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  1. I got this code from Jester's tutorial. It places the coordinates in the task text field but does not hyperlink so that the map centers on the location when clicked. Nothing happens when clicked, it's not clickable. In the "Create Task" module Description field, I enter the description text. The associated marker is called Obj1 <marker name = Obj1>030062</marker> "Groups of synchronized objects" selected in Create Task module "Apply to" field, module synched (not grouped) with group leader. Is there some small syntax element missing?
  2. When the player first calls the helo, it's through the High Command module so my question is, how can I associate a trigger with this event?
  3. I have taken the time. I have a dozen editing and scripting guides neatly filed away on my PC. My biggest asset as an ArmA scenario designer is my very advanced knowledge of military tactics and doctrine. However, my trying to master scripting and the more complex logical functions of the Editor is a bit like a tone-dead person trying to learn to sing. What I really need is a collaborator. All of my missions are pretty good once I've sweated them into existence and tested them extensively.
  4. Thanks for your patience. This is a large-ish mission that is testing my meager scripting abilities to the full. I'm about to start testing what I want to to with this group of two attack helps. As we have discussed, I want them to RTB and I will use the method you suggest but can you think of a relatively easy way I could get a group with no WPs but under High Command to RTB by timer in this specific way: 15 minutes after the player first calls on them via HC to maneuver or perform a task?
  5. You're right. I apologise. I know more than I give the impression of knowing, i.e. I'm pretty good in the editor, I';ve made some decently rated ArmA 2 missions but no matter how hard I try, I do not have the brain for scripting. I struggle hugely with it. I want to understand it but usually end up copying and pasting until I have the functionality I want. I won't bother you again and I very much appreciate your help.
  6. Thank you for your patience. I guess one of my incorrect assumptions was that I needed code in the trigger's activation field. That function is taken care of by the init.sqf I assume.
  7. Thanks again, Iceman, I really appreciate this. The script you linked is for Stratis. I'll investigate, I'm sure it can be adapted... ---------- Post added at 10:03 AM ---------- Previous post was at 08:05 AM ---------- Can someone please confirm that, to make the above code do what I want it to in my mission, in groupSpawn.sqf I substitute my marker names (Spawn01 and Move01) for the word "this", in quotes, as follows: if (isServer) then { _grp = [getPosATL (_"Spawn01" select 0), EAST, (configFile >> "CfgGroups" >> "East" >> "BLU_F" >> "Infantry" >> "BUS_InfSquad")] call BIS_fnc_spawnGroup; _wp = _grp addwaypoint [getMarkerPos (_"Move01" select 1),20]; _wp setWaypointType "MOVE";) }; Also, sorry, but I do not know the exact (execVM?) code for executing the above .sqs file in my trigger. I have done all of the above but it's not yet working. OK, well I have run out of ideas to get this to work. I'm sure it's user error, but to help narrow it down, here's what I did: - made init.sqf file in Notepad inside my mission folder, copied in the above code exactly, no substitution for "MyMarkername". - made groupSpawn.sqf file in Notepad inside my mission folder, copied in the above code but sustituted my two marker names, so: (_"spawn01" select 0) and (_"move01" select 1) - Changed all the side, faction, classification, unit info to the desired Arma3 values, so groupSpawn.sqf now looks like this: if (isServer) then { _grp = [getPosATL (_"spawn01" select 0), EAST, (configFile >> "CfgGroups" >> "East" >> "OPF_F" >> "Infantry" >> "OIA_InfSquad_Weapons" )] call BIS_fnc_spawnGroup; _wp = _grp addwaypoint [getMarkerPos (_"move01" this select 1),20]; _wp setWaypointType "MOVE"; }; Note I changed "west" to "east" in both instances but kept the same case. - Opened the mission: - Made a civilian player character - Made the two markers, named them as above - Made a trigger, fired by "Civilian, present" - put this in the "On activation" field": _handle = player execVM "groupSpawn.sqf"; waitUntil {scriptDone _Handle}; after trying various forms of "execVM" code combos to no avail. Nothing works. I've been at it all morning. Got to get some lunch now. Out of ideas. I know I'm a noob but can anyone help me out? Iceman77, I sent you a friend request on Steam (I'm "Strummer") in case it might be more convenient for you to talk me through this on Steam PM. Thank you.
