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  1. flv*venom*

    Project RACS

    @wld427 You, and with that, the Royal Army Corps of Sahrani has come a long way from the M60-2000 to this gorgeous thing of beauty. (not that the inital tank was ugly, after all it realy exists. It's just that this one looks so much like a natural evolution of the M60) In some strange way "Arma" as much as it was a totaly weird and what felt like for a lack of a better word "Kitbashed" game on release, its two minor factions have become among the most interesting ones in the whole franchise. Come to think of it, the fictional factions all have their special charme. But still, thanks to your dedication over all the time, RACS and SLA stand out as they are the only ones with proper full flegded TOEs and thanks to your team, awesome backstories. can't wait for the mod to come out, since I've already booked a flight back to Paraiso 😉
  2. flv*venom*

    Cold War Rearmed III

    OH MY GOD! YeeeeeaaaaahaaaaaW!!!!! welcome back wolle! That is the best News I've read in a whole while! Best of luck with the Project. only one Question remains: will the Cobra make a comeback? I don't want to Sound rude to those who invested their time into turning the AH1Z into an older model, but None of them managed to create a realistic and gorgeous one like the one from cwr2 .
  3. Hello to all! Let me get directly to the Point: I wanted to edit the original Eastwind Campaign, you know, add a few units here, replace a loadout there...That does even work, at least, as long as I extract the missions to a seperate file, and leave out everything script based. This ofcourse Limits you to working exclusively with what's already on the map or to place them by yourself. That way I was able to create a working playable campaign without errors poping up. Now, I wanted to Change a few Things within the "skirmish POI" files. (After all, there are so many cool addons out there, and beeing limited to only use them when they're handplaced is a bit boring). Now to my newest attempt. I can't get the damn thing to show up in the campaign menu in game. I so far changed Nothing (apart from giving the campaign a different name to distinguish it from the vanilla one), simply extracted the files with Eliteness and renamed the main folder from "missions_f_epa" to "eastwind_retold" and repacked it, put it in a folder named "@TEST" and inside said folder, I created another folder named "Addons" I say again, at this point, I haven't changed anything inside the "eastwind_retold" folder. but nothing happens. Putting "eastwind_retold" in a campaigns folder, causes it to display an error about a mssing ".ext" file. So, I am a bit puzzled, and help would be much welcome 😄
  4. flv*venom*

    Project RACS

    I just love this mod. really, it when it's released, it will be a dream come true. Only, I miss the Socat so much. Damn the SLA for shooting them all down 😞. I do have a rather strange question, and it is only that, a Question and in no way shape or form anything else: I assume the lore behind the current iteration of the mod is, that the two Sahranis are becoming devided again, right? Have you at any Point in time planed to update the map as well? I ask, because the United Sahrani terrain Looks a bit different from the original one (TV Station etc).
  5. Hello CUP Team, first let me congratulate you on your awesome mod, it really has become the most comprehensive "one stop shop" solution in the Armaverse! A big salute to all involved, Donators, scripters, all contributors really. I do want to ask, if it is possible to add an AAF variant of the KMW Dingo 2 to the game, I feel that it would fit the MRAP role much better than the Fennek. Now, I know that it isn't exactly polite to ask for such things, but please believe me, I tried to create a retexture myself. I just don't have the slightest of skills required to succeed here. Many thanks for all the fun toys, CUP Team!
  6. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, can we undo this? Maybe by writing "gnisaeler etadpu eht si nehW" ? Guys, I am super excited about what CUP has become. It practically is a "what else would you need?!" mod. Of Course in large parts thanks to the kind donations by so many gifted members of this community, but no less also because of your continued hard work... many thanks for your dedication and commitment.
  7. flv*venom*

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    hello guys and gals, quick Question: how do I get the attachments (grippod etc) to properly function on the ai? I mean, when I equip an AI with a rifle and one of the attachments, they don't Change the handanimation to as if they're Holding the grippod or whatever attachment. It works flawless on my own unit, just not on the AI. many many thanks by the way for the insane (in a positive way) mod you created!
  8. flv*venom*

