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  1. Steakslim

    why no tow/atgm mraps?

    I won't lie, I've wondered this too.
  2. Steakslim

    Wasteland questions.....

    well for one this is problem best asked in the multiplayer mission forum since wasteland is a popular user made mission and not an official BIS mission. Gear isn't saved because the mission isn't made to do so. When you log out your character dies and people loot your body if they find it. If server restarts, everything resets. any objects placed on the map, like building bases will remain until the mission restarts. Wasteland was never made to be a like DayZ or any of the Life rp server that continually saves your data, be it locally or server side, or at least not originally. Some other mission maker may edit it to do so some day but that is up to them, be it Tonic or Su-Matra or whoever has made an iteration of the mission.
  3. Steakslim

    'Balancing' of the Slammer UP

    You mean what we've been using almost exclusively for a few hundred years?
  4. Steakslim

    Track Issues..!

    Do what now?
  5. and that's the thread folks
  6. Steakslim

    ARMA 3 - Dropped out features

    that topic was never the holy grail of features promised to be in the game, and it was maintained by members of the forum here based on news and promotional material (and some official word by devs) that may or may not be a reliable source of what would be in the final game (scripted moving train in ArmA2 video anyone?).
  7. Yeah but it's my day off and I figured I could actually post something about it for once. Anywho, not to be complete waste of a thread, here OP http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?169682-the-houses-and-ruins-are-the-mp-problem An interesting and current topic on what may be one of the larger culprits on bad fps in MP. Post, discuss, share your experience on the matter.
  8. So...you couldn't just dig up one of the MANY topics, probably within the last few weeks alone about this, read it over, post in it? You had to make your own damn thread just for this?
  9. yeah because some of the pickup trucks i get the flickering while SLI is on, but the Hunter and Ifrit the mirrors and screens work without issue.
  10. Steakslim

    FHQ Work in Progress

    looking good.
  11. Steakslim

    physx and cloth

    Hard, probably not, but costly for performance. Likely will not happen.
  12. I don't think his particle tests are legit. They look more that stock matte/blue/greenscreen effects overlaid on the captured footage.
  13. Steakslim

    PiP: Sincerely Devs/Users

    it does for nvidia cards.