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  1. Is there a tutorial for FASTER somewhere? As far as I know I have everything set up correctly, but when I try to save the profile it says "12 mods were not found in the arma directory" even though it seems I manually added the mods correctly...?
  2. Hey guys, This question has long been plaguing me(since ArmA 2 actually). Setting AI skill in the server config vs the skill slider in game. So what I currently have is a custom AI config via TADST to set the AI skill to 95% and aim to 25%. How does this work? Does it override all AI skill sliders in game and set them all to 95/25? Or does the skill slider still affect the skill based on those numbers? For example: I put a unit down with its skill slider at 50%. Does that take into consideration the 95/25 and set that AIs skill to 47.5/12.5? Do I have to slide the skill of the AI up to 100% to get the 95/25? Or when I'm sliding the AI skill up to 100%, is THAT then overriding the custom AI config and making the AI into super soldiers? It's a chicken and egg issue that I've never understood. I also still REALLY wish all the AI skill settings were customizable in A3 like they were in A2, where you could set the reaction time low, but the overall skill high, because having a generic AI skill setting at 95 makes them move intelligently, but also makes them snapshot almost instantly towards a target which is undesirable and unrealistically fast.
  3. Have all player units start inside of a vehicle. Fixed the swimming in the air and instant death issues for me.
  4. Just FYI: As long as you start inside of a vehicle, and don't try to use any watercraft, Lingor works just fine. I've been doing a special forces campaign on Lingor with mods and we haven't had any issues in 4 missions so far.
  5. For the popular Switching weapons while moving mod, when you pressed the button to switch weapons while reloading, it would interrupt the reload animation and smoothly transition to the weapon swap animation. With today's addition of switching weapons while moving directly to vanilla arma, this is not the case. If you try to switch weapons while reloading, the reload animation will complete, THEN the weapon transition will take place. This adds precious seconds to what was supposed to be a fast weapon transition in a critical moment. Can the switching of weapons while moving please be made to interrupt reloading?
  6. Drumheller

    TFA - Naval Special Warfare Gear

    Did some rather extensive testing tonight. Final prognosis: TFA armor no longer gives any protection at all. :( The body armors and helmets all have basically no armor on them. They're not inheriting any sort of values from the BIS gear. When wearing the BIS gear we can take upwards of 4-7 shots before being downed, and 1-2 in the combat helmets. With the BIS heavy armor, upwards of 12 shots to the vest can be absorbed before being dropped. In tfa gear, one shot anywhere will drop you instantly, regardless of which armor or helmet you're wearing.
  7. Drumheller

    Zombies & Demons 5.0

    Hey guys, I'm having a conflict between this mod and switch weapons while moving(http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=21553). If I press my switch weapon button while running this mod, it goes into an infinite animation loop of repeatedly swapping weapons. The only way I've found to break the loop is to reload the weapon. Has anyone else experienced this and is there a known solution for the issue? I tried searching this thread for a solution but it's 50+ pages :o
  8. I know this is an old post, but are you still working on this? Super hyped for your work. Your campaigns were pretty much the gold standard for ArmA 2.
  9. Drumheller

    Arma 3 Units - Closed Beta Feedback

    Apply button: Is there a way to make the apply button customizable and link to our unit's website application area instead of the integrated one provided? I know the A3 units is being set-up to be integrated into the BIS site, but not every unit member has a BI account. I think it would be helpful to have the application part able to be split up into a few different areas: -Leave it as it is and manage unit applications through the BI site -Have a customizable link to a unit's application area(or maybe both?) -Have a "I am already a member of this unit" button so that people can "apply" with their unit name and be instantly accepted to get their unit tags on the BI forums Also, will it be setup so that multiple people can manage the unit as "officers" so that it's not all just on one person doing everything? I don't see that outlined in the OPREP. I think this has the potential to be a great tool to help units of all sizes as well as players looking for specific gaming experiences. I also wouldn't mind longer unit tags. [506th IR] instead of [506th] :)
  10. Drumheller

    Arma 3 Units - Closed Beta Feedback

    I'm a little flustered about the icon and banner. I made the banner to specifications yet on the page where it displays the unit, it has the icon interposed over the banner, but the banner is cropped off at both sides. I spent time making a banner exactly to the guidelines required and it looks terrible in that little thumbnail preview. I can fix it fairly easily but it was rather frustrating. It should be made more clear somewhere that the banner will be cropped off and the icon put on top of it.
  11. Hey guys, Does anyone know how to tweak the AI accuracy in the bCombat files? I really love the reactiveness and movement of AI in this mod, along with the suppression, but the general accuracy is too high. Is there somewhere it can be tweaked easily in one of the config files? I can't figure out which setting it is if so. Thanks, -Jester
  12. Hey man, great mission! I have a couple of requests that I think would improve the overall flow of playing DUWS: -Allow adding and removing of units from HC at any time from the scroll wheel menu(or otherwise) - When I get infantry units in HC and want to move them 10KM to the objective, my only option is to move them from HC into my squad to get them into the truck. Then once I'm at the objective area I can't put them back under HC. -Make the helicopter transport spawn between the base and the LZ, or maybe even add an option to not do the fast travel thing at all and just fly regularly. I just had the helo transport fly from base to my LZ and when it faded out and faded back in, it had me directly over the enemy AO. We got almost immediately engaged by AA. I purposely chose the LZ to be behind cover from AA based on an area between the base and the enemy AO, but when the fast travel happened it popped us up on the other side of the LZ going N to S straight over the enemy position :o -Make the transport helo either the merlin or the chinook. The Blackhawk only seats 8 and I prefer to run around with a squad of 10 Overall great game mode. Enjoying the hell out of it :D
  13. Drumheller

    FHQ Accessories pack

    Hey Al, First off, I absolutely love the work you've done on your optics. They mesh extremely well with A3 and with RHS. With the most recent update, however, I noticed that with the 1x sights, you added in reflection, which already massively hinders aiming at anything in the 3d scopes. I made a quick video addressing the issue, as well as a post on the A3 feedback tracker in order to hopefully get this issue addressed from both yourself with your awesome optic pack, as well as from BI overall with the vanilla optics: http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=24612
  14. Congrats ACE team on the release! Is there documentation somewhere that explains what each of the PBOs does, such as apl and atragmx? Play with the ACE settings. There are ways to make the menu stay locked in place on your screen and display as a list.
  15. Amen to this. After some brief experimentation with the new ACE3, I definitely feel like the mouse cursor should unlock for the interaction menus. It's very frustrating to deal with the current moving menu type.