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  1. I quick follow of my results with my new laptop incase it is of interest to anyone thinking of buying a similar laptop. Spec: Acer Nitro 5 i7-8750H GTX 1050 8GB 2666 DDR4 (fastest supported) 128GB SSD + 1TB HDD (Windows + Arma on SSD) YAAB: Vanilla Arma 3, only changed graphics preset, didn't use the build in "Standard" setting in YAAB. 2 runs conducted at each setting. Ultra: 29.7 / 29.6 V High: 30.3 / 32.2 High: 34.6 / 35.3 Standard: 36.8 / 39.5 Low: 44.9 / 43.4 Elevating the laptop about 1cm made a big difference in cooling and stopped any throttling. Soon I will up the RAM to 16GB and see how well it can run a dedicated server and two headless clients.
  2. Thanks @Valken and @Tankbuster for your replies, I bought the laptop. I guessed it would be around mid settings, once I’ve reinstalled windows I will find out. It does come with an SSD which I understand is PCI, Unfortunately it’s only 128GB. There’s is also a SATA hardrive which I will swap to an SSD. In in terms of memory it has 8GB of 2666MHZ which I plan to swap to 16GB. The machine will have a secondary use as a dedicated server / headless client. I will use faster ram if supported. It’s a slightly odd spec and probably why I was able to get a good deal. The GTX1050 from what I’ve read can’t handle AAA games although very few AAA games actually interest me. The 1050TI option would have better resale value. Thanks again EDIT: Just Googled the SSD model number and it’s a M.2 drive.
  3. I’ve been offered a good deal on a laptop with an i7-8750H and GTX 1050. How well it would run at 1920x1080? What sort of detail settings are realistic? Thanks for your time and advice
  4. NinjaRider600 I have a small contribution I wish to make. By editing some of the files I have managed to get all vanilla artillery working in HETMAN NR6 including the DLC's. Ive listed all the changed lines below including the original line commented out. Its done by simply editing the default RHQ's except for the Sochor. Previously the Scorcher and Sochor both used the same ammo. At some point BIS changed this thus preventing HETMAN from utilising the Sochor hence I have removed the Sochor and added it as addon artillery. Im sure a more elegant solution exists for the Sochor. Best Regards Mack EDIT: Here is a download link for the edited files: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ZLEwipEepXiZW5nSnO-3kkKNa0y4ipu9/view?usp=sharing VarInit.sqf //RydHQ_Mortar_A3 = RHQ_Mortars + ["i_mortar_01_f","o_mortar_01_f","b_g_mortar_01_f","b_mortar_01_f"] - RHQs_Mortars; //Original line above, new mortars added RydHQ_Mortar_A3 = RHQ_Mortars + ["i_mortar_01_f","o_mortar_01_f","b_g_mortar_01_f","b_mortar_01_f","b_t_mortar_01_f","o_g_mortar_01_f","i_g_mortar_01_f"] - RHQs_Mortars; //RydHQ_SPMortar_A3 = RHQ_SPMortars + ["o_mbt_02_arty_f","b_mbt_01_arty_f"] - RHQs_SPMortars; //Original line above, Removed Sochor and added Pacific Scorcher. Sochor is added as mod artillery in init.sqf RydHQ_SPMortar_A3 = RHQ_SPMortars + ["b_mbt_01_arty_f","b_t_mbt_01_arty_f"] - RHQs_SPMortars; //RydHQ_Rocket_A3 = RHQ_RocketArty + ["b_mbt_01_mlrs_f"] - RHQs_RocketArty; //Original line above, added Pacific Sandstorm and MRL RydHQ_Rocket_A3 = RHQ_RocketArty + ["b_mbt_01_mlrs_f","b_t_mbt_01_mlrs_f","i_truck_02_mrl_f"] - RHQs_RocketArty; RHQLibrary.sqf RYD_WS_Art_class = [ "b_mbt_01_arty_f", //Line below added - Pacific Scorcher "b_t_mbt_01_arty_f", //Line below removed. Sochor added to init.sqf as mod artillery // "o_mbt_02_arty_f", "b_mbt_01_mlrs_f", //Line below added - Pacific Sandstorm MLRS "b_t_mbt_01_mlrs_f", //Line below added - MLR "i_truck_02_mrl_f", "i_mortar_01_f", "o_mortar_01_f", "b_g_mortar_01_f", "b_mortar_01_f", //Mortars added below "b_t_mortar_01_f", "o_g_mortar_01_f", "i_g_mortar_01_f" ]; RYD_WS_Static_class = [ "i_gmg_01_a_f", "i_gmg_01_f", "i_gmg_01_high_f", "i_hmg_01_a_f", "i_hmg_01_f", "i_hmg_01_high_f", "i_mortar_01_f", "i_static_aa_f", "i_static_at_f", "o_gmg_01_a_f", "o_gmg_01_f", "o_gmg_01_high_f", "o_hmg_01_a_f", "o_hmg_01_f", "o_hmg_01_high_f", "o_mortar_01_f", "o_static_aa_f", "o_static_at_f", "b_g_mortar_01_f", "b_gmg_01_a_f", "b_gmg_01_f", "b_gmg_01_high_f", "b_hmg_01_a_f", "b_hmg_01_f", "b_hmg_01_high_f", "b_mortar_01_f", "b_static_aa_f", "b_static_at_f", //Mortars added below "b_t_mortar_01_f", "o_g_mortar_01_f", "i_g_mortar_01_f" ]; Sochor as "addon" artillery in init.sqf: RydHQ_Add_OtherArty = [ [["o_mbt_02_arty_f","o_t_mbt_02_arty_ghex_f"],["32Rnd_155mm_Mo_shells_O","2Rnd_155mm_Mo_Cluster_O","2Rnd_155mm_Mo_guided_O","6Rnd_155mm_Mo_smoke_O",""]] ];
  5. @NinjaRider600 Great to hear ZBE is being improved. Unfortunately I won't have access to my "test rig" for about a week, after that I will do some testing. Ive found Zeus to be very useful when testing ZBE cache, I can fly around and see it working away from player units. The snag I've seen previously is units being uncaching inside rocks, Ive seen a perfect V formation caused by the squad leader passing between two huge rocks.
