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  1. Great Idea for a thread Tank I will post a few of my modified scripts in here later when I get home. Cheer's ChefD
  2. chefd261

    co30 DominationA2! One Team

    LOL Carl ya beat me to it posted while I was typeing very simple for you to fix yourself Nichevo (as long as you can depbo a file and if not Dl cpbo its in kegetys tools google it or www.armaholic.com it and you will be fine) next go into i)server and look 1/2 to 3/4 the way down until you see a table that will have entrys that read like this [[1,0], 1], // tanks [[1,0], 1], // apc (bmp) [[1,1], 1], // apc2 (brdm) [[1,1], 1], // jeep with mg (uaz mg) [[1,0], 1] // jeep with gl (uaz grenade) you will have to do some reading in there but it is commented (don't want this post to take up to much room or I would do step by step) after all these values are where you want them put the missions into you A2 user missions folder start the game and go to editor you should now see your mission in there.then save as a mp mission and your good to go locate the mission in your main A2 mpmissions folder put it on your server and you are good to go if you have any questions I am normaly over at. ts.jsoc-gamer.org port 9988 (ts3 server) website www.10thsfg.org any of the guys can help you contact me if I am not there. remember adding vehics and simple tweeks can be done by you and Xeno can use his time for the framework.I time permitting can even help with more advanced changes if you need them just ask. Cheer's ChefD
  3. chefd261

    co30 DominationA2! One Team

    @CarlGustaffa LOL you and me both Although I would love to learn more about anti cheat solution Xeno has in here. Cheer's ChefD
  4. I have to agree with whisper BE is not a mod and I would hate to see this post mix people up Addon Vs Mission Vs Vanilla content since I do think it is a valid point some of you are trying to make. (I do play mostly with addons) Cheer's ChefD
  5. Man I would love to see a community BAN list if it could be kept fair there are already some groups that the 10th works with that share Ban lists (Serf's being one of them) but a bigger list would at least help me keep an eye out for the dumb ones who don't change there name.Would love to catch some more of the ********* guys (the ones who use the hacks).Some times I feel like changing my name to ChefD The Hacker Hunter. Cheer's ChefD
  6. My personal CO dedi works fine the 10th/20thsfg, Task Force Blackjack 7thsfg and 7-75th dedi's have CO as well CO is what we all run in the 10th. Cheer's ChefD
  7. chefd261

    enemy respawn help***

    @Gamerboy37 feel free to pm if you have any questions but check out UPS it can be used for SP to do exactly what you are wanting DAC will work as well but may be like hitting a fly with a sledge. Cheer's ChefD www.10thsfg.org
  8. chefd261

    co30 DominationA2! One Team

    awsome work Xeno just wanted to pop that out. Cheer's ChefD
  9. Same own all and still play OFP with some friends as well as ArmA1 depending on who is on.Mainly play ArmA2 and OA with 10thsfg.all are great in there own right. Cheers ChefD
  10. My vote is in for the Res Campaign(Best) followed by Operation Flashpoint and the (Please no one shoot me) ArmA 1 Campaign. Cheers ChefD
  11. @EvenLease It is not at the moment. A word of warning read the prev pages before asking a questions on this or other BI Fourm threads or you invite being torn to shreds.There are many who have lost all patience over the years with answering the same questions many times when the answer is a page back. Cheer's ChefD
  12. chefd261

    [Betatest] GBU-43/B "MOAB"

    cool will test tonight Cheer's ChefD
  13. Hi everyone just a quick question anyone have an Idea why DAC and Ace Wounds could cause everyone to become almost invulnerable. Dac is default and mission is basic default Dac and Beta Ace Arma Patch 1.07.If anyone would like to have a look PM me and I will send mission.everything runs fine when I separate the parts ( of the mission framework ) only when I put them together that the problem occurs.P.S. problem occurs on Hosted and Dedi and results are varied as far as how many hits it takes before you or the AI die. any help would be apreciated Cheer's ChefD
  14. chefd261

    ARMA 2 (OA) : DLC discussion thread

    Wow I am late getting in on this one PAID DLC + BIS = (what has this world come to) They already gave us the tools to make almost anything we desire. Ok getting off my soap box now if they put out DLC that is better than what we can make I am for it if not I will wait for us ( the community ) to put things out that are free and for the most part functional. LOL Steak Ya had to know this one was coming as soon as I noticed the thread. Cheer's ChefD
  15. LOL I can hear it now (another wep request) but I was wondering if anyone is working on a Barrett .416 Cheer's ChefD