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Arma 3: Community wishes & ideas- NO DISCUSSION

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New scoreboard for multiplayer, it should differentiate between Opfor & Blufor in two separate tables at the very least.

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Ability to fire personal weapons from rubber boats and helicopter doors.

Preset quick reaction actions when attacked or when waiting for extraction. Circular defensive perimeter for helo exfill, and prone on shore line/ river banks for boats.

Center peel to break contact.

Quick ambush deployment

A.I. pop smoke when suppressed.

A.I. deploy to roof top overwatch/ climb towers/ upperfloor windows of buildings.

Mission replay (if record isthe selected in advance)

Ability to shoot out all lights!

Command A.I. to use silenced weapons only.

Ability to climb over 5'walls

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Hi there :)

1 : I think the STEP OVER key could be modified into a MULTIPLE CONTEXT KEY - ie - kicking in doors - climbing over higher obstacles - drag fallen comrade (as presently this is REALLY awkward mixed up with first aid icon) - KNIFE STEALTH KILL (from behind if undetected - maybe HOLD KEY to avoid other action)

2 : FOR THE LOVE OF GODS give the soldiers Names instead of the APPALING "Oh.No.Six.is.Down" - "Move to house" (utterly MEANINGLESS in a built up area of any kind) - "Move to bush 6 O Clock" when you're in a forest!! - Also Why must they have robotic sentences , why not "DAMN IT STEPHENS IS DOWN !!" / " MAN DOWN, I THINK IT'S EVANS !! etc (The team icons at screen bottom ICONS themselves could immediately SHOW who Stephens/Evans is if you are in a large team - 12 guys say) - This robot talk was acceptable over TEN YEARS BACK with OP FLASH but C'mon !!

All this "MAN.200.3 O Clock" stuff is just crap (and has put off a couple of friends whom I've tried to convert who I KNOW would LOVE the game), but it sounds SO false and RUINS IMMERSION from second to second in game ( it probably seems like such a minor issue on a design document but in moment to moment play it's a constant jarring falseness.) - And also more Soldier Banter " FU*K ME THAT WAS CLOSE!! ANY ONE GOT A SPARE PAIR OF UNDERWEAR" / "NICEONE KAPUSCINSKI , YOU SAVED MY SKIN THERE MATE etc " would REALLY add to the experience (with enough phrase variations) As to the conversations with civvies etc - ROCKSTAR worked out These Randomized natural sounding conversations TEN YEARS AGO!! Also when receiving attention from the medic if you've taken a shot, as you're lying there have the guy TALK / BANTER TO YOU " you gonna be fine it's just a flesh wound in your arm" - Hold still !! Relax !! I gotta stitch this how can I do that with you Jiggin' all over !" - "Press here,hard, you gonna be fine son" etc like they do for real. And have the option in real dire cases to call in....

2a : MEDEVAC - in OFP there was a Medevac MOD where you got the guy on a stretcher and put him in a chopper (So not DEAD but out of the game/Mission ) - Also you could do some MEDIVAC missions in Single scenario section - Pilot, two medics and a Time limit/ even a 'Keep patient alive' "minigame" (for want of a better term.)

2b : I'm sorry to tell you this fellas but your music has ALWAYS BEEN TERRIBLE (in OFP this had a certain charm but now in ARMA II it's just an embarrassment klunky heavy rock riffs that convey nothing but low budget testosteronal glorification of war, should at least be timged with the horror and tragedy of what you must do -(Compared to the otherwise inferior in every way "OFP-DRAGON RISING" which had a great anthem) - so, why not "Appropriate" the only good ideas/things about that (otherwise rubbish game) (1) the music (2) The talking between troops and (3) finally the CONTROL SYSTEM - (your adding ANOTHER LAYER ON TOP in ARMA II was just plain AWFUL Design - Total confusion ! Sorry Chaps- I Say this out of TRUE LOVE for your game and wanting it to be the VERY BEST IT CAN BE. )

3 : You talk about UNDERWATER as if you are out of Environments everywhere else!!! when each time the next game (since 2002!!) comes out I'm wishing, hoping "PLEASE LET THEM HAVE SORTED OUT OUTDOORS/INDOORS FIGHTING" just small things like you RAISE your rifle (to turn round) when in a corridor instead of having to walk out backwards / use doorways to your advantage / Team garrison houses properly etc ( I realize that this is probably beyond the scope of the current title in discussion but would make a VAST difference.)

