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Arma 3: Community wishes & ideas- NO DISCUSSION

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If I play night missions in ARMA 2 for some time, I get a headache from the night vision effect.

That is the main reason why I avoid playing night missions MP or SP at all...

I would like to see a more easy adaptable to the eye view, instead of the dull very monotone green we see now.

Or a way to easily adjust the view.

Why do devs always make you go to menu's to adjust visual settings? I mean: why not let us adjust in game, so that the result is visible right away?

Can't be too hard to create "CTRL +" and "CTRL -" to adjust brightness, and so on for all other visual and sound features.

(Sometimes you have a phone call, and just want to mute sound, or adjust the level on the fly, in the middle of a fight. If you have to go to menu's, you're probably dead.)

Menu's themselves could be re-arranged better in more accessable graphic menu's. that goes for all games. But most of all for ARMA with the mouse down and up scroll menu's.

Also, one should be able to judge the effect of adjustments on the fps load they have. Please, add FPS counter that can be toggled.

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I would like to unlock my vehicles from a distance.

Now, often one of my vehicles is under attack, I wanna let my crew leave. They reply they can't because the vehicle is locked.

They should yell: "it's locked! May we unlock?"

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I would like a better refuelling and re-arming system. Larger zones around the spots/vehicles concerned.

Also something like an "auto-fix" mode for repair trucks. To enable repairs to all friendlies within its perimeter.

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I would like to see the "English only" for languages.

I don't know any Russian. Or Chzech. Or Afghan.

I want my soldiers hear speak English. Whatever side I play.

I always want English subtitles too.

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Second monitor support. To project tactical info, map, chat, etc...

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"Sniper only" ability in server setup.

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Vehicles "follow road / go straight" option. Better pathfinding overall. Vehicles should drive faster uphill. (At times they just stand as good as still)

Soldiers getting in and out of vehicles still is often a pain. They walk around, secure the parameter... All kinds of stuff. But they don't mount the vehicle.

If you, as player go to the driver seat, and switch to other back seat, driver seat remains empty. You need to get a soldier dismount. And mount again.

But first he takes a walk, secures the perimeter,...

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The grass issue; Good that it is in the list already. Still, it feels rediculous to have grass close by. Think you're hidden. To find out that you aren't for the player aiming at you from a distance.

Grass, should be there. Or not. For everyone in the same way. (On the level of where it hinders; not the graphic level per se.)

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Ability to link servers to TS server. Just join the propre channel. And go.

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I hope to finally get the OFP feeling back again. In terms of smoothness and challenge in gameplay and such.

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Just ran into this:


Exactly of how graphic appealing ingame menu's could be. (Be it somewhat smaller maybe...)

---------- Post added at 20:52 ---------- Previous post was at 20:50 ----------

Exactly how sharing tactical info could look like ingame... on the map and such...


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A single sub-folder in which we can put all the @mod folders, to keep things tidy.

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Ability to give AI a multi-way point move command. eg.. Hold shift while clicking on the map to make them go to multi-way points. Saves on micro managing them along specific roads.

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suggestion for camo:

I think the real issue is the grass not being rendered at a distance, even when scoped in. This means that if you are lying camouflaged in tall grass, the enemy can still see you bu just being outside of the draw distance, and you can't see 2ft in front of you.

thats the real issue. camo supposed to blend you with surroundings and the larger distance the harder to spot you.

what about some easy solution like... textures become more transparent depends on distance? since arma cannot simulate eyes and camo mechanics

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I seen a picture from the Gamescom booth showing coloured keypad menus placed in front of all the demo PC's.

I think it woud be nice for Bohemia to upload a printable copy of the menu, it would help new players get quickly acquainted with all the keys.

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Hello ArmA III community and BIS Developers,

I have been playing your games since Operation Flashpoint, and I have easily put in over 2500 hours into ArmA II and Operation Arrowhead, this is by far the most time I have ever spent on a video game PERIOD! There is always something else you can do in ArmA II or some other fun way to take an objective, the sandbox idea is exactly what makes ArmA II stand out from all the other games on the market. I also thank you for giving the community professional mod tools and supporting mods authored by your community, and I think I can speak on behalf of your gaming community when I say "that support means the most to us". You guys are the model other video game developers should be basing their games off of, not Call Of Duty.

I do however have a few suggestions about some things that I and possibly others would like to see.....

1. Smarter AI, the default AI in ArmA II with all the patches is still a little lacking at times, mods like Zeus AI and especially ASR AI really make ArmA II stand out, perhaps take a look if you already have not taken one at the ideas from ASR AI and Zeus AI and implement some of the features they give in ArmA III.

