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  1. Fantastic work overall, NinjaRider. I have to say after fiddling for so long with HAL that finding your edit has saved me so many headaches. Everything from unit caching to group names in the radio you've managed to fix nearly every gripe I had with HAL. So thanks for that. Naturally I have a question to ask though. 😉 Is there any simple way you could imagine to make it so the BFT updates faster (every X seconds for example) without messing with the leader's cycles too much or having to rewrite the entire BFT block in 'HAC_fnc2.sqf'? I'm partial to a delay on the info but the cycles just take a bit too long for my taste. Any insight on how I could go about changing would be much appreciated.
  2. If I recall correctly the author of ASR AI had a means of restricting the AI's vision based on weather conditions. You might want to take a look at his PBOs.
  3. First off LAxemann I just want to say that your modding attitude of making small changes to increase immersion has made my ArmA experience all the much better and I want to thank you for that. I have basically every mod you've released in my load order because there's really little to no reason not to have them. Regarding the night vision, if I understand correctly you're using fog to fade the image out when NV is equipped and it seems to achieve the desired effect as far as making far objects impossible to see. But watching the video I feel like the distance at which things should be completely unviewable needs to be further out, like two to three hundred meters further out, and that there's a lot more factors at play than just a loss of vision at a set point. At distances leading up to the no-sight threshold it seems like there's more blurring and more prominent light bloom, both of which are factors in vision. Do you have any post-processing experience in modding? I feel like you could achieve a very similar and therefore much more realistic image using some blur and bloom effects coupled with what you have now. These are the results I got from turning my blur and bloom video options up: http://imgur.com/a/p1rlF#1. There's two images in that link in case you're using Hover Zoom or whatever. I'd also recommend seeing if you can make it so equipping NVGs decreases the player's FOV by ten to fifteen or so degrees. It'd give a small zoom effect but I feel like the lost sense of awareness could really add the realistic feel you get when wearing these kinds of devices. An alternative would be decreasing the visible area of the game's current NVG overlay. I don't know how far you plan on going with this concept but you could really make some worthwhile results if you try to replicate the video's image entirely. Oh, by the way an overcast level greater than ~80 seems to break the fog functions. I don't know if anything can be done about that.
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    ASR AI 3