  8. Thank you, Iceman. Apologies for being dense but do I replace the Kylania code with the code you supplied or do I combine it with Kylania's spawn AI script? If the latter, could you possibly explain what goes where? I understand the classname syntax in your code but am not sure how to integrate what you have supplied with the existing script because I notice that your code references only one player-named marker, not two, which Kylania's script calls for...unless your code is just another way of doing the same thing with only one marker?
  9. I found this great Kylania script, which, when a named trigger is fired, spawns AI and moves them from one marker to another. Obviously you need the updated A3 classnames. My question is, rather than entering single units in quotes, separated by commas, is there any way to get the script to spawn a unit, or even units, in formation that would move to the destination marker?
  10. This is so helpful to me, dr, thanks a lot. With apologies for my non-coder's brain, q couple of quick follow-up questions: - Can I use a marker name instead of those coordinates for the helicopter's RTB destination in the above script? - As for the enemy spawn script, this works beautifully and does exactly what I want, all code in the trigger activation field with no need for a script document. Obviously you need all the right ArmA 3 class names, which I found here.
  11. I want a "Blue Present" trigger to fire, but only when one of two units are present, not ANY Blue unit. Let's say I name two troop transports Truck01 and Truck02. What syntax do I use in the trigger's activation field with (with "Activated by Blue" and "Blue Present" set) in order to get the trigger to fire ONLY when one OR the other of these units is present? Many thanks, as ever.
  12. [Apologies if you have read a similar post in the ArmA 2 Editor forum; I posted it there in error] Building a single-player mission using the High Command module I cannot figure out how to: - Get a helicopter that is under the player's control in High Command (and therefore has no pre-plotted waypoints) to RTB (i.e. leave the mission) when a mission trigger fires. - Get enemy units to spawn in by the same trigger, or the trigger plus time delay, i.e. 30 sec after the chopper departs. I'm sure this must be easy for many of you guys but I struggle with not having a coder's brain so the simpler you can make any explanation, the better for me. I would really appreciate your help, thank you.
  13. This is great, thank you so much for going to the trouble.
  14. I'm making a singleplayer mission using the High Command Module. It's promising but there are a few complications that I'm having difficulty resolving. These are: i. How do I get a helo group to RTB (i.e. leave the mission) via a trigger when that group has no pre-plotted route waypoints but is commanded only inside the mission and with the High Command interface? I'd like both units to bug out when a certain number of mission goals have been accomplished. Or I could do it via a timer. ii. How can I get enemy units to spawn in for a counter-attack via a trigger, also when the same mission goals have been accomplished and the player and the units under his (direct, not HC) command have reached a certain zone on the map? I spent a lot of time researching this one but most of the discussions apply specifically to MP missions. Basically these two things are connected; if I can't get the helos to leave and then spawn the units for the counter-attack, the helos will find them and kill them before the player has a chance to engage the enemy units, so my notion is to organise the following sequence of events: - Player accomplishes two out of three mission goals - Player and his squad arrive at a briefed location. - Helos bug out - Enemy counter-attack spawns in, with warning message to player I'm not experienced in scripting, i.e either in the init-file syntax or inserting scripts into the mission root files as Notebook files. I have a lot of experience making tactically realistic missions in many PC combat and flight sims but I just don't have a coder's mind and get perplexed by stuff that many of you seem to have mastered very easily, so I'd be really grateful if you could frame the answers to either of these questions as though addressing an intelligent novice. I have made several ArmA missions over the years but my ambitions always seem to outpace my ability to master the scripting aspects of the Editor. Many thanks.