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  2. Basically title but.... Is there any way to automatically setmarkeralpha 0 for all markers that start with certain letters? For instance, setmarkeralpha 0 for all markers that start with "Obj_" ? Thanks!
  3. Possibly, or use CfgFunction to define your functions. Then they are compiled and ready before anything in the initialisation order.
  4. I used lineIntersectsSurfaces because it returns a position, so if the ray hits something within the area you are testing you can say it is visible. It seems pretty fast altogether. The frame rate drop comes with more drawRectangles…. Atmo
  5. https://hoikientruc.com https://hoikientruc.com/thiet-ke-kien-truc-44 https://hoikientruc.com/thiet-ke-noi-that-45 https://hoikientruc.com/thiet-ke-va-thi-cong-cai-tao-46 https://hoikientruc.com/thi-cong-noi...ng-xay-dung-47 Hoikientruc.com - chuyên Thiết Kế Nội Thất - Thiết Kế Kiến Trúc - Tổng Thầu Thi Công Nhà Đẹp Tại địa chỉ HÀ NỘI : TÒA NHÀ VIỆT Á - SỐ 9 DUY TÂN - CẦU GIẤY SỐ ĐIỆN THOẠI : 02439.918.168 - 0382.263.117 EMAIL : kientrucsu999@gmail.com Rất hân hạnh được phục vụ quý khách!
  6. I'm free most of the time if you need another tester. (Though when I post this it is 9:30pm here) I actually didn't know Global was forced for admin - so I guess that's why I had it. And although I would request you eventually add the Allied channel, I understand if that's out of the scope of the addon. At the same time I hope the support channel is more compatible with mid-mission application of the RTO trait (or was that replaced completely by the list?) ^^;
  7. I recently saw this game on the Xbox store so I downloaded the trial to see what it was about. I instantly felt like this could be the next big thing and played the 2 hour trial for the whole 2 hours straight! I then wanted more so I bought the $20 founder pack(not sure if that’s the name), but I got the 1200 crowns but none of the other items included. I believe it said it won’t all come at once but it’s been 2 days and still nothing. Some other problems I've encountered are disconnection from servers and losing my loadout and crowns from that match. I know it’s not my internet because me and my brother play together and it only disconnects me... I’m not worried about the crown because I know I’ll get them back upon release but it’s hard to get some of the weapons I’ve lost because of this problem! I also believe the guns need a huge fix and that your teammate should at least have their name above them or something. I know it’s a work in progress and in my opinion it’s actually a really great game for the stage it’s currently in and every friend I’ve recommended it to really enjoys it too. If you take the community feedback and fix these problems you have a great game on your hands! I also hope to see some new maps. I’ve only played it for the past 3 days so I’m not sure how the maps work. But I’m really hoping there’s additional maps that get added in the future. Lastly, in the shelter you should be able to see and interact with your duos partner I think it’s kind of dumb(no offense) that you’re on the same team but in two separate lobbies until your encounter loads I’d really enjoy showing my friends my house upgrades to rub in that I’m a higher level than them lol. Thanks for reading and I hope you go the right way with this game!
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  9. AbK7

    [CTI,TvT,CooP] Dissension

    Hey Genesis and everyone. I have been loving this mission for quite a few months now. It has been the mission me(and my friends) have unknowingly been wanting since we discovered arma. However, I remember you said somewhere(maybe this thread/Youtube/elsewhere) that it would possible to port this mission to other maps fairly easily. And with the upcoming fanmade DLC, is it possible you could convert it to the upcoming east/west germany map when it releases? Thanks alot for making this mission. To answer this, it has been troubling me as well. From what I found, it is a common bug already reported and made aware to the RHS team. They have a fix for it and it will be in the next patch, whenever they decide to release a new patch. Any weapon with the grip or potato handle attachment causes this, so just dont use those on your weapons in this mission and you are okay.
  10. I also set the distance high in the video menu but it seems to have no effect
  11. Yes I have and the view distance get commands return 10000 in the debug console
  12. Except that the steering behaviour is very different with the different modes - and the seemingly preferred (or with the commander steering now only viable) option is the worst of all.
  13. If you change the control method, turns and moves forward / backward from the keys, and the mouse control does not participate in the turn - you will have no problems with control. The only thing that remains a problem is an order for continuous movement and waypoints (their influence on the driver of the crew). 1. Command Commands for the AI driver - https://feedback.bistudio.com/T127310 2.AI the driver doesn't keep the Tank position - https://feedback.bistudio.com/T127626
  14. Defunkt

