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  1. Mack.

    Cold War Rearmed III

    Just played through the campaign and I really enjoyed it. Missions and assets are high quality (I like the tweaks to but Incursion!) I just have a couple of queries. I noticed the spec ops are equipped with a tool kit by default but I can't figure out what for, I am unable to defuse explosives or repair vehicles. Am I missing something? Thanks again for this awesome mod.
  2. The CSLA units have an awesome drag body option in the scroll wheel menu. It is possible to add this to non DLC units while the DLC is loaded? Thanks
  3. Update on the above, with the latest CSLA patch the grenade on a stick trap is working with CUP.
  4. Thanks for the reply Chairborne. When I noticed the issue I started testing each mod I normally use individually until I narrowed it down. CUP Weapons requires CBA however I have tested CBA on its own and the issue isn't present. Loading CUP weapons on its own (ignoring the CBA dependancy and the resultant error messages) still produces the problem. For a quick test for SOG drop down Men (MACV-SOG) --> Demolitions and for CSLA drop down Men (Special Forces) --> Saboteur. I have also reported it to the SOG and CSLA teams. I hope this info is of some use, as always thanks for the awesome mod.
  5. My apologies if its already been mentioned but i have discovered an incompatibility between CUP weapons and explosives in the SOG and CLSA DLC's. With CUP weapons loaded it's no longer possible to use the breaching charge in SOG or the grenade on a stick on CLSA. I hope this info might be of some use, thanks for the awesome mods.
  6. Mack.

    Cold War Rearmed III

    Thanks again for this awesome mod, damn that Cobra is the best looking chopper in Arma! I have a small suggestion, with Arma being Arma on Battlefields II it appears the AI can see though the fog and shoot at enemies not visible to the player. Setting the fog to 0.2 still keeps the fog but means the player can see these enemies. Tested with required mods plus a mod to enable developer console only, I hope this info is some use.
  7. Mack.

    Cold War Rearmed III

    Thanks to the CWR team! Its great to play the old missions again.
  8. I get the same issue as well. edit: Just want to say FASTER is by far the best way to manage a dedicated server.
  9. Same here, I have made a short cut to the directory to speed things up. Now I think about its easy enough to write bat file to automate the process.
  10. Just wanted to say thanks, FASTER has saved so much time messing around with the command line and text editors
  11. Thanks for the reply. Windows Event Viewer reported FASTER.DLL was missing in the temp directory. In the end I just deleted the AppData\Local\Temp\.net\FASTER directory and ran FASTER again. It rebuild all the DLL's and is now working again. Ive saved a copy of the folder and the DLL'S to be sure.
  12. Thanks for the reply Rockapes. I have updated to the latest windows version and checked I have the latest release of FASTER unfortunately I am getting the same result, no error code to work from. Should there be a DLL file in the FASTER zip? I only have faster.exe and faster.pdb
  13. Ive run FASTER once however now when I try to run it after answering yes to the 'do you want to allow this app from an unknown publisher to make changes to your device?' prompt nothing happens. Any ideas how I can fix this? running windows 10 if it makes a difference.
  14. In the end I figured it out. I had made a typo in the mod path on the server so ACE wasn't actually loading.