4 : MORE Realism OPTIONS FOR NEWBIES (such as RADAR/MINIMAP in TOP corner -it's no less fake than the "ENEMY.MAN.2 O Clock" appearing/disappearing Clockface, also PLEASE bring back the option screen For HUD/ ENEMY / ALLY / CROSSHAIRS etc from OFP / ARMA 1 ; I can't be the only one that REALLY MISSES IT (The more options the better- maybe a BASIC / ADVANCED OPTIONS button in "DIFFICULTY" section, the more choice the better. )

5 : Needless to say Animations for vehicle egress/ingress - opening/closing vehicle doors etc- Animations for putting on silencers / Rangefinder alteration and whatnot, and maybe when in STEALTH mode only use HAND SIGNALS.

That's all I can think of at the moment and it's very late, I want you to know that ALL these criticisms are only because I LOVE this GAME/SIM so much and has been my number one fave for over a decade, but there's still so much more you could do to improve upon such an ambitious and inspiring title - GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR NEW ITERATION ,



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A3 Weapon attachments should come with some "downside" like weight, time to put on and adjust (zero) them. Plus such small things shouldn't be indestructible at all...

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OOH, also , I forgot -:sorry::icon_redface:

1 : Why not use EUPHORIA??? animation engine - there can be no measure as to how much better this would make 'Real-looking' motion of EVERYTHING:pray:

2 : At night have Lights come on in some windows ( I know that anyone who's tried to implement this themselves before by putting lights inside buildings just end up lighting the whole building up like a Chinese paper lantern, but if you were to overlay the windows with luminous glass planes (say 30% come on random each evening) using the same 'lighting' applied to some objects : runway lights etc that don't actually illuminate but give the impression of doing so. plus smoke from some chimneys

( These seems like TINY things but would immeasurably add to a sense of a place being ACTUALLY INHABITED.) - it's the small touches like these that REALLY ADD to IMMERSION (and, I imagine, fairly easy to implement):shrug:

2a : PLUS - many more civilians in OPS areas, so you really have to THINK before you shoot or risk becoming a COURT MARTIALLED plain MURDERER :jail:. (a BIG challenge for Western/NATO troops in ALL major present combat theatres as to regarding R.O.E , differing per OP)

3 :MORE TOOL CHOICES IN THE BACKPACK (such as PLIERS to get you through certain types of fencing / KNIVES : Definitely stealth knife kills / TRIPWIRES - be they smoke/light or explosive, to form safe perimeters/distraction measures) all Backpack objects of course with weight/fatigue forfeits - I'm sure you community folks could come up with all kinds of useful items.

3a : PROPER CUSOMIZABLE GEAR, as has been much stated by so many ( AGOG on MP5 / Silencers / Shades for Bright days to reduce glare / Gas masks for chemical attacks (the below mentioned METRO 2033 did this Gas mask feeling Superbly) /

4 : PLEASE integrate the WATCH and COMPASS (look at wrist) into at least 1st person animations, plus getting out equipment (like GPS/ UAV / ARTY firemission kit) - (Example : in "METRO 2033" - I had really hoped that other developers seeing just how much Immersion interacting with your kit in this way could improve the feeling of being there in that environment and would begin to add their own versions of this feature to their own titles but so far no dice.:icon_wink:

5 : how about disorientation effects when near an explosion - blurred, disjointed vision - Temporary loss or heavy muffling and/or 'high pitch' retardation of use of hearing/Communications with team mates etc - Also you're wearing top grade body armour so when you get hit you shouldn't always require medic , just get knocked down, and again temporary loss of proper body control / perceptual disturbance ( of Varying degrees depending on severity of situation) until you regain your composure "Fuck,I'm down,but I think my KEVLAR took the brunt so gimme a second to get my shit together" etc. And certain lesser wounds you should be able to self administer first aid to ( " Gimme a minute, just fixing myself up, took one; grazed my calf" etc. -

5a : just a large repository of situationally specific team banter again would make a HUGE difference, that's how the real guys on the ground DEAL with all the HEAVY shit they have to deal with during harsh situations and could give each guy a characterization that has been entirely absent from ALL ARMA GAMES since maybe OFP:Resistances' Viktor, faceless, rootless, brainless Team mates that it's impossible to care about...all you need is a library of soundfiles (We're hardly short of memory space nowadays for such things - BAF was a great start in that direction) I want to work with Teammates that I'd actually MISS if they died.

6 : Ability to TOGGLE ZOOM when INSIDE Vehicles as well as in 3rd person, also I notice many folk have spoken on the subject of camera being far too far forward - not like looking out of face perspective at all and I can't help but agree ( When I'm playing in 1st person I have ZOOM constantly toggled out to at least help a bit with this) - and of course that old, old chestnut being able to shoot out of HUMVEE windows/ Helos etc with personal firearms.

6a : (cosmetic) damage applied to vehicles that have survived an encounter - maybe pop-able tyres cause vehicle to flip or just mess up handling given speed terrain etc.

7 More than anything though I'd LOVE to see you guys solve the problem of INDOOR / OUTDOOR combat : AI using buildings for their own ends etc - maybe even your team being able to storm rooms "Stack up" - This INDOOR / OUTDOOR combat would add immensely to the texture and pacing of missions (maybe this whole underwater thing is a tacit comment that the problem is insurmountable, as surely this should be worked into the Game /Sim first - as much as I look forward to surfacing in a submarine, scuba-ing into an enemy harbour to plant magnetized mines on their warships hulls in the midnight hour and GTFO unnoticed)

No doubt there's more I've forgotten (I've done a lot of dreaming about the possibilities of this game since 2002 when I first started to play it.)

Although these all seem like complaints (and are), does not mean that this is not still my NUMBER ONE GAME OF ALL TIME that I Passionately LOVE, and a warm Community that has shown other developers how it can be done rather than the just "Make it - Put it on shop shelves for two months - dump and forget and onto the next game model of game making ( Thousands are still passionate about OPERATION FLASHPOINT and still play it almost 12 YEARS LATER !!!! I know I still play it alongside ARMA -still makes my banana dance you might say!)

So these are some of my hopes for the GAME/SIM I Love - I can Keep on dreaming when most of these things fail to materialize (But, "hope springs eternal" fella say) LONG LIVE BOHEMIA!!!:yay:

AS YOU GROW PLEASE PLEASE DON'T GO ALL CORPORATE, with rooms full of GAME DESIGNERS but no GAMERS. Don't lose that CRAZY AMBITION that makes you so special.


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How about you stop using all those caps in your text? There is a lovely editor you can use to change the text so there is no need at all for so many caps.

§12) Do not type in all capital letters, all bold, or in a non-black font

Typing in all caps equates (according to standard net etiquette) to yelling. It is also difficult and obnoxious to read such posts. This also applies to posting all in bold or all in a certain font colour just to try to make your words stand out, if your point is interesting enough or well written enough it will stand out. You're welcome of course to use different colours for parts of your post if it helps clarify certain areas, but typing complete messages in any colour other than black should be avoided. Please refrain from non-standard fonts and/or font sizes as well please.