    View distance from planes

    Have you tried them around the other way (set VD first)? Otherwise the first command would be capped by whatever the current VD is.
  15. @Snkman, again many thanks for the mod and for taking your time to improve it and for your excellent support! I set up the test again like you suggested: - A group of 6 OpFor AI infantry with LOS to the player. - One APC behind a view block with no LOS to either the Opfor infantry nor the player. - Setting TCL_Tweak set [5, 4]; TCL_Tweak set [6, 50]; in both TCL_Tweak.sqf and the mission init, just to be sure. - (The observer group is more distant than 50m to both player and APC.) - Filepatching is enabled. So I should have disabled AI communication via both Knowledge and Distance parameters, and also excluded the reinforcement mechanism due to the 6:1 odds? Again it just takes a view seconds after the observers have spotted me before the APC rotates its turret pointing at the player behind the view block. It is probably difficult to find a good balance having to cope with ArmA's AI fundament and its side effects. And when playing versus infantry only that effect is not that immersion breaking. It even provides for very challenging CQB. But against vehicles it often just feels odd.
  16. Homesick

    Community Profiles

    Community Profile #08 "CallMehTOMMEH" - Full Interview
  17. Hi Does any one know that when you are flying in plane and set view distances to something like 10000 you still can't see infantry on ground until really close? I was testing in the VR map and these are the script commands I run at mission start: setObjectViewDistance [10000,100]; setViewDistance 10000; But it doesn't seem to work. any one know how to fix? thx
  18. TPM_Aus

    Arma3 Videos

    UnitCapture & UnitCaptureFiring test footage.
  19. All tickets - on the RPG-7 launcher Ammunition Rocket grenades - https://feedback.bistudio.com/T121841 Sights optics - https://feedback.bistudio.com/T121840 Bipod - https://feedback.bistudio.com/T121842 Power Rocket grenad - https://feedback.bistudio.com/T121846
  20. Tankbuster

    Check Visibility Script

    There's not much between them in terms of pure performance. Lineintersects is limited to 1000m and doesn't work underwater and returns a bool. Checkvisibilty isn't restricted like this but is affected by smoke and rain. At longer ranges and in more complicated scenes, Checkvisibilty is slower, but the difference is around the order of 0.0x milliseconds.
  21. Update added: Sound, Radio, & Voice Mods Radio ArmaForces - SoundSystems WW2 - Contains WW2 themed soundtracks. Blacky's WW2 Radio Hits - Music pack made from 30-40s Radio classics for use with KLPQ Radio. 20 songs that will give your WW2 campaign a genuine atmosphere.
  22. gc8

    GcCTI [SP/MP]

    Small update: Gear level is now weapon level Gear menu with some info labels
  23. Where can i find WW2 stuff? Can you indicate the mods i need to use? Chinese server. My FPS is caped at 30.
  24.  EO


    It's inherent, given the sandbox nature of Arma, the desire to create a grand plan when we open the Editor, however given how complex the game is in general it's no real surprise when performance issues crop up. From my (limited) experience as a mission maker Ravage, when used prudently, is still a very performance friendly mod. Overlaying the Ravage framework with scripts and mods, whether they are optimized or not, will always come at a cost, even more so when transferred into a MP environment. Regarding the micro-stutter that's been mentioned in recent posts, while play testing my (SP) Sirens mission this week I see no evidence of micro stutters, that being said my mission file is very lean, the ingame action is generated through triggers and engine based scripting commands, and a minimum modset. Ravage/CBA/Derelict/SullenSkies. Loot Module for trash loot. Ambient Zombie Module for zed event handlers. (no ambient zeds are spawned, only hand placed zeds are present) Safe System Module for SP saves. Settings Module for 1:1 time acceleration. Survival System for increased hunger/thirst.
  25. Looks perfect and to be honest it is a breath of fresh air from run&gun FPS' of today.
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