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  1. lolipoyi

    Advanced Helicopter FDM Feedback

    I was referring primarily on cyclic trimming, should´ve stated it better. Here is a stream highlight from Patchwork that shows what I´m referring to.
  2. lolipoyi

    Advanced Helicopter FDM Feedback

    I´ve read somewhere that apparently neither the Huron nor the Taru suffer from strees damage and also auto-trim does not fully disengage when the pertinent setting is disabled (on only this two new helicopters). Has anyone noticed it? Any official word I´ve missed or will it be updated once VRS comes into play?
  3. I know this has not much to do with the current discussion, but I do think it is related to the fixed wing aspect of the game. Could we have an implementation of the flyInHeight command similar to the one found in vbs2? Returning an array of modes such as above sea level (ASL) or above ground level (AGL) would help us make the ai controlled aircrafts fly much smoother, as they would not constantly adjust altitude to maintain distance to the ground. I found a ticket here: 0014955: Set flight height above sea level Take a look at it and vote if you like it.
  4. Does anybody know if you can currently adjust your stance (kneel, high kneel, low stand and so on) with a lowered weapon? I don´t own the game yet, thus I can´t check myself. If no, could it be done or would it mean severe changes to how the animation work as of now?
  5. lolipoyi

    Throwing Smoke instead of grenades

    I think CTRL + G is the default binding for cycling through grenade types. If you have smoke in you inventory, cycle till you find the grenade you want and then throw it with your grenade key.
  6. lolipoyi

    Better MFD's for gunships?

    Can we expect the new fancy MFD's to be deployed in the gunships aswell?
  7. lolipoyi

    A-164 Wipeout and waypoints

    Try putting a HOLD waypoint right infront of the plane and syncing it with your trigger, which has to be set as 'SWITCH' in order for this to work. Or play around with the setFuel command...
  8. Nice piece of info in that link. Hopefully will end some misconceptions. Tanks. :ok:
  9. lolipoyi

    Low-Ready Position

    That idea was proposed by Psychomorph in his pretty good post, more exactly in this picture from it. I wouldn´t have any problem with such a method to get the weapon out of sight, but sadly I don´t think the low-ready state will make it into the game as seen by this poll results (pretty few voters) and the feedback tracker being full of other very relevant problems. Let´s just wait and see :j:
  10. lolipoyi

    Low-Ready Position

    Read and upvoted. Nice stuff.
  11. lolipoyi

    Low-Ready Position

    Would you like to have a low-ready stance? Would it be beneficial? Personally I would like to have this animation in-game as it would free almost completely the screen of any weapon model, being able to have that extra bit of information you otherwise don´t because the weapon is in the way, while remaining in 'optics mode'. This should let clear what I am referring to (jump to 0:20). Just take a look of how much extra you can see when the weapon is lowered to that extend. My idea of how this could be triggered is by going into the 'optics mode' in the rifle and pressing the already featured 'lower weapon' action (default 2x left control, I´m sure everybody knows that already, but just making clear for those who maybe don´t). After you press it, the gun lowers itself to around the extend that it is shown in the video and by pressing it another time, the optic would raise to the middle of the screen. I say the middle of the screen because there is where the optic/iron sights sits by default, simulating the optic meeting the eye and not the other way around. In short, have a set of animations for lowering the gun whilst shouldered only (as we currently have) and another for when aiming down sights. Here is a really good post that I think did not get the attention it deserves as it proposes very good ideas and explains a bit better why this set of animations or abilities would be beneficial and much more, take a look at it if you haven´t check it before. I made this a poll as I think they get more attention as regular posts, thus making it more easy for devs to spot and also to reflect the mindset of the community in a visual way. Pretty sure the devs read the vast majority of posts here, but just in case.
  12. lolipoyi

    Problems of RCO/ACRO sights.

    Remember those sights are zeroed around 300 meters. So if you spot a target at 400m, you should aim at the 100 meter mark. Follow this rule: distance to target - sight zero = aim point. You can also re-zero your sights using the weapon zero keys (default page up/page down) and then your point of aim will be your point of impact. Using the marks on the scope is good for finding the range to the target, but you have to take into account the default zero on the scope for the bullet to go where you want it to go. If you want to use the marks on the scope for range and also bullet drop, zero your sight at 100m. PS: if I explained something wrong or not correctly enough, anyone feel free to correct me.
  13. lolipoyi

    JUMP please!!

    Well... what do you make of ? I just found the video...
  14. Would you like to see them in the vanilla game? Personally I would love to see both in Arma 3. A safety for obvious reasons and malfunctions to add another degree of stress into an engagement, accepting that the weapon I am firing right now might not fire the next round.
  15. Very good stuff +1. Much of the movement options you suggested can be achieved by using a TrackIr device, such as leaning in cockpit thanks to 6dof, lowering your weapon by moving you head slightly up and you mouse down and so on, but making all that available to all players (not only those with said TrackIr) would be much appreciated. The way you pictured the aiming deadzone is perfect and about the ´nades, with a little more tweaking this system could be pretty handy. I´m more concerned about the healing system or for a fact, the lack of it... but anyhow, great post man.