    NIArms Release Thread

    Many thanks for your reply! I admit, I feel like a complete idiot, I totally forgott about the seperate files 😄 Thanks again for all the time and dedication you spend giving the community such excellent addons!
  9. flv*venom*

    NIArms Release Thread

    Thank you for your answer, I just did a quick check in the Arsenal, but the RHS grips neither show up as attachments nor can I attach one after removing it from a RHS rifle, so it is either me doing something wrong (wouldn't be the first time) or it is not yet fully implemented. Oh well, it was a nice Dream 😄
  10. flv*venom*

    NIArms Release Thread

    Howdy all, I just wanted to quickly ask something: I noticed while looking through the configs for the G36s that there are several "handgrip" variants already defined. The one thing they lack however, are the models for said grips. Is there something planed along the line of let's say "a universal handgrip addon"? something like RHS has in place? I mean, it would be super cool. Okay, yes I realize I am getting annyoing. But one more thing I wanted to know: With the addition of the magwellproxy it turns out, the G36 MLI(c)s Adapter is a bit too large, will this be looked at in the future, or should I rather not hope for that? I know that Toadie is packed full with work and requests etc. So if not, then it's okay too, since we already got so much toys from this genius of guns 🙂
  11. flv*venom*

    East Wind Rearmed

    I don't want to pressure you or Sound demanding, I just thought the BPz would make the package a bit more "complete" if that makes sense 🙂. As with regards to the Gorgon/Pandur II I imagine your addons for a much broader timeframe than just 2015, more like even throughout the Altian civil war. If I remember correctly, during the missions that take place in this period (from Tac Ops) the FIA uses captured Gorgons, so my own Interpretation is, at some point in the early/mid 2020s the AAF started to modernize its fleet/forces and the losses it suffered during the conflict sped up that process. I said it once, I'll say it again: thank you so much for your addons 🙂
  12. flv*venom*

    East Wind Rearmed

    absolutely awesome addon! Many many thanks for releasing it. I already have tons of ideas of what to do with these guys, one question however: would you consider adding a reskinned version of the Bergepanzer aaaaand Maybe even the "strider/gorgon"? I know it sounds silly, but for a let's say "transitional period" scenario it may add a nice touch. But, if not, then not. What we got is already a huge box of toys. Many thanks again!
  13. flv*venom*

    PRACS: SLA Faction 2017

    Forget about them! The single most important thing is the Mig-28! Seriously though, awesome work so far and a big thank you to the whole PRACS/SLA team! It realy was and is to this date the most complete set of fictional army the armaverse has had. Oh those sweet memories... eagerly awaiting his return to the Kingdom, venom
  14. Loving These units, the addon has a nice universal touch to it (as you would expect from black ops guys :D ) I often find myself using them as AAF spec ops, which leads me to my Question: Massi, do you think a true unmarked generic units pack covering military and law enforcement elements is possible? What I mean is something along the lines of: solid colored plate carriers (maybe tan and black) one with a police focused theme "police/swat" etc. It could then also be used as a PMC addon. I just wanted to get this question of my chest, I am happy with whatever you decide, as long as you continue giving us these great toys to play with :)
  15. Congrats on the release! I actually learned about this DLC a few hours before it was released, yet I was on board once I read, it featured a BW campaign. That's something I dreamed about for the longest time. And while I must admit, that the mission design could use some more love, I still very much enjoy the campaign. One thing I hope to see happen now is that more Cold War stuff gets released and that a standardization is implemented. I freakin' hate that every mod always reinvents the wheel instead of the community agreeing on a common ground. Maybe this DLC could lay the foundation for it...But I get off topic and too hopefull, i know. One thing I would like to see in the future, and this is actually semi serious, is the implementation of proper east german accents 😄 (Sorry if anyone feels offended, but the NVA just isn't the NVA without sächsisch or thüringisch).