value from this example. So if i have a match true else false. i get alle the time "<null>" when i format the result. // init.sqf RemoveActionByName = { params ["_object", "_name"]; {if (_object actionParams _x select 0 == _name) exitWith {_object removeAction _x}} forEach actionIDs _object; }; Ich know the last result is the return value. So i tried. // init.sqf RemoveActionByName = { params ["_object", "_name"]; {if (_object actionParams _x select 0 == _name) exitWith {_result = true}} forEach actionIDs _object; result = false; };
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