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Cold War Rearmed III

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New year, new update!


ADDED : 'Flashpoint Remix' track by Bushlurker
ADDED : FIA Ural trucks
ADDED : Natick LBV 1986, courtesy of Brazilian Armed Forces Mod Team
ADDED : Ural-375 HQ truck
CHNGD : Balaclavas are CUP models now, no more nasty APEX advertisments
CHNGD : Correct preview for Rifleman (Vz.58)
CHNGD : Improved the Scud launch script (tanks to LorenLuke)
CHNGD : L-39 loadout can be customized
CHNGD : New Soviet and FIA tanker uniforms
CHNGD : New scopes for the XMS, crosshair and red dot
CHNGD : US Army uniforms replaced with new models by sinmercardo
CHNGD : Weapons and supply crates have binoculars added
FIXED : Angelina wasn't unable to bring up weapon optics
FIXED : FIA uniforms should no more turn white at far distances
FIXED : Small visual glitch with M939 fuel truck
FIXED : US webbing and pistol belt armor/penetration values fixed

ADDED : 'Beach landing' bonus mission
CHNGD : Machine gun positions in 'Under the hill' moved forward
FIXED : 'Alone' ending in 'Clean Sweep 1' ended too quickly
FIXED : Officers in 'Revenge' were running around with no uniform
FIXED : Waypoints in 'Chinook' are now correctly activated

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Next update


ADDED : APS Pistol
ADDED : Even more FIA uniform texture variants
ADDED : L1A1 rifle
ADDED : MERDC camo for some US vehicles
ADDED : Mini Cooper, courtesy of vilas
ADDED : MT-LB variants (Repair, MedEvac, SA-13) for USSR and FIA factions
ADDED : Skoda Rapid, courtesy of vilas
ADDED : Static Konkurs ATGM
ADDED : Upon request - OH-58. Be warned: It's anything but streamlined, optimized or beautiful
CHNGD : Completely new FIA uniforms and textures
CHNGD : Completely reworked M72 LAW model from CWR2 with new animations unfolding and workable front and rear sights.
CHNGD : Reworked RPG-75 projectile so its more accurate. Hits closer to where you aim instead of falling short often.
CHNGD : Various rifle optics tweaks
FIXED : Patrol boat crew/cargo leaving now in a more orderly manner
FIXED : Soviet M1984 uniform


If you run into problems, please don't hesitate to report them. Here in the thread, at our Discord channel, in Steam comments or direct message. Whatever you prefer to use.



I'm aware that  finding people is tricky but we really could need some helping hand(s). If you can help us with models, their configs and textures. Please get in touch with me. 🙂


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Thanks again for this awesome mod, damn that Cobra is the best looking chopper in Arma!


I have a small suggestion, with Arma being Arma on Battlefields II it appears the AI can see though the fog and shoot at enemies not visible to the player. Setting the fog to 0.2 still keeps the fog but means the player can see these enemies. Tested with required mods plus a mod to enable developer console only, I hope this info is some use.

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Mini Cooper and Trabant are very good models even the Bus, yes is aged, but surprisingly good

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Posted (edited)

Good point. I've kept the mission settings as they were in OFP/CWR² but while editing the CWC Campaign files I noticed that the fog is often too dense. Will change it to max. 0.25 or even 0.2 in the next missions update.


We need help, seriously

Someone who can add/replace machine guns to a helicopter model (or two). Needs model editing as well as config work

* Someone who can edit mission cutscenes and intros. Most campaign scenes are broken because the animations used in Arma2 are no more present.

Please contact me if you can help. 🙂


Update April, 21

ADDED : Bicycle now has lights (thanks Urban)
ADDED : Land Rovers for the FIA
ADDED : M67 Recoiless rifle
ADDED : M76 helmet for the FIA
ADDED : Option to enable/disable Spotlight in Addon Options (thanks Freddo)
ADDED : Soviet M83 Uniform
ADDED : T-64B and BV tanks (thanks vilas)
ADDED : UAZ-451 (thanks vilas)
FIXED : Duplicate grave objects removed
FIXED : Motorcycle lights (thanks Urban)
FIXED : No more modern glasses (or any glasses at all)

Edited by W0lle
Update content added
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Just wanted to say "thank you" to W0lle and all the CWR3 team and contributors for continous updates! You guys are doing amazing job with this mod, and keeping it free for anyone to play.

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I want THANK YOU W0lle and CWR3 team as well!


I just loaded up the editor and nearly shed many tears seeing Victor Troska!!! I hope we see a followup mission where Victor has NEW adventures. I don't want to spoil the CWC RESISTANCE CAMPAIGN for those who never played it.


Can I have a request : Someone PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE port ESCAPE over to CWR3?!


So we have the NATO team - try to escape from Guba, and vice versa, Guba and his team escaping NATO but only with CWR3 period setting weapons, gear and vehicles on CWR3 and CUP CWC MAPS!


It would help revitalize CWR3 in the ARMA 3 community until the campaign is done!


Lastly, PLEASE advise at least the separated NATO and Russian gear lists (weapons, AI classes and vehicles) so we can hack up a quick test mission for ESCAPE?!



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