2. More Robust Medical System, like in Americas Army III, with a tutorial, nothing overly complex but something that makes it interactive other than clicking "first aid".

3. Direct X11 and Tessellation support, DX11's biggest claim to fame is Tessellation and ArmA III's terrain would benefit greatly from this, you could also make it backwards compatible with DX10 only systems by giving a menu selection of running in DX10 or DX11 mode.

4. "Port Over Tool" if this is possible I would like to see a tool that ports over some mods from ArmA II into ArmA III... example... RobertHammers Weapons Packs, they are great, and I would be nice to see some of the excellent mods easily come over to ArmA III.

5. Better Default sounds, the default sounds of ArmA II are definitely one of its weakest points, thankfully you provide professional mod tools so that people like Lord Jarhead can make mods like J.S.R.S and really make ArmA II come alive. Also games like Battlefield 3 are focusing on making sounds more realistic as a selling point to their game, for BIS I personally see this as a high priority as you are considered a military simulator.

6. Better Effects, the default effects are not bad, they are decent, but if you look at WarFX Blastcore and WarFX Tracers this is what ArmA III could easily bring to the table and I believe the community would be greatly appreciative of this.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and or respond to it, I look forward to ArmA III and it seems that throwing my money at the screen does not make it appear any faster, if you guys need to take more time to make ArmA III better or more to the community's idea/suggestions then you will not hear a complaint from me.

Thanks Again,

=SWF= Spartan0536

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High quality, punchy and aggressive weapon sounds with multi-levelled distance samples; highly detailed and nuanced atmospherics allowing player to judge how close passing rounds are. Terrifying explosion sounds. (Basically JSRS sounds ;) ).

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As this is on everyone's "wishlist" and has been requested probably more than enough times already but.....BETTER EXPLOSION EFFECTS. From big to small. Everything else is shaping up nicely but the explosions, especially the bigger one's from the artillery demonstrations have seemed to be lacking, if not still a bit like ArmA2/OA.


Example in video is with JDAM's, not arty, but I figured ya'll would like it.

Mods: No, no one is visibly dying in gruesome ways in this video so it's safe. And if the picture size is too high I'll fix it shortly after I dig up the rules to check, just realized I embedded before knowing what the guidelines were for size.

Edit: Thar we go, nice and compact now

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Better explosions and particle effects, the ones I've seen so far are awful (compared to all the other high quality content).

The muzzle flashes looks great, but you should tweak its lighting (it's so brief it shows taring on the screen).

Oh and another thing. Will there be locked doors on some of the buildings? Knocking down doors or lock-picking would be cool!

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Yeahhh it's like u would talk from my soul Spartan0536...exactly the same here =) but i think BI gives his best and if it would be everything so easy, so we wouldn't have any wishes;) I saw some vids, from e3 and gamestar, and the ambient noise didn't seemed enough realistic for me...locusts and so on...i was often in greece and there is a real concert of different sounds...this typical chirp of cicadas and grashoppers...but maybe it was only the quality... Grüße a Zdravim juxu-3-eccb.jpg

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Ability to give a sharp head nod, to use as a go signal to co-ordinate sweeps in buildings, where we don't want to talk as the enemy might hear us. I think this would be more useful than hand signals, which require taking one hand off the weapon and certainly more useful than the salute animation.

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A couple more shadow casting light sources other than just the sun/moon. Maybe the camp fires, since they are few. Be worth testing.

Ability to drop the resolution in Picture in Picture to speed up its frame rate..dealers choice.

Haven't seen any comms... please add comms or give us software hooks to manipulate the comms. eg mute/mix/distort.

Map tools. Ability to draw lines by hand. Not just add symbols.

Spear guns....:)

climb over tall obstacles.

One spare tire in wheeled vehicles.

ILS or VOR/TACAN at the Airports.

Next version of the engine add rivers.

Ability to stick Plastic Explosive to objects..wall/vehicles.

separate buttons mapping for auto/single..or burst/single.

More than 15 Joystick buttons.

GPS app that syncs to the game for my android.

Able to re-stack half used ammo clips

Interrupt animations and run!!

