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  1. Damian90


    This might be usefull for future as a reference for BWMod. Pictures of new Leopard 2A7V tanks in Heer service.
  2. @Alwarren There seems to be such bug popping up right now: It's DEV version of course.
  3. @mondkalb It seems that now tanks do not have loaders. Its a bug?
  4. The new M113's are in the new, how to name it? Cathegory in the editor, which is not named and this cause some sort of error? New M113's are not in APC's cathegory.
  5. @Alwarren 1. There seems to be bug with new M113 APC class in editor, in Dev branch. 2. Side note, M1A2SEPv3, should be written without space, so instead M1A2 SEPv3, it should be M1A2SEPv3 which is consistent with US Army naming convention. However even in official documents it's sometimes written with space. Sorry for being nitpicky. 😉
  6. Damian90

    Cold War Rearmed III

    Ah yeah, you are right, I am using CUP Dev branch. This probably is the cause.
  7. Damian90

    Cold War Rearmed III

    @W0lle I identified the bug in M1 and M1A1. It's wrong coax ammo entries, CUP changed ammo belts used in M1 coax. Instead of what is now, you should use "CUP_2800Rnd_TE4_Red_Tracer_762x51_M240_M".
  8. Damian90

    Cold War Rearmed III

    Yes I am certain. Problem most likely is the same as in CUP some time ago. It's problem with used coax and coax ammunition config entries.
  9. Damian90

    Cold War Rearmed III

    @W0lle It seems that M1/M1A1 tanks do not have coax MG ammo. There might be more of such problems due to changes in CUP. Perhaps it's worth to consider replacing old CUP Abrams models with new ones sooner due to these problems?
  10. Thanks. 🙂 Yeah, funny enough I even have somewhere a photo of a soldier with official manual titled "M1A2SEPv3". Pity I can't find this photo.
  11. By the way, you should change M1A2C to M1A2SEPv3. This is because M1A2C was just a proposal of some politician from US defence commitee. US Army rejected this new designation system because it was too similar to export variants designation system like M1A2S or M1A2K. All official documents designate new Abrams variant as M1A2SEPv3, also official manuals designate it as M1A2SEPv3 and not M1A2C.
  12. @Chairborne It seems there is problem in CUP dev, M60 tanks do not have coax mg ammo.
  13. Damian90

    Cold War Rearmed III

    @W0lle Thanks very much, appreciated!
  14. Damian90

    Cold War Rearmed III

    @W0lle Might I suggest something? Can you add sidearms for tank/vehicle crews? Especially US ones as they have holsters with their vests. Anyway, CWC campaign is great fun! Congrats!
  15. Damian90

    Cold War Rearmed III

    @W0lle Fantastic release!