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Arma 3: Community wishes & ideas- NO DISCUSSION

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I would like AI operating on the High Command structure and Hierarchy. It should be optional, because it should also be possible to implement other AI in SQF or Java.

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MP-443 Pistol - Widly used Russian pistol, I never figured out why the Markalov was used rather than this.\

Better logistics system: Ability to load entire ammo crates into vehicles, entire cars into C-130's... etc.

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I remember that when BIS released the BAF DLC I thought that this is really the a good way to go with the DLC's.

Releasing more factions in DLC form must be a success, I of course bought BAF straight away to support BIS.

Then BIS released PMC, which I also bought. My first impressions where not that great but I was still happy for getting

some new content and for the fact that I was supporting BIS.

At this point I started thinking how cool would it not be to have a Polish Armed Forces DLC, that must be a great success.

It will for sure bring in some more players to the game and the Polish Arma community would be really happy and grateful.

So I jumped into the forum and started writing arguments for my suggestion thread... After going through my arguments a

second time I realized that maybe this is not the best idea for a DLC, how many people actually know anything about the Polish

Armed Forces or GROM, probably not very many... Some people might buy a DLC like this to support BIS others will for sure buy

it because they are from Poland, but to be honest I think that most ARMA players would have satisfied with the low-quality texture

update. In the end I never posted that suggestion.

Some time passed and then BIS announced a new DLC, this time the Czech Armed Forces where getting some reinforcements in the game.

This was the first ARMA related release that I was not so eager to buy straight away especially after PMC which I did not find to

be very interesting. However I think it's a really nice idea for a DLC since it's a very good way of supporting your troops and I am sure that

the DLC was a hit among Czech players.

Where are you going with this post?

Medal of Honor Warfighter! That's where I am going with this post! It's a game that I would never have looked if it was not for all the units

that are shipping with the game. 10 different countries and their Special Forces are represented in the game, among them 6 have never been represented

in any game. I am talking about GROM, SOG, FSK/HJK, JFT2, SASR and the South Korean SEALs. :)

Now most likely I will not buy this game but for a while I was actually considering to buy a type of game that I normally never play.

I would say that EA managed to do something smart that most likely will bring a lot of new players to their product. Players that most likely never

would have bought that game if it was not for the possibility to play as their countries Special Forces.

So my suggestion would be to... expand the current NATO forces in ARMA3 by different Special Forces from the member countries of the treaty and use

it as a sales argument(probably to late now). Or perhaps start planing an expansion for ARMA3 where you incorporate new country specific units for NATO

and reinforcements for the Iranian faction.

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Multi core/ Thread usage for Ai.

Not sure how it works now. But I think it would be cool to have the Ai near you run on one thread/core and then distant Ai run on another core. Maybe allow for smarter Ai or just less strain on the CPU with a lot of AI.

Also it would be cool (although im not sure how it would workor if possible) to have AI offloaded on to GPU and have the cuda cores run them.

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in Arma 2 and Armed Assault the custom island load like a mod not a level

will be fantastic, if you make a island, level or a little map with the vanilla's assets inside the game without setting a mod.

in this manner the vanilla game is open to alla type of variations also BIS will attract more level designer, mapper and modder on the entire game industry.

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A compass you can actually read. A user made modification shouldn't be necessary to have a decent compass ingame.

Also an option to display a realistic map without the textures would be nice.

If a 3D map are implemented like mentioned earlier in this thread, make an option to turn it off and use a normal map.

Maybe even a server setting to force 3D map off.

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- ambient sound should increase in volume whilst the player is still/moving slowly as long as

there are no loud noises to interrupt hearing.

- executable civilian reactions i.e. plausible reactions of civilians when threats are in the

area such that an individual observing that area would have an idea as to the threat status of

that area by watching the civilian activity. this would have to work with civilian line of sight

and knowledge propogation. it's reasonably safe to assume civilians in a weaponized or

conflicted area would recognize basic weaponry. a suspicion effect would be good here too

possibly implemented via a probability-based system i.e. civilian knowledge of the level of

prior conflict in the area would propogate according to propogation rules and this would then

determine the probabilities of individual civilians becoming suspicious/wary.

- executable animal ai i.e. animals will react to things around them. the addition of dangerous

animals could add another aspect to gameplay.

- when moving stealthily in zero noise cqb situations orders could translate into hand signals

- sounds in the rain are different e.g. footsteps on a wet tarmac

- should be a key to hold/toggle the avatar placing his/her feet slowly on the ground i.e.

minimizing crunch on gravel and the traditional footstep sounds. this should also severely

reduce the avatars speed of forward motion.