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Add the ability to switch weapons by using Numpad keys. Let me clarify:

First I'm perfectly fine with F0-F9 and "usual" 0-9 keys being used for commanding and let it stay that way

But it would be pretty good if numpad keys, which are not really used were set up like this:

1 - primary weapon

2 - primary weapon grenade launcher (if available)

3 - pistol

4 - AT launcher or whatever else weapon is carried on the back

5 - grenades

At least it will be much faster than hitting F all the time (and I don't want to see "usual" 0-9 be used for this as I enjoy playing with AI often) or looking for that ' key - which can't be easily pressed without looking at the keyboard while this is not the case with numpad keys.

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Empty pistol holsters!

If you're going to leave the pistol holsters with no weapons in them again for A3, please do one of two things:

1. Remove them from all models


2. Make them "full coverage holsters" so you can't tell.

It grates on my nerves greatly seeing all the models running around with empty pistol holsters all the time.

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1) More options for the filter facility on the session browser screen, ie-show last servers visited(time/date),favorite

servers and a way to filter out unreliable servers.

2) A set of commands which when playing as gunner/co-pilot of an attack helicopter allow slow but precise manoeuvering of

the hovering helicopter to aid the aiming and firing of the weapons, ie(increase/decrease altitude-Q,E, hover

left/right-A,D, rotate left/right-X,C, forward/backwards-W,S)-but only after the 'Hold' command has been given to the AI


3) A 'Search Building(s)' and a 'Patrol Area' command for the AI that is used in conjunction with the map and a

dragged box. The 'Search Building' command could also be accessed by aiming the cursor at the door of the target building

after highlighting one or more of the AI.

4) A way to mark out an area anywhere on the map(using a dragged box?) that can be mined by the AI.

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-Game type filter when connected to a server ( browsing through the server missions).... ie list games by co-op/PvP/FFA/Warefare/TvT/OP etc.

- Semi-Destructible terrain. Bomb creators that are below the ground.

- Ability to capture and restrain, not just kill.

- AI walking animations set to slightly different timings... they tend to look they are marching everywhere.

- Articulated towing points.

- Tow motors that can push back aircraft.

- Multi-way point marking for the Player... Not just the single private marker..

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Prefix keys with timeout

In addition to modifiers that have to be pressed, add possibility to use "prefix" keys with (configurable) global timeout (3/4 sec for example). Eg. instead of "Hold CTRL and press C", it could be "Press CTRL and then C withing timeout".

CTRL is not best example. But one could for example switch weapons and fire modes with "SPACE 1", "SPACE 2", ... "SPACE 9" while original SPACE action could be accessed with "SPACE SPACE" or with "SPACE" after timeout (the latter isn't really good). Eg. double tap of CTRL would become "CTRL CTRL" for example.

The game shouldn't react to unknown mappings like "SPACE W" but instead wait until timeout or correct mapping so one could run while switching weapon for example.

This is would increase number of possible mappings and is more friendly to fingers than holding modifier keys.

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- Animations:

- Iron Sights / Optics Adjustments, Covers, handling, etc;

- Weapon's attachments change and handling (rail mounts, sights, grenade launcher, sound supressor, muzzle flash supressor, etc);

- Changing position inside a vehicle;

- Fully Interactive 3D cockpits for Tanks and IFVs;

- Use hand or head shake to turn on/off the NVG;

- Damage assessment through cockpit's warning lights and sounds (all veichles - e.g. if a veichle doesn't have those warning systems, player can only acess damage through veichle behavior or visual inspection);

- Different types of projectile ( stell case, tracer, ball, JSP, JHP, etc);

- Visible Bandolier;

- SAR/CSAR missions on land and sea, including the helicopter winch, and rescue swimmer or combat team. Rescue injuried personnal, captives, or sensitive data/objects (e.g. a military satellite underwater);

- Abillity to take proper firing positions at windows or balconies;

- NBC Warefare:

Game Engine / AI:

- Dedicated communications menu with support AI teams ( CAS, UAV, Artillery, etc);

- No need for scripts in creating any of the support teams in the mission editor. (Just e.g select insert group, support, artillery and we have a fully operational artillery team at our disposal);

- Advanced JTAC communications menu between FAC operator and Pilot;


- All wather in all seasons;

- Muddy terrain;

- Lakes and rivers;

- Snow and ice;

- Mountains;

- High density urban areas;


- Weapons:

- Thermonuclear bombs;


- HK 417;

- HK G3A3;

- AK-47;

- Glock 18;

- Vehicles:

- Panhard VBL;

- Leopard IIA6;

- Pandur II;

- Aircrafts:

- Su-34 Fullback

- F/A-18E Super Hornet;

- F-16C Fighting Falcon;

- A-10C;

- Helicopers:

- Westlan Lynx / Battlefield Lynx;

- AW-101 Merlin (former EH-101);

- MH-60J/T Jayhawk;

- AH-64D Apache Longbow;

- Naval:

- Hovercraft;

- Typhoon Sub Class;

- Eqquipment:

- NBC gear;

- Digital Binoculars;

- Portable UAV Digital Interface;

Factions and Units:


- US Navy Seals;

- US Delta Force;


- Russia;

- Iran;

- China;

- North Korea;

- Insurgents from different Factions;

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Improved high command of several squads.

