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  1. ok, thanks for the info... and are they adding HOTAS capability like ARMA 3 at any point ?
  2. gonk

    Any new mission generators?

    I wish the "War in Takistan" style of mission generation made it into ARMA 3..
  3. Is there a way to attach the ropes to totally destroyed items ? currently the rope just drops to the ground.... e.g .chopper/planes. Make for good salvage missions..
  4. You thought about making one rope mod.. instead of towing, sling and repelling as separate mods.. ? I say, "if you can't tie knots tie lots"... :). This addon a very useful and realistic feature addition to the game.. Well done.
  5. A feature to mute/unmute custom VON channels to individual players being looked at ? There are a couple of Team-speak Radio Mods that are begging to be moved to the in game VON.
  6. Seems like the game has a LOD problem for the AI. E.g, AI seem to be able to spot you from 100m away and shoot pretty straight through the trees.... but if you next to one, they cannot see you...
  7. I wish they removed the super vests.. the vests that can withstand a 7.62 or 9.3 and just flinch... really guys... turn it down.. Please
  8. I guess it is just time to move on.. I know I have, plus so have most of the people I used to play with, I guess we just all have Arma bug fatigue. I guess they are trying to aim at new clientele. It was great while it lasted.
  9. Probably best to have a break.... I am ... but I must admit I did have a laugh at Zues... asking for years for a 3d editor.... so they make a game out of a 3d editor.... and still no stand-alone 3d editor.. so funny....
  10. Is there going to be some random mission generator to help make the game play smoother ? Otherwise you are relying too much on the Game Master.
  11. yes.. searched and removed all zeu stuff.. but stuck with that bug. had to re-install to fix. got me...
  12. yep... sure did.. As it says I am trying for vanilla...so all -mods gone
  13. gonk

    Arma 3 Headless Client

    thanks...I can see a difference with hc vs non-hc
  14. how to I remove this addon from a server ? I have deleted the files userconfig\zeu\zeu_A3serverBriefing.hpp and zeu_serverbriefing.pbo. But when i try and run the server as vanilla it stalls and I get this error...Warning Message: Addon 'zeu_ServerSkills' requires addon 'CBA_main' To get the server running again I have to use the CBA mod. Any hints ? Thanks