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  1. I have CO it did it automatically during install then all i do is use spiritedmachine's launcher and i can run CO,OA,A2.

    enemy respawn help***

    Well if you checked the 3rd sticky in this section you would see the post by Placebo stating No Editing threads here please. Check the forum rules first and you wont get any snide comments. The moderators have thier work cut out moderating these forums and it helps when people read the rules and stickies that are there for a reason.

    enemy respawn help***

    Heres the link to the Mission editing & scripting threads post there. And youre questions will be answered. Oh and there is a funny thing on the top of the website that says SEARCH
  4. Yeah can just imagine all BLUFOR with a satchel in their hands and one OPFOR on a hill sniggering to himself when he depresses the detonator and see's all the BLUFOR wiped out. But on Topic its a good idea and i would love to see the toss satchel option.
  5. Hi i was just wondering i came upon a little problem earlier whilst messing round in the boot camp i chose the UNmanned flight section and choose to use the ULB first off. Whilst using it there were a few problems one being that some of its controls use the NUMPAD section of the keyboard but i have a ZBOARD with a gaming keyset in it and it doesnt have a numpad is there any way of reassigning the keys?
  6. If it had to be any faction i would suggest IRAN ties in brilliantly with current events, say the BLUFOR US and the UK (america wont go to war without us) invade IRAN to remove the aspect of them gaining tactical nuclear weapons. With the way things are you could bring a few more factions into it, germany, netherlands, estonians etc for BLUFOR who have moved up from the afghanistan deployment to the US attacking from IRAQ. Russia and china siding with IRAN. Just an idea.

    Multirole, Fighters

    The UK only have carrier based harriers to provide CAP so they are intended in that role as air interceptors, but are equally able to provide CAS. We unlike the states have no proper carriers per se. we have ski ramp equipped pocket carriers as such. So we cant launch and recieve conventional aircraft to my knowledge.

    Multirole, Fighters

    My freind can i point you towards the falklands war where the Harrier was intentionally used as a air to air fighter providing CAP to the fleet against the argies planes. And it won the air war and the argies respected the plane for what it did. Most planes that are out there today are primarily used in CAS because the wars that are taking place today are against insurgencies that very rarely have any air assets what so ever.
  9. Yeah for some reason it seems that no matter what the distance if releasing facing the cockpit the flares never affect the lock of the stinger.
  10. Reminds me of a film called "The Objective" CIA and spec ops running round in jeans and local dress pretty good mate
  11. Howdy warrior long time no see. And he is exactly right but then again i dont use 203 or the 40 mikes GMG a lot so i aint to bothered bout it.
  12. The only time ive had any luck with shoulder launched stingers is firing straight at the chopper from a nose on position whilst its below probably 100 feet and i always hit the target hasnt failed me yet.
  13. UKMERC


    We also need to make sure that all the vehicle lights work as well like the indicators brake lights other wise youll be pulled over by the local cops and make sure you carry your license and registration. OH and hide the weed.
  14. If you need to know more hop onto the editing threads and theres a few posts there about it as well.