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  2. Unearthing something 6 years old and serving it with venomous spells is not a good idea in these places.
  3. Ah ok they are arguments only. Of which arguments are automatically copied to the object( module/logic ) at object creation, as variables on the object, named as the arguments class name. Mileage may very and needs thoroughly testing but, you can set the modules init through attributes, in which case you can try setting the the arguments variables from the modules init at mission initialisation. ie For instance, take the standard BI support supply drop virtual. Set one up as standard, player > requester > virtual drop. Then in Eden select only the virtual drop module and run the code below from the debugConsole.. get3denselected "Logic" select 0 set3denAttribute[ "init", " this setVariable[ 'BIS_SUPP_crateInit', ' clearWeaponCargoGlobal _this; clearMagazineCargoGlobal _this; clearItemCargoGlobal _this; clearBackpackCargoGlobal _this '] "]; If you now look at the modules init you will see that code has been applied to it. The crate init argument of the virtual supply drop is also an argument with no attribute. The above sets the modules init so when the module is initialised in the mission it sets the variables of the crate init argument on itself, with the code to clear out the crate contents. Sort of a hacky solution and as I said would need thoroughly testing. The crate init as above is never run until the crate is actually spawned, so if arguments your are trying to change are read by the module as soon as it is created there maybe timing issues.
  4. Panic behaviour is triggered when suppression (from getSuppression) is higher than 0.97 and a random chance (1 in 20 by default) is hit. Because the FSM does not cycle at perfect intervals, the rate which this check is performed will vary somewhat. I consider this fluctuation reasonable. In version 2.0 panic chance is in terms of setting increased, but in actuality is generally lower. As the panic effect is somewhat less invasive and there is generally more time between cycles. Setting lambs_Danger_panic chance very high will indeed remove panic as a game mechanic. I would like to experiment a little more with accuracy related to the constant movement. Offhand I would say that more mobility is a fair trade off for loss of accuracy at close range. -k
  5. Tried changing the resolution, only option was 800x600. Also I found out if the launcher is closed when the game closes, I can access the game. Still can't use my mouse to manoeuvre menus and the detail in the game is still ass (tessellated to hell).
  6. Aside from a bug with flight path vector, I'm loving it so far. Great job making the MFD functional.
  7. Comparing your FSM to the vanilla FSM, the vanilla FSM builds in a forceSpeed 0 for 4-8 seconds, presumably, to allow the AI to aim before firing. I haven't fully parsed through your FSM, but I see in CQC assault mode they are made to forceSpeed 3, which will allow them to move and shoot (which I love!) except it probably plummets their accuracy. But what I can't figure out is how a stationary AI (no other mods than yours, by the way) can miss me from around 100m until they run out of ammo. I believe this (though I can't find out the exact dynamics of what gets affected). However your code checks both the current level of enemy suppression and a flat random to your zettings file variable, so you're overriding an enemy's behavior with your own constant. I suppose I could as a mission designer override you by just making that variable (lambs_danger_panic_chance) astronomically high.
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  9. I played an encounter on batterie and bought the insurance. Had an ADR and was killed while opening the airdrop. After going back to shelter all the loot was there but my ADR with 51 cartridges of ammo was missing. I asked support for compensation but they told me that they do not replace lost equipment. Since another player already reported that his crate booster didn't work, i highly recommend everyone to think twice before buying boosters/insurance or purchasing crowns in first place. If Amazon would not ship purchased items, it would be considered as scam, but i am propably not allowed to use this term in this case...
  10. stanhope

    Can't load single player savegames

    Delete all references to that mod in the mission.sqm. You might have to manually rename some stuff to not break the mission.
  11. ah ah yeah I don't use findIf often enough! ­čśŐ
  12. @CW4 Carrera Just run the following command line in any relevant init field: lambs_danger_debug_fsm = true; lambs-danger_debug_functions = true; These will be handled with CBA settings in version 2.0 @Ryko Thank you for your extended description. I will attempt to answer in order. (1) and (2), the mod does nothing to vanilla or mod weapon configuration. Hence the perceived inaccuracies or erratic use of weapon capabilities (grenade launchers, burst modes, and so on) are products of other settings. Earlier in this thread and across some of my videos I explore the difference in what is configured and what is not. If you play with @LAMBS_suppression there will in a passive, secondary way be added inaccuracy. This is because AI units loose accuracy on becoming suppressed and this this mod increases the time a unit remains suppressed. LAMBS_Suppression is developed to increase the difference between highly trained troops and lesser ones. It also develops ideas explored in my investigations in AI weapon accuracy (Link given above). If your unit plays with exaggerated, or significantly decreased AI skills (as many do). Your mileage may vary some. This is especially true when CUP configured weapons are used interchangeably with RHS ones. This for reasons explored in the aforementioned link resource. In CQC the movement cycles of the AI of greatly sped up. It may indeed merit further investigation. :) (3) I explore in some detail the design considerations behind these settings in a post a few pages back. Panic is a function of suppression, and suppression is very much affected by skill settings. For lack of consistency of configuration, I have avoided adding more arbitrary links to skill. Perhaps when the mod reaches a higher level of maturity. Like mentioned. Version 2.0 will see many more CBA variables. :) Kind regards, Ken
  13. killzone_kid