Infraction +1

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I need good perfomance. I don't need good graphics. "Good perfomance" means 60-100 FPS in heavy scenes with 200 players online. Just let me set my video settings as low as it possible, disabling new DX10(11) effects (especialy blur/bloom etc). Just give me choice between "Call of Duty" high perfomance mode with outdated graphics and "BI-style"-low perfomance modern graphics (sorry) and I WILL BUY your game.

Game should be responsible enough to react on different video settings, not like a2 when you set setViewDistance 200 and run some desert island with sand and few stones on very low settings and getting much-much lower FPS than CoD with much more complex BSP-map and bigger view distances with very high settings.

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Not really for arma 3 but just future arma in general but...

Have the small map (I.e. Stratis/Utes) be as large as Limnos(In A3) and the large map so to speak exponentially bigger.

Oh and maybe move the ai to CUDA cores on Nvidia gpu's. <-- is that possible?

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A official launcher would be nice to organize Beta patches, mods etc. :-)

and a support for modern 3d-software (3dsmax, Maya, motionbuilder, C4D, blender, modo and houdini) for modeling and Animation is a must have in my eyes ;)

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Not really a wish, but an inspirational Idea regarding weapons design.


Powered picatinny rail, with one common battery in the buttstock for all accessories on the gun. Would allow for even slimmer, but still powerful accessories like lights, lasers and active sights.

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Something that scans the immediate terrain around AI vehicles and stops them (especially tanks/AFVs') from attempting to climb impossibly steep gradients.

If a player tries to take an armoured vehicle up the side of a mountain then they should need a new engine and transmission every 30 seconds-so take at least one repair truck as well!

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A way of masking "mutliplayer" direct chat.

For example, let's say there are two teams, Takistani OPFOR and British BLUFOR. Both teams are played by players from the USA, so English is spoken. Okay, now that that's down, whenever each team speaks, the direct chat is replaced with the native language for the other side.

Okay, since that's a little confusing, here's an example. MOUT in a village between British BLUFOR and Takistani OPFOR.

A British BLUFOR player is walking down the street. The Takistani OPFOR players are hidden in houses, communicating with their fellow players in English, but all the British player hears the native language, Arabic/Persian (although they are random battle-related dialogues).

Likewise, for the OPFOR side. Whenever British soldiers speak, all a player on the Takistani OPFOR side hears is random English battle phrases.

Having multiplayer direct chat like this makes it hard for the enemy to listen to the other's shouted commands and would improve immersion, most importantly. It would make sense from a tactical point and an immersive point, as the average British or American soldier probably doesn't have a working language of Arabic or Persian, nor does the average Afghan or Russian have a working knowledge of English or French. It would also help the player locate enemy infantry.

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Better transition of the gun animation between walking and running. IE when walking, the gun is out, and when you go to run, there is a slight lag while the gun goes off screen. I hate to say this, but this game should use the walk to run gun transition like in Battlefield 3 (gun is on screen while running)

Better field of view in first person. There seems to be a pretty narrow view

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Better field of view in first person. There seems to be a pretty narrow view

Adding on to that, a FoV slider. Currently, the process of changing the FoV is quite convoluted and inaccessible.

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MDG ARMA3 Ideas 5 - 24 Sept 2012

- war paint. totally customizable war paint. you telling me I'd put on short sleeve camo and not cover my arms and face with paint/mud/anything available?

- more fieldcraft. ability to bury caches, build hides, e.t.c.

- better spatial positioning of sounds with regard to their verticle axis. on 2nd floor in firestation in chernogorsk

i heard the sound of someone moving on the metal stairs but couldnt tell if it was above or below me. the future will

yeild speaker systems for gamers with a number of units above and below the players viewpoint. support for this

is a good idea.

- sound engine needs work. sometimes one will hear 2 sniper round impacts but only one report and visa versa e.t.c. NOTE: this seems to be a rare occurence

- when closing doors use following mechanic: hold button to close door. whilst button is held door is closed gently. if button

is released before door is fully closed door is shut quickly making a louder sound.