1. AI need to wait for a GO order or a timer countdown (before or after GO order) before setting off for the next waypoint you give them, so you can refine a small plan involving multiple squads without the need to be extremely fast or set each squad a hold waypoint first and later delete it to let them advance with the plan. (Think a bit like rainbow six: raven shield, but also in a grand strategic scale).

2. Joining to lead an AI squad on the fly if high commander.

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Just in case: I'm aware, we are talking about arma, not battlefield here. ;)

Some basic hand to hand combat skills:

For regular soldier:

- being able to knock people out with butt of the rifle. (already possible with mod ACE) - There were a lot situations in multiplayer, where you could knock people out, but instead you had to shoot them at 1 meter distance. Ammo waste + making noise, when it could be avoided. (soldiers do not really carry silencers at combat a lot) (you have to sneak up then enemy from behind)

Some "Special Forces" skills:

- being able to knock enemy down the feet (perhaps with 1-2 second penalty, before the enemy actually sees you, not possible after he already noticed you.)

- retake/disarm (not aware) enemy (perhaps with 1-2 second penalty, before the enemy actually sees you, not possible after he already noticed you.)

- being able to stab enemy with a knife (have to sneak up from behind only)

- rear naked choke/to crack the neck (have to sneak up from behind only)

Since i'm not a military expert, i've tried to suggest things, which are imo. common in real battlefield, especially by special forces.

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Hi BI devs,

first I'm from germany so I apologize first if my english is too confusing to understand.

I like playing tactic shooters, but one thing always annoyed me with ArmA:

The plain simulation instead of a good "war-feeling" assigned to the player.

My ideas to improve that:

First some kind of fear or suppression effect which will start when a lot or heavy stuff is coming down near to you.

For example the player could breath very loud and fast, and the screen could turn a bit "washed" or "unclear" at the margin and only the weapon is clearly.

I would use this to simulate the adrenalin shock getting in your body if one or two shooting at you.

I there is an MG I would make this "harder".

And if atillery is hitting your house or area you cant even react properly, maybe the screen also becomes a bit of black'n'white.

Another feature I want to mention is that if your throw yourself down on the ground some dirt or stuff will splatter on your sight (I think the solders wearing helmets) or if a teammate (enemy if he's sitting next to you) dies in a bloody way

you sight will be splattered with blood.

If I get some dirt or stuff anywhere in my faces I notice that as a black spot, so if the player won't wearing a sight there could be only some little black silhouettes.

Maybe for this dirt there could be an automatic animtion to wash it away with the arm which is triggered if the player isn't aiming.

This features would improve the atmosphere alot and I could feel more like the soldier running around and not only a camera filming what I'm doing.

Another little feature connected to the suppression would be more realistic and depressing sound when bullets shooting next to your head or hitting the ground next to you.

Thanks for reading this, youre doing a great job :D



Features for the outworking could be:

- effects of deafness

- shell shock

- loss of consciousness

(Thanks to Iroquois Pliskin for let me finding the right words).

Edited by G4meM0ment
Found some examples

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Slightly touched on in the original thread.


Physical modelling of commonly used tactical / strategic radios including weights and form factors

Virtual modelling of radio ranges and compatibility

Suggested bearers (radios):

Thales PRC148

Harris PRC152

Harris PRC117

Personal Role Radio (PRR)

Range extension equipment

Tactical HF

EO Downlink radios

Electronic Warfare


Channel allocation


Combination of incorrect or no radio / channel results in inability to call relevant support (CAS / Artillary / Casevac).

HF to be included for OP phase / recce missions.

Voice is typical shout type bubble centred on the player / AI. Players outside this range will not hear voice commands unless they have the relevant radio / channel / crypto.

Inability to transmit / receive static imagery without relevant radio.

Inability to receive UAV feed without relevant EO Downlink radio.

Tactical level Electronic Warfare capability which could be used to a. Direction Find enemies and b. Combat Indicate enemy movements and ambushes.

All required to different degrees if you really want to simulate modern war.

While I'm at it, IED and counter IED capability.


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