  6. @NinjaRider600 I hope all is well now. The support options are great news, my friends have requested that feature during play testing.
  7. Hey NinjaRider600, Ive done some further testing with the transport system with AI on the server and on a headless client including human squads, human players as squad leaders and human squad members. I'm happy to report it appears very robust provided the squad and chopper are on the same headless client or the server. The only "issue" is as a human squad leader you have to order one of the units to get out twice and then rejoin the squad, a very easy work around. I will also test the transport system as a human pilot. The only other headless client related snag I've discovered is the artillery which as mentioned before must remain on the server to work. From a mission designer perspective if this could be fixed it would be very useful as headless client support could be implemented by simply offloading all units from a side to a headless client without having to individually exempt artillery units. I understand this might be going down the rabbit hole again but if your up for looking into it as always I am happy to test. Mack EDIT: Tested with human pilot and AI squad, both on server and HC. Glad to report its working with only a minor snag that can be solved with a simple workaround. The Load task disappears a few seconds after being received, this could make it difficult to tell where you should land to pick up the squad. The workaround is to go to the map screen and click on the completed task, this will centre the map on the pickup location. Hope this is some use.
  8. I’m not surprised! I tried learning SQF and found it a very frustrating and time consuming experience. It’s great seeing all the new features and fixes in HETMAN.
  9. Thats absolutely awesome, thank you! I need to do some in-depth testing but so far it's running well. The only issue I've noticed is if the crew boarding the chopper and the chopper are on different Headless Clients occasionally the helicopter will take off before they are able to board. To be fair I can at least use two headless clients with my mission now. Thanks again for your dedication in getting this working, by my count you have made 9 different betas!
  10. I can test with ACEX as well if it’s of use to you. Im using Whertles to avoid if possible having any depencies in my missions. That and between my computers I’ve got 10 decent cores with which I’m hoping to see just how many AI I can get running smoothly across multiple headless clients.
  11. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1uAjm7fobRDVQ82c5yq_gyrgLIzky89mj/view?usp=sharing When starting the mission I usually select the Civilian slot. As long as you're a logged in Admin you should have Zeus with all units added as well. Both handing off groups to the HC using Whertles script and starting HETMAN need to be done manually from the Console which again is available if your a logged in admin. To start Whertles script execute one of the following globally in the console: This will offload everyone apart from the leader group: [true,30,true,false,10,3,true,["LeaderHQ"]] execVM "WerthlesHeadless.sqf"; This will keep the Helicopters on the server and offload everything else: [true,30,true,false,10,3,true,["LeaderHQ","_Heli_"]] execVM "WerthlesHeadless.sqf"; This will keep the troops on the server and offload the choppers: [true,30,true,false,10,3,true,["LeaderHQ","Soldier","soldier","medic","HeavyGunner,","Sharpshooter","sniper","spotter"]] execVM "WerthlesHeadless.sqf"; Theres an action menu item added to all units to view the offloading progress, usually takes a few minutes. I wait until its done and then execute HETMAN and monitor via ZEUS. Watch the units move from the airbase to FOB west. Delete the OPFOR choppers if you don't want them to be landing under fire. Theres probably a far more efficient way of doing this but with my lack of scripting knowledge its the best I've come up with so far.
  12. Only did a very quick test of each however there's no change at the moment. Is it worth considering including Headless client management within HETMAN? For example distributing units to the HC's before executing HETMAN and then reassigning back to the server when needed for transport missions? While not perfect (lots of simultaneous transport missions could still overload the server) it might be a more reliable method.