    manipulating contents of a container

    Try setAmmo maybe
  14. You are creating one weaponholder right on top of another. This is going to cause lots of problems as well as preventing the deletion of a weaponholder. Also out of curiousity why do you count letters in weapon class names, why they have to be >= 3?
  15. I have with the help of others created a script that spawns and despawns furniture in houses. Download: https://github.com/Tinter/Tinter-Furniture/releases At the moment it currently is more of a tool-suite as I'm not an impressive interior decorator. I would very much like to gather up a library of compositions with the help of the community, although I'm not entirely sure on how to organize this yet. Github: https://github.com/Tinter/Tinter-Furniture It spawns furniture locally as simple objects in nearby houses, despawning it when you're far away. The furniture is defined by compositions that you make in eden and using the scripts provided, organize them into files. The compositions are defined on classnames, but a lot of work has gone into trying to make similar buildings compatible, for example the buildings on Altis and Malden are different, but the script will recognize them as the same. Info on how exactly to do this is in the readme file. Furniture is also spawned on the server so that AI will also (hopefully) consider it. I have no indepth test of performance with this script active, but I have played missions with it active and it didn't slow the mission to a crawl at least. At the moment it currently is more of a tool-suite as I'm not an impressive interior decorator. I would very much like to gather up a library of compositions with the help of the community, although I'm not entirely sure on how to organize this yet. Thanks to Diwako, G4rrus, Tennessee, jonoPorter, Meanwhile
  16. @johnnyboy, I adapted the function for @RCA3's script since it actually returns the info we wanted in the first place. Have fun!
  17. Ravage mod has placeable zeds in Eden, find them under Civilian.
  18. johnnyboy

    JBOY Point Blank Melee

    Thanks buddy! Not sure, but I could whip up a little test. What zombie mod do I need, and how do I place a zombie (pick him from units in Editor?)?.
  19. Hey JB, nice to see you all fixed up and producing a sweet little script. I haven't tried it yet but I'm straight away wondering if this would work with AI against Ravage zeds(agents)? The same situation described in your OP often arises when AI are too close to Zeds, this script could potentially fix this immersion breaker too..... I'd love to see this walking pile of pus get pistol whipped+execution.
  20. 1. Is the only way to get new weapons, kill and loot and/or find blue prints? 2. Are blue prints only in crates? If so, how do you overcome being a low level player with low level gear, fighting guys with good scoped weapons and assault rifles. 3. What does breaking your stuff down do, other than give you materials? 4. Upgrading your house and table will enable you to do things quicker, produce materials, and what else? 5. Can weapons be upgraded? Scopes added, etc? Or they are what they are? Thanks...game seems fun! Any and all info you guys want to provide to help me get going, would be great.
  21. Mason Harrison

    Check out this server

    If your looking for an extremely fun and well made altis life server check out olympus. It is quite literally one of the best arma servers out there and will pull you in when you play so go check it out!
  22. I'm really intrigued with this mod. Things I've noticed: 1) The AI is really, really inaccurate. Even at distances of 20m, they will unload on each other and rarely hit; they will only score hits when they have walked right up to each other to practically point blank distance. I figure that this is because the vanilla AI allows the AI to aim until it reaches a certain probability of a hit, and then fire, while the implementation you've introduced perhaps lets the AI shoot well before they have a probability of a hit. I haven't tested this extensively (default units have 0.5 skill?) but raising the skill of a unit to 1 didn't seem to have a practical impact on accuracy. 2) The AI doesn't seem to take into account the weapon they are using. In your last video example, AI: Dylan Faulkner is using an MX with underbarrel grenade launcher, and doesn't think to use it, preferring instead to charge to CQB. I can only imagine what the AI would do if they were equipped with a sniper rifle. 3) The settings (fn_zettings.sqf) file allows you to set the danger_panic_chance, where I feel this should be intrinsically linked to the unit's courage skill. That said, the changes you are bringing to the gameplay are excellent and I would love to see where this mod goes. For mission makers you'd do them a great service by providing toggle variables to allow them to disable any of the custom behaviours you have implemented (panic and AI suppression, for example). Best regards Ryko
  23. h a w a i i a n

    UnderSiege Gear & Uniforms

    Mmmmm, so sexay your mod CJ, me like......
  24. Not sure if this DE know what there doing but there 1.1 update is a joke .First off Monitoring needs to go (WHY) going into encounter with say 8 players and 5 of those players are all together using mic and they work together and control the hole map and if one of the group dies as 1 is the monitor goat and tells the rest where you are what way your facing your position . its a form of unlawful cheating and Monitoring needs to be removed . They stopped teams from killing each other for challenges good so now remove that dam monitoring .Second you lowered the run speed way to much So I will tell you what? load 75 lbs on your back and see how far you can run till you are exhausted it was fine the way it was . And the amount of guns I have lost from your server freezing is pathetic . Players are getting fed up with your game and you wonder why its got such a bad rating . I have played and tested games 25 years and this is the second game I have ever came across that is so messed up if a DE could make a game that everyone is just amazed with it be a miracle but that's unlikely only one DE I know that treats there players with respect and rewards and a game that's in the top 3 I wont mention it but correct these mistakes and maybe more people will play it .lots have left and cant say I blame them The Guy who made this must of had a rough childhood cause this game is frustrating a lot of players and why they quit
  25. Hey y'all. I've got a bunch of mods installed but when I try to load a previous savegame for my singeplayer campaign I think the file gets corrupted.Screenshot Does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks!
  26. Thecutkiller

    Arma 3 FanArt

    Looks really cool
  27. T4nk

    Redd'n'Tank Vehicles

    not for now. And there already is a rlly nice Leo2 in Arma3. Built by the Team of BW - Mod if u r in need.
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