- shots to a players backpack should damage items inside it and stand a chance to detonate relevant explosives.

- use information from this page to implement more realistic ballistics in-game http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/External_ballistics

another resource for ballistics is "Ballistics - Theory and Design of Guns and Ammunition BY

D. Carlucci AND S. Jacobson (CRC, 2008)" I don't speak russian/czech so haven't found a russian/czech equivalent but a skim

through that book will likely yeild a number of ideas for ballistics. that being said I find the ballistics in vanilla ARMA2 to

be excellent minus the fact that wind is missing (which ACE mod implements well)

- longer times to drop to the ground on harder surfaces such as cement vs grass and other softer surfaces with this variable being

overridden when taking fire

- levels of high freq sound (above 12k Hz) are too high. include an equalizer in audio options panel. yes it is a simulator. no,

causing damage to hearing is not necessary to maintain functional realism.

- in DAYZ the "unconscious" timer I feel is a good concept (being rendered very combat ineffective following traumatic injury) but

its implementation is not practical. i have been hit in the jaw by a trained martial artist very hard and a number of other things

but i was never rendered incapable of reacting let alone being knocked out by some skinny zombie running into me. you should

always be able to aim, fire and crawl in DAYZ. the timer as it is is just too irritating and after careful consideration not


- push/jostle mechanics i.e. character will automatically push/brush aside players/smaller objects in his/her way, fixing the "I can't

come down the stairs because you're standing on the stairs even though there's obviously enough space for me to pass you" issue

- ability to push vehicles (quietly) without having to start the engine. gear must be in neutral. gear selection available whilst in vehicles.

- autocad mechanical engineer has a system embedded in their software where materials have their physical properties packaged as

data along with the material object itself. any implementation of this concept into the (ARMA) game engine would open a new level

of realism including material deformation, realistic wear and tear of components, possible basic metalworking (DAYZ) e.t.c.

- regarding the prevention of "cheating" in online ARMA play and the related protection of the game (artworks) integrity;

battleye and whatever other "anti-cheat" mechanisms are in place at the time of the posting of this message are not working.

thermal as50's are the norm in dayz and to be able to kill someone from 1200 meters away through fog just doesn't go with the

spirit of the game.

everyone knows what items are/aren't legal. anyone carrying anything illegal should just be kicked. this cant be very hard to

program. kick with the message "you have been kicked for carrying _________ which is not a legal dayz/arma item etc. please do

not pick up such items in future as you will be kicked." otherwise simply delete the item and tell the player why.

add a log to all items showing where they were spawned. if they were not spawned by an official server then item gets deleted

with relevant message. all items are checked when player logs into game. you need to be harder on the cheaters because its

ruining the art for the rest.

- delays to prevent server hopping. once a player GUID has been logged onto a server for over 20 minutes he/she incurs a 10 minute

delay when/if he/she tries to switch to another server. similar delays or logout rituals to prevent alt f4'ing. this could be a

server option so the less serious players can still server hop.

- lasting footprints and other functional trackmarks. a skim through a book on (African) animal tracking should give some


- there needs to be more precision with hand grenades. players need to be able to roll a grenade across a floor or drop one round

the corner in front of them. i don't know how this can be achieved without distracting visual cues but it is an important

functional aspect. when throwing something one has an intuition as to where it will end up. any effort to bring this over to

the ARMA engine will be very welcome.

- the time it takes to switch weapons in ARMA2 is far too long. one should not have to be still in order to switch weapons.

- players need to be able to move/crawl/make their way through narrower gaps in the terrain. "rabbitrun" concept.

- this rifle - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CheyTac_Intervention

- 3rd person modified to only include direct LOS (line of sight) and nothing more i.e. grey out everything else. 3rd person is currently

the most unrealistic thing in ARMA

- transitioning from crouched to stood up and back takes too long. it should be possible to do this very quickly to pop over some

obstacle and peek i.e. in under 400ms

- when pinned down limbs not in use of the player should curl closer to cover/away from bullet impacts.

