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  1. I know how to model in Maya, and how to make textures, rig and animate. However, I don't know how to use O2, primarily because I don't know where to download it from, additionally, are there any manuals or help tools? Where can I find the models from the Arma 3 Alpha? I've looked through the folders for the models, but can't find them, are they in the .pbo files? And how do I unpack them? Thanks
  2. I would like to see more information on your unit but the link appears to be broken to sign up. -Thanks
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    Stealth Kills?

    thank you
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    Stealth Kills?

    Crossbow: ranged, what can you not do in a ranged position? 1- Aim effectively, even with modern day equipment, you still have to account for less velocity therefore higher bolt drop rate, wind deviation. 2- Though they make less sound than a silenced gun you still have a 'twang' when firing and 'thud' when the bolt impacts, a 'schlut' sound when the skin in broken and bodily fluids are rerouted to the wound and another louder 'thud' when they fall over. 3- Even though you're farther away you're still pretty close to be able to use a crossbow effectively, some 100-200m, and the enemy might hear your bow go off 4- Crossbows are bulky and generally ineffective in most (if not all) situations Knife: 1- You CAN aim effectively, unless there is a struggle 2- A trained operative can easily cover a sentries mouth while slicing the throat and then lower the body to the ground 3- Yes you're close, and the enemy has a higher chance of detecting you 4- Knives are small and are already part of any soldiers equipment (mainly for survival and tool use but still sharp and big enough to cut a throat or break through ribs) Also, who said that the sentry was standing in the middle of a field? BASES have sentries, both stationary and patrolling, around them, usually some 40-200m away. These sentries are there at ALL TIMES, and though there might be some in towers or other defensive structures within the base itself, the outer sentries can spot things more easily, especially if the base is located in a forest or other place with a lot of cover. These sentries are there to provide AN EARLY WARNING, and any attack forces coming in will always have to take these sentries out so they DON'T GIVE AN EARLY WARNING and therefore ruin the surprise of a surprise attack which is meant to (surprise, surprise) surprise the enemy so they aren't ready. IF THESE SENTRIES ARE ELIMINATED, the surprise attack will work and the enemy position will be overrun. BUT these sentries must be killed SILENTLY and STEALTHILY so the camp can't tell that they're gone, how you ask? Well, a silenced gun might to the trick, but what if you're a scout alone and there are two of them placed far apart? A silenced gun might alert the second one, or it might not. On the other hand, if you can sneak up on the first sentry and kill him silently (covering his mouth and lowering his body to the ground) you can kill the second one without worrying about alerting anyone else, provided you do it silently of course. What I'm trying to get at here is that I would like for there to be close combat and stealth kills, why? Because it might make a scenario like the one above more interesting (if you're playing co-op you can do the gun or try to challenge yourself and make a double stealth kill). Hopefully you understood me this time and read it completely (neither of which I got the impression you could or did do before). -Arcani
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    Stealth Kills?

    Jex, please, you obviously have left all sense at the door to this thread. Close quarters combat is something that exists everywhere in the world: While close combat doesn't occur in every battle (for example in fields or mountainous terrain with open ground) it can happen in more enclosed environments like cities (almost always will there be some kind of 'hand-to-hand', which can include weapons, jungles/forests (in the event of an ambush) or rocky ravines. WE ARE NOT, saying that there will be people running across fields braving enemy fire just to run up and bayonet everyone because that wouldn't happen unless there is a massive charge from both sides, which, again, would be unlikely unless there was communication between both forces, for example an inner clan/unit PvP battle. WE ARE saying that there should be a chance that you can sneak up on lone sentries and kill them so your forces can get up closer before the enemy spots you. However, the sentry CAN spot you, raise the alarm and ruin the element of surprise.
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    Stealth Kills?

    You can snap someone's neck if you have the right amount of strength (which most soldiers do) and the right angle at which you twist someone's head. Also, between the Adam's apple and the main neck there is a pretty substantial gap in the defense which is hard to aim for (I know) BUT: enough force could easily break the cartilage AND: that force is the force of desperation and will to survive because that soldier knows that if he fucks up killing the sentry he's probably gonna die and his buddies, that are also scouting with him, will probably die and the battle will most probably be lost, resulting in the death of maybe the whole squad/company/battalion/regiment/army he's in and that's coming up close to attack the outpost.
  7. Arcani

    Stealth Kills?

    Thank you! Also, for those that don't want knives: Take them out of your inventory! (It'd be that hard) And if you don't want AI with knives: Ask BI to make a setting under difficulty that let's the AI do melee kills or not.
  8. Arcani

    Stealth Kills?

    I'm not saying that. I'm saying you can kill some lone sentries that no one is watching stealthily. However, if an enemy sees you they'll raise the alarm and then (try to) kill you. This way, if you kill the sentries you can move your forces up to better positions and if you're spotted you have to engage. See this .On the mode of knifing: How about this system?
  9. Arcani

    Stealth Kills?

    I think we're missing the point. Stealth kills- These are before the actual combat begins, maybe with some scouts or in small team missions. These would primarily be for sentries or the enemies scouts. How to keep silent: you come up behind them, assuming the target is either tired, bored or making enough noise so the killer is passed unnoticed. You go up to them and cover their mouth and then slit their throat. Not the easiest thing in real life or in a simulation as good as Arma, but still possible if the killer has the skill and the target is slightly unawares. CQC- This is when the actual combat has started. NO ONE is saying that there will be people doing 360 knifing bullshit because you can't do that in Arma, if you tried it you would get shot down before you reached them. HOWEVER, if you're going from room to room in a city/base attack, you might come up on someone really fast. In that case, if you have a bayonet fixed you can run them through with a yell, shooting them for good measure, if you don't have a bayonet fixed you might try to club them with your stock. ASSUME that your first impulse is to grapple with someone when you meet them face to face (which coincidentally it is), then you'll try to charge them with your bayonet, hit them over the head, and then shoot them.
  10. Awesome script! Good thing someone made it. That be funny, you just see someone standing there saluting with a body at their feet. :P