- basic hand signals i.e. a squad member could raise his/her hand out of long grass to signal

their position to another squad element. this 1 basic recognition hand signal could be linked

to the "\" key so pressing it whilst standing will salute and holding it whilst prone or

crouched will raise the right hand slowly straight up as long as it is pressed, giving the

user control of how visible their gesture is. also of course the classic "hands up" signal.

the "finger on lips" signal to tell someone to be quiet.

- ability for users to create their own hand signal for team recognition otherwise a choice of

some sort of unique marker/badge should be included in the uniform outfitting section

- ability to spraypaint guns in games like dayz. makes sense.

- realistic animations for picking up of objects. all animations are immediately overrideable

by a "fire" command i.e. no matter what you're doing, you can raise your weapon immediately.

any equipment other than your weapon that you are handling at the time will be dropped to

the floor.

- less rigidity. ability to access your personal inventory [not backpack etc] whilst running

with a small risk of dropping the item.

- objects dropped whilst moving/on a slope should maintain realistic inertia i.e. roll, bounce,


- double-tap "x" to toggle between a dynamic crouch and a static firing position crouch.

- you especially need a sound engineer with an in depth understanding of compression techniques

to set up the sound compression tables so that the right sounds come out at the right times,

although the compression in ARMA 2 is pretty good i think with the spatial positioning and new

sounds it might be necessary.

- ability to move small vegetation to better cover oneself especially to cover the legs when

prone. this takes some time and leaves noticeable damage to the vegetation.

- an unarmed avatar should be able to melee attack an armed avatar with a chance of gaining

their weapon or choking them to death. this would be a probability based system with

probability variables including the awareness of the armed avatar, the position the

weapon is in and the health statues of the 2 characters. there would also be a set of

defensive probabilities.

- switching weapons whilst moving triggers a probability of dropping one (each) of the weapons

which is moderated by the speed of movement.

- 1 key to switch between primary weapons.

- a larger soundbank i.e. many multiple iterations for the same sound.

- throwing and catching of weapons between teammates with either a probability system or a timed

keypress system.

- sounds in general should be more tethered i.e. some ambient sounds like gates swinging etc

seem to trigger randomly. triggering such sounds only when a gate is opened etc will increase

immersion. again the spatial positioning of these sounds is of utmost importance. bumping into

walls/counters, jumping off small ledges (small, realistic jumps should be incorporated),

knocking the barrel of a weapon against a partition, should all make realistic and unique

sounds. this would then be mediated by the above-mentioned "slow-step" button which, when

used, would function to prevent the avatar from making such clumsy errors in a slow-paced

stealth scenario at the cost of speed of movement.

- medic badges/uniforms for online play.

- audible generators, pumps e.t.c. humming transformers.

- a mechanism for simulated life of bulb fuses so they blow after a certain time i.e. a street

light that extinguishes may have been a fuse or a silenced/long-range weapon.

- a fix/workaround for the way that long distance textures load in ARMA 2. it looks very bad

when you zoom in and brick/wallpaper textures load noticeably. might have been arma 2 free.

- firing of single-handed weapons through vehicle windows whilst driving i.e. one hand on the


- flashbangs etc

- no more texture warping -

- ability to shoot butterflies out of the sky. i don't know how close a bullet has to pass by

a butterfly to kill/down it but you could find that out pretty quick.

- smoke grenades smoke affected by winds including those from helicopters e.t.c.

- machinegun fire (7.62) must tear through walls. anything besides reinforced concrete with

large amounts of steel insert will be torn apart by 7.62 machinegun fire in reality and this

must be implemented in ARMA 3 to maintain functional realism.

- there's got to be a better way to implement grenade throws. in reality throwing is a very

old action which is natural and somewhat intuitive to the human body and this sense of ease

should be reflected ingame. any opportunity to make gameplay more intuitive should be seized.

- ability to easily aim straight up and straight down. ability to look directly down ladders etc

and to look directly behind/beneath/above oneself whilst climbing ladders.

- classic sniper vs sniper tricks eg raising ones hat over the lip of cover on a stick to try to

trick the other sniper into firing and giving away their position.

- in vehicles in ARMA 2 the avatars head is always right at the roof of the vehicle. you can't

look properly out of windows etc. this is not a natural driving posture.

- inside buildings it is sometimes impossible to move against the wall ie the engine forces

you a half-foot or so from the wall. this shouldn't happen.

- the way the avatar automatically moves the weapon/reticle inside buildings isn't intuitive.