    Gotcha. Thanks for the consideration man.
  5. PivMan

    ASR AI 3

    Hey Robalo. I have to say the customization options make this easily the best AI mod on the block. Big kudos for making my missions that much more realistic. Is there any way you can make the odds of a unit throwing a grenade configurable? I'd love it if AI used grenades more as my crap CPU doesn't like a lot of high powered vehicles on the battlefield. Also what are the chances of allowing AI to pop flares at night? I can't run MP so I rarely ever get to see them unless I fire them which defeats the purpose of NVGs. Sorry if this has already been suggested and replied to, the thread is a tad big. I don't mean to hound you or anything I just love the mod so much I'd like to see it improved. I literally sat down and compared it to GL5, R3F's mod, bCombat, and FFIS in multiple engagement scenarios and yours won pretty easily because of the configuration, smoke usage, building usage, and no BS setup.
  6. Gotcha. Thanks for the consideration man.
  7. Oh, wow. I was just looking for this too because I wanted to check it out. New interface is pretty sexy man. Can confirm it works with the latest AGM and TFAR. Unfortunately I couldn't find it in the Virtual Arsenal. This is probably because the latest AGM broke adding items through it for some reason so it's probably not in your control. I had to force it with addItem. I also couldn't link it to my GPS slot, and had to just use it straight from the inventory. Don't know if that was intentional or not. Is there any way you could upload a version that replaces the vanilla GPS entirely? As in use a script that detects it on load and replace it like how AGM did with bandages? I love the GPS much more than vanilla but the vanilla one is more practical to use (obviously) and there's nothing stopping my buddies from just using the vanilla one in COOP. I'd also like to be able to find them on AI and use the good old CTRL+M to bring it up. Binding the custom action to it doesn't seem to work. Is this out of the realm of possibility? Because my immersion would hit the roof if it was.
  8. Gotcha. I guess CivPop couldn't actually be unlimited then. I'll take a look at DAC for Flashpoint. Big thanks.
  9. Are you sure about the idle units and CPU? I'm using a laptop grade i3 and haven't had any issue with a ton of civilians walking around the island. Combat is a whole 'nother story, but two waypoints with large placement radii per unit ran fine. I guess it's good to cut back as much as possible though. Anyway, I'd never been sure if units created via script could exceed the group limit. What does the game do if you exceed it in-game? Just crash or something? There must be some kind of workaround in place if CivPop is able to handle hundreds of civilians doing their own thing. I'll be sure to look into CoC, but isn't DAC an ArmA 2 add-on? Or was it ported to it or am I all sorts of wrong?
  10. I had actually never considered that kind of an approach. I didn't encounter much if any FPS loss when I had a ton of AI existing because they were all in a near idle manner. All they did was repeat a waypoint, and only got into what was considered combat when a Western soldier approached and they ran for the hills. The whole setup wasn't very CPU taxing, as long as they weren't being rendered in large amounts, and there was maybe twenty planned at most per town in Everon. Wouldn't that kind of an approach involve scripting though? Do units spawned via script even count towards group total? If yes, then that may be my answer, as CivPop didn't do things in the manner I'd like them. A potential issue with that would be keeping it MP compatible, as I plan on using this mission for.
  11. Hey. Big thanks for responding. Really appreciate it. The mission I'm working on is a dynamic, explorable world. I have a big agenda for it, and that agenda unfortunately includes Resistance forces being hostile to everyone. Just about every faction is at play here. So I can't exploit another group for units any more than I already am. As for the script, it could very well be a fix for taking up Russian tickets, I'll have to test it. And Kenoxite's script looks like it'd do the trick as well. Thanks for the help, man. I'll get back to you with the result. Edit: Forgot. A sure fix though would be getting the addon I posted to work. After some testing and such, the addon does indeed load (I can spawn the new civilian units) and is working to the extent it can, but the group limit is the only thing not changing. There's no documentation at all on it. Would I maybe have to reference it in a file header or something? Make a target with some settings or...? Any idea? Another Edit: Alright, so I opened the PBO and found a lone .cpp file. Here's what Visual C++ gave me: I don't know about you, but I can't say I see anything I would assume would pertain to increasing that unit cap. All I see is the civilian feature. Could it just be a case of false advertising? Yet Another Edit: Thought about it a bit. I think it was actually a case of really, really bad German translated context. By adding soldiers from one faction to another, you could theoretically triple the amount of units of that faction that can be created. The description sort of claims this, but also claims it physically changed the actual limit. Whatever. I guess it's useful. Anyway, I get to work testing that stuff out now. Thanks for the help again.
  12. Kind of a wall of text but hear me out please. Hey there, kinda new to getting involved with the OFP community and modding the game in general. I have a decent amount of experience in vanilla Flashpoint, but in regards to addons and the like, I'm pretty cherry. Anyway, I'm working on a scenario in the mission editor that is basically an open world ghillie sniper sandbox, with civilian populated towns and commuting villagers all on the island of Everon. I won't bore you with details but I really want to get this done because it could very well be the best experience I have yet to have in this game. My main issue is the whole 63 group limit per side crap. By exploiting groups and such I was able to make civilians walk around in an idle manner and react to western forces and firefights. This caused for some really cool situations and added a whole new breath of life to Everon. The problem is that in order to make them behave this way, I had to do the 'never spawning Russian leader' alliance exploit and tweak the fleeing settings. Then I added some waypoints with a placement radius on some casual settings and some timeouts and boom, they walk around like regular people. It looks great, but the problem is that each civilian counts as one group, and placing them in a group together stops them from acting independent. As you can imagine, making towns realistically populated hits the 63 mark pretty quick. And what's worse is that due to the leader exploit, these groups are actually counting towards the Russian group tickets. So I can't even add any enemies. After hours of scouring the internet, I found this: http://mapfact.armed-assault.de/Archiv/include.php?path=content/download_eng.php&contentid=161 I screamed like a girl because this is exactly what I need. The issue is, I stuck it in the addons folders for OFP, Res, and FFUR (I'm running FFUR 2.5 on this map, in case that's a factor), but when I load the game (through a standard OFPRES shortcut with an edited target to include FFUR 2007) I see nothing different in the editor, and when I try to preview a map with a ton of groups, it still prevents me because of the limit. Is there something I could be doing wrong? Perhaps reference something? Because I also have a gore addon in all those folders and that doesn't seem to work either. Not even in regular OFPRes, as well as the limit remover. I would love to hear it, because I really need this. Or if anyone has a script that would remove the need for this group crap or any other workaround that'd be great too.
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    BF2: Project Reality 1.0

    About time. The .98 update made me crap my pants until I realized it wasn't 1.0. Can't wait for the dynamic sound system.