- ability to pick up and rethrow; smoke grenades, gas grenades, flares, chemlights etc. ability to kick these things too. separate key for "kick/rethrow".

- double-tapping "A" or "D" causes player to dive/jump/roll to nearest (within 3 meters) cover on Left or Right side. This would require a program constantly monitoring immediately available cover for the player and would increase immersion. Once in cover the player will have to relocate to the safe side of cover e.t.c.

- absolutely no more halting to change stance, switch weapon or throw grenades. Any automatic movement, posture change or halt of movement must be removed because it severely interferes

with the controllers autonomous decision-making process. All animations must be immediately and seamlessly interruptable with relevant consequences (dropping a magazine to switch weapons or interrupting a reload to go from prone to crouch posture e.t.c.). The engine is great as is, it just needs to be made more intuitive.

- vaulting should be faster and more context specific. When sprinting at a low fence, pressing vault key should make avatar leapfrog over fence with minimal effect on speed and direction of travel. similarly, when running at a low hole in a wall, pressing the vault key (or another key, or a combination of shift plus vault key) should lead the avatar to dive through the low hole as fast as possible.

- No more pausing to reload, switch weapons, switch stances, make it more fluid. Yes, it is a simulator, but it is also a FPS.

- permanent faces and physical characteristics in DAYZ will fix the humanity conundrum.

- having grass/foliage/concealment which renders on one players screen but not on another players screen (perhaps because of distance or graphic settings) is not an acceptable solution from a functional standpoint. Some program has to be devised which will provide the concealment without overtaxing the computer system, perhaps providing a functional version of that concealment to the players who are further away whilst sacrificing the aesthetic qualities of that concealment.

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Would love web-based mission editor for Arma3.

You could save the files to cloud and then transfer them ingame at home.

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Well, I'm sure everyone has seen the dance moves used in the song "

" by Psy. Please incorporate these dance moves into ArmA III, we need some new ones! Have some fun and mocap them! :D :yay: Edited by Nicholas

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It's probably been mentioned, but the ability to view configs and classnames within game would great

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* An option in the editor that allows the player to automatically fill up vehicles with passengers. It can be adjusted with a slider, so 75% of seats can be taken, 50% or 25%.

* Allow firearms held by infantry to be rendered useless if blown up or shot up.

Edited by Laqueesha

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I just thought that a facility to make videos (like an official gcam) would be very nice.

Then I thought of the incredible abilities of the engine...

Sure it's far fetched but think about something along the line of what valve is doing with its source engine: it's working on a hybrid 3dstudio/aftereffects in which you can edit everything, from lip sync, to pose, to lighting (sorry I don't have the link handy). All to produce a machinema video.

I think you could make lots of people happy and maybe think about some new business model with such a feature in place.

It's no small feat anyway...

But anyway even a decently working in game video director mode would be nice.

Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using Tapatalk 2

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Some kind of "task manager" from within the debugger. Should allow us to see all kinds of spawned processes and sort on whatever.

* Time of compilation (if applicable).

* Cycles used (total count since start).

* Cycles used per second.

* Memory allocated to the "process".

* Traceback name ("who" started the process).

* Status field, like: Running, precompiled, finished, waitUntil, whatever :p

Most of these cannot be done by any scripting function, so I'd like som kind of native support for this in the system. Debugging is alpha and omega once you get deep enough.

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Semi-transparent optics for weapons

Until now every weapon hides approx. 30-60% of players view-making *aimpoints (or long range scopes) and other aim helpers to cause more trouble than good.

Human vision doesn't let anything hidden because of Both eyes are open when using *aimpoints and other aim helpers (when the 1 eye IS focused to the *helper).

In VBS they seem to know that..

In ArmA* series we must constantly discover the wheel again and again...

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