- when opening the bag one is carrying at a gear pile all three locations should be accessible

i.e. the gearpile, the bag one is wearing as well as one's active inventory.

- i read you are developing DAYZ as a standalone. an aspect i think which has not been touched

upon much is permanent character customization. if there was a way for players to create a

permanent and unique avatar it would allow long-term inter-relationships to develop between

players. this would be huge in DAYZ. you could have your life saved and know who saved you,

and recognize them immediately if you see them again. dayz is risk/reward. i.e. the keyword

is "consequences". this would bring social consequences into the game and open a new level

of immersion. i'd say have bonestructure and skin texture be permanent with facepaint,

jewellery, scars, and clothing being highly customizable. for this to work the level of

available combinations has to be massive and if players could design some item themselves

making it entirely unique to them that would be very good too. the idea is to have a world

where you recognize other players by their ingame appearance rather than by reading a list

of nicks which are external to the gaming experience.

what makes a work into an artpiece or artform is the story behind it. with

this permanent social world i describe above you will see dayz become a legacy instead of

a video game.

a way to lock a fixed number of characters to an ip address would be ideal. im not sure how

practical that would be.

- shouldnt stop moving just to lower/raise/switch weapons

- some sort of difference between having dry and wet clothes and equipment would be nice.

functional or visual or both i don't know. maybe steaming machinegun barrels in the rain

or any barrel that is fired heavily in wet weather.

- more smoke from vehicle exhausts in the rain/wet. well the appearance of more smoke.

- there needs to be more emphasis on and detail with regard to sound and noise discipline. in

arma 2 walking crouched makes as much noise as welking standing up. there just isnt enough

attention paid to sound in general in arma 2 as there could be.

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I find assigning targets to AI team/squad members a very arduous and unfulfilling task. It seems very.... non-fluid. The reason(s) for this are that when you go to assign a target, all it has is a clock indicator. It greatly needs a distance. I have two proposals to greatly help this issue:

1. Easy - put a distance and direction of the target in the target list when you go to assign a target. So instead of "Rifleman 12 O'Clock" it will be "Rifleman 12 O'Clock NW 200m". I think this would be easy and GREATLY help the player in manual target assignment for his team/squad.

2. AI "subcommanders" - Allow members of your squad to assign targets to other members of your squad via the team/group interface.

The easiest way to implement this idea:

Using a 13 man USMC squad as an example with 3 Fire Team Leaders, 3 Rifleman, 3 Automatic Riflemen, and 3 Assistant Automatic Riflemen:

When I put one fireteam in a group by itself. 1 FTL, RFN, AR, and AAR, the FTL will automatically assume the duties of assigning targets to himself and his fireteam instead of me having to do it.

Or when combining any combination of units to form a team(red, green, blue, yellow teams), the highest team member assigned takes over the role of target assignment for his team, and this target assignment is only overridden if the player gives a specific target to a member in that team instead. Then once that target is killed, the team leader goes back to assigning targets.

In fact, it would be nice if it would default to this when you are a squad leader. Already have all 3 teams in their own "sub-teams" with leaders.

The easiest and only way to do something like this right now in ArmA 2 is, instead of giving direct command of 3 teams to the squad leader, you give the SL 3 fts under high command, but that prevents the squad leader from being able to micromanage things like "get in that vehicle" or "man that particular position in that building".

Lastly, there could be a new option menu saying: "Assign Team Leader". So if you select 5, then assign team leader, it assigns 5 to be the leader of the team he's already a member of. Hell you could even go one step farther and be able to assign an assistant squad leader that will assign targets to all squad members.

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A compass you can actually read. A user made modification shouldn't be necessary to have a decent compass ingame.

Also an option to display a realistic map without the textures would be nice.

I would like to expand on this part: a futuristic compass (digital?), a futuristic binoculars (with zoom, azimuth and night vision capability but without the laser so its not a rangefinder) and (at least) a digital watch! Seriously, its 2035!

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As an addendum to above:

when I tell my corpsman/medic to "heal that squadleader", and he runs off to heal some squad leader 1km away... it's pretty annoying. I'd love it if when you gave the order to heal someone or resupply somewhere or get in a certain truck, all of these things would have a direction and distance from you. Additionally, if they're in your own squad, it would say "Heal that squad leader(1)". Me being 1. Or "heal that Fire Team Leader(3) 3 O'Clock SE 50m". There are so many command menu options that I don't use because I don't know where any of the things I'm telling my guys to do are. Like when I say "rearm at that ammo truck", and the ammo truck is 10km away on an island across the sea and I never see that guy again.

