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  1. Personally not a deal breaker to me. Every time i fly a jet in arma it bothers me. Flight model is poor. Weapon employment is poor. Low visibility(12km if you can manage it is less than a Aim-9X's effective range) Also CAS and CAP aircraft have to be majorly gimped in order to make the game playable/fun for other units. I mean what would be the fun in driving your tank column for 35 minutes being extra cautious only for the whole column being destroyed by 2 a-10C's 7.5 miles a way in less than 10 seconds. With no warning. Although I wish there were transport aircraft at least. But oh well.
  2. Scoggs

    A Great Job by Bohemia

    ^This Also I personally don't really care about the campaign for Arma as a whole. I am here for MP and messing around on massive terrains. Bring on Altis!!! So thank you Bohemia for not delaying the game 3-4 months, because I really want altis! EDIT: On a side note I can see how this could be a problem for people who have capped internet or no internet at all(if they bought retail version). At the same time I don't see why people who spent money on the Alpha/Beta would be up in arms about no campaign. You bought it with no campaign and so why cry about something you never had in the first place, not to mention the fact that you will get it for FREE in the following months. If you really don't like that you don't get the campaign, A. why did you buy the alpha/beta (which doesn't have a campaign) in the first place and B. if it is such a problem (and you don't own the game yet) then wait for all the episodes to come out and buy it then. Act as if it were delayed. Gamers these days... /Rant
  3. I know they have. Bust since campaign was delayed till after release maybe they could add it in. I'm not talking 10+, 4 would be great. I'm not asking for special additions to the campaign for coop either. Just want to enjoy it with friends.
  4. As other people said, I want coop. Not even specialized for it, I just want to play the same single player missions with a friend. Oh and dedicated server support for said coop would be nice.
  5. Thanks for the reply Dwarden. Yeah my suggestion was out of pure excitement. Hopefully we can see more soft body physics in later games.
  6. I know we now have PhysX but the vehicles in BeamNG are just amazing. Also try the tech demo yourselves, pretty cool! Apparently they want to have their soft body physics engine be able to be incorporated into any engine. With more polish I think it would be a great addition to Arma! Or any other game with vehicles for that matter.
  7. Scoggs

    Death Match 4, Players + AI

    Awesome! Cant wait to try this when I get home tonight. Also congrats on getting a job you will enjoy! Best of luck!
  8. Scoggs

    Death Match 4, Players + AI

    Awesome! I cant wait to try this tonight! Also, good luck finding a job! Hard times everywhere sadly.
  9. Scoggs

    Improving Ragdoll

    I think they actually got worse in the transition from alpha to beta. Before when shot and killed it seemed like there was minor kickback. Now they kinda just flop over with no momentum even when walking.
  10. Yeah was on the same Dedi box. Seemed to still get insta killed too. Will test more on thursday and let you know the results.
  11. its Scoggs :( Also not sure how he is doing something wrong if he is joining my personal server... Maybe I missed something in the readme...
  12. Semi works for me... Running dedicated on another box. I get the proper changes. My friend does not. Pic from his screen. WARNING LARGE PHOTO
  13. Scoggs

    Death Match 4, Players + AI

    Yeah can't wait for an update!
  14. Sorry wasn't very specific since I was on my phone. I mean something like this Where the helmet mounted night vision is like a physical object and you look through them. Also instead of the black border that we have we would have peripheral vision albeit not NV.
  15. I figure you should start writing those 100 ideas down and get them into a meaningful, well thought out proposal and post here and the feedback tracker. Regardless of where they are in development it is good to share ideas that could make the game better. I think the "This is beta/alpha" mainly stems from people just spouting this thing sucks with no reason why and no ideas on how to fix. If you give the why with an idea to fix then they have to reason to say it.