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Here is a list of what I want for ArmA 3:

-Better LOD transitions! :yay:

-and no more super jagged shadows, and I hope to "God" or Buddha that the shadows wont just disappear when I look in a certain direction now and then! :cool:

-Responsive AI!

Why am I saying this!? Everybody has most likely allready requested this! (it can be a reminder I guess :cool:)

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Advanced Robot drones.

If this is possible today:

By 2035, it should be available to the military in the shape of working surveillance, patrol and attack drones.

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support for WDDM 1.2-introduced performance-improvements/related features/things in Arma3.


check six last "References" links for example, ie







2. interest in doing same for WDDM 2.0 and WDDM 2.1 drivers/feats

3. shifting from [obsolete]SSEx code/binaries toward AVX1.x[and AVX 2, emerged this year]for performance/scalability improvements.

4. another key thing would be moving from thread-based parallelism to message-based.

look at results! Yaws and Mochi beating Apache about 500x times[unsure how it against NgNx] on same hardware, literally causing kernel panic on old kernels/systems ;=)

SimpleDB, RabbitMQ and other suff, most people use everyday without knowledge about underlying stuff.

basically its not need to learn Erlang for quick start, few libraries for porting intrinsic/hot-pieces of appz could b temporal shortcuts b 4e learning.

sadly its heavily relied on software developers mentality/habits as well as presence of skilled software engineers[ie CASE/UML/Profilng&TS guys].

but benefits really TREMENDOUS. its clear why world-biggest trading companies and biggest IT corporations moving that way.

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Gore & Damage

1- Larger rounds should cause larger wounds (e.g. .50 Cal BMG should be a much larger wound than a 9mm wound)

2- When bullets penetrate infantry, blood should splatter on the surface behind them.

3- When a wound is not healed instantly, blood should gradually spread through the clothing surrounded.

4- If an infantry soldier is hit, they should make some sort of noise indicating pain to give the player more immersion into the experience.

5- When wounds are bandaged, the bandage should be a visible substance covering over the wound.

6- When a soldier is shot and hits the ground, the blood should spread on the ground below them. But not an unreasonable, ridiculous amount.

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Hello all,

Sorry, started by posting this in a distinct thread rather than in here - missed this one somehow.

Just getting in to Arma2 editing properly and have the enormous 130mb pdf of objects. Scrolling down through the infantry units I noticed that the female civilian units were damsel, farmwife, hooker, housewife, madam, secretary (well that's a little bit better). "Workwoman" and "Sportswoman" were OK, but it's not a superb selection if you're planning to set a mission anywhere other than in a Dickens novel.

Not to get agitated about it or anything, but perhaps Arma3 could do with a few more options when the primary categories do look a bit like 'victim', 'wife', 'sex worker' and 'misc'. The gaming press is beginning to cover gender issues more thoroughly, and given the extra eyes that'll be on Arma3 after DayZ I can imagine somebody noticing if Arma3's unit list looked like this, and it being a bit embarrassing.



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We have a map, compass, watch and GPS. A really nice addition would also be to have a notepad where you can write down notes during briefings/missions.

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We have a map, compass, watch and GPS. A really nice addition would also be to have a notepad where you can write down notes during briefings/missions.

and further improved[THAT way :]mission editor caps, ie, making missions briefing WITHIN editior/game, ie WITHOUT using any kind of 3-rd-party tools[including BIS-supplied], ie in streamlined/simplified/faster/easier manner =)

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Have all sides speak the same language.. ie the language of the Country of sale. Reason. Every since OFP I find it difficult to deal with the AI when they speak Russian/Takistani. etc. I play with the Radio messages off so it makes it weird that I can not understand my own countryman's language.. . Thanks

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I would like to see the option of performing a "tank desant." This is the (albeit, outdated) practice of infantry riding on top of armor to increase infantry mobility. It isn't used anymore as a typical tactic since the introduction of IFVs, APCs, etc. but war isn't typical!

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I'm not sure if anyone mentioned BMP 3 or 9P157-2 Khrizantema, both would make a nice addition to Arma 3.

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Dispersion of shrapnels (proper radius + sound) from explosives eg grenades, shells, missiles, rockets, bombs, satchels....

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GAME ENGINE: Sonic Boom Simulation when breaking the sound barrier. Where you can hear the sonic boom from the ground when you hit mach 1 and also inside the aircraft your screen shakes to simulate the rumble of breaking the sound barrier.

GAME ENGINE: Dynamic and Dangerous forest fires.

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