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  1. No mate, Being patiant little buggers we waited for nearly a minute before disconnecting and restarting as described in my previous post. An issue that has only just occured tonight though is that when 20+ are using ACRE the likley hood of us crashing has jumped 200%. For example, the same amount of people using the previous version would not have been an issue however with 1.3.4 we are crashing and dropping connection left right and centre even though our connections are fine. To prove a point i'm actually typing this while I wait for TS to sort itself out!!! I'm not a a whiz at all this heavy coding and modding stuff so don't ask me for dump files etc cause I wouldn't know where to start! I do know however since updating to 1.4.3 comm's wise i've had nothing but problems. 1 step forward....2 steps back i guess :confused:
  2. Recon2130

    [UGAF] United Global Armed Force

    Greetings fellow arma junkies!! Its been a while and i'm bored so I thought I would post up some news about how UGAF is doing! First off we have had yet another re-org within the squads (what a nightmare it was!!) and we have 2 new callsigns! Romeo - Formally Bravo 2 or Recce. These guys are the special forces of UGAF. They dare to venture where the rest of us wouldnt unless we had some major advantage (like a nuke). They are highly trained in HAHO, HALO's & static line jumps, as well as fast roping, CQB and long range sniping. Charlie Troop - Based loosley on the RAF Regiment this small force act as Forward Air Controllers for our air element and provide ground to air protection for ground call signs. Both of these squads are looking for new members so if you like the sound of them come and try out!! We have also began our new campaign. The story of which is highly classified (Due to me not knowing what it is!! - BLAME G-MAN!!) however after a visit from SafteyCatch from our TF86 buddies we have taking on a dynamic sort of approach to it. We have completed our WW2 Prolouge mission and the first mission in the full blown campaign. Both were classed as a major success. For more information on this please view our website. UGAF would like to thank TF86 for there support and giving us the inspriation to carry out such a campaign (You calls never call or write, dont you love us anymore? :)) As of 04/06/2011 UGAF switched to Six Updater after the tireless efforts of Sickboy and some ninja configuration on our servers. We are unsure what we are going to do with our Yoma, which many of you use to update ACE2 but when a decision is reached we will let you all know! All in all UGAF is a really fun place to be at the moment with lots going on both in Arma and out. Be sure to come over and check us out, even if its for a casual game on the public server. You are always welcome. Have fun all Recon
  3. UGAF have been having issues. Our guys are reporting that if they die ACRE stops working and they need to disconnect from the server and teamspeak then reload the plugin and reconnect to the server. This has only started happening since we updated to 1.3.4. Standard troubleshooting has been carried out, re-installs, running everything as admin and we can't seem to get it to work. We missing something silly?
  4. Recon2130

    ArmA 2 site hacked

    May be pure coincidence however take a look at this: WW2 - Arma 2 Engine During world war II 842sqn RAF did the famous Damn Busters raid. Like a say I may be just over analyising the picture but just the way it bounces before it hits the wall reminds me of this. The fact also that this WW2 thing has been annoucned using the same engine as OA adds to my suspicions that BI are developing either a new stand alone expansion or an entirely new game!
  5. Recon2130

    [UGAF] United Global Armed Force

    <Sarcasim>Another update from your favorite Arma II group!</Sarcasim> Well the last few months have bore alot of fruit for UGAF and we are expanding steadily. We have just had a large intake of new members and our squads are filling out nicely. As UGAF grows more squads will be opened up to accomodate them. To prepare for this UGAF have started running leadership courses for those who may want to dive in to the depths of squad leading during our mission. Note: Leadership training is only available to UGAF members. Our current members are under review from the leadership powers at the moment to see whos ready to go from grunt to grunt with privlages (NCO). After this has been decided the lucky members will go through training courses on being a grunt with privlages that will allow them to fufil there new roles. UGAF now has a blog up and running and is maintained by myself. It is brand new so content is lacking at the moment until I get more time to work on it. It will have information on our events and Q&A sessions with our members. G-Man and one of our senior members, wookie, have already taking part and these have been posted on the blog. UGAF's Blog Well thats about it for now. Please remember to visit our website and say hello. We are always running public events so to make sure you know when we have one planned visit our events page! Regards, Recon UGAF 2IC
  6. Recon2130

    Request to BI

    Chaps and Chappets, I was just wondering if there is any chance of getting the BAF content expanded to include an iron sight version of the L85's and Minimi's? The reason I ask is just because some of us prefer using iron sights over optics and at the moment we have no such selection for the BAF weaponry which would be my weapon if choice giving the option. Understand if this is not possible just a general quiery I thought i would post. Note to Mods - Sorry if this has already been asked I did search and couldnt find anything :) Thanks & Regards, Recon.
  7. Recon2130

    [UGAF] United Global Armed Force

    Just a small update from UGAF. We have exciting news. We are currently in the process of redesigning our entire website. The redesign will feature an entirly new look and also add some new features that up until now have been unavailable to us. The whole of UGAF would like to thank G-Man for his tireless work in producing this new website. We know from his constant moaning that he has lost countless hours of sleep doing this and we are grateful for his efforts. UGAF is still progressing with training and missions and is evolving in to an even more tactical community that uses real life tactics and procedures within the confines of Arma II. To find out more please visit our website. With the new website due to go live soon please expect down time on and after the event while we work out the bugs. We hope to see you soon. Take care, Recon UGAF 2IC
  8. Recon2130

    Descripton.ext Error

    Just a general tip. I would have made the ammo in a seperate script. Then in the ammo box's command line place
  9. Recon2130

    [UGAF] United Global Armed Force

    Well this post is well overdue! A good a** kicking for myself and G-Man is in order for not doing this sooner. Anyhow here's the first update of 2011 for United Global Armed Force. We hope you all had a fantastic Christmas & new year. Inter-Clan Relations It has been announced to our members that we are now working on a new campaign. This campaign will be internal to UGAF members only. The inspiration however and the basic concept has come from outside sources. Recently G-Man got in contact with Task Force 86 about the possibility of doing a joint op with them. In the process the persistent campaign that they have going has caught his eye. So now he wants UGAF to have a similar system. Not a bad plan, just means more work for the mission makers (DOH!). The development of the campaign is already under way, the back story and theatre for it is being looked in to as we speak. Very exciting stuff and we'll keep you updated. What's been going on with UGAF since the near year!? New Members: In other news UGAF has been growing steadily both with official members and the regular public members of the community who just want some fun. We would prefer the first but the second allows us to gloat with our shiny XML's. They all break eventually - Remember that! Missions: We held our first big op of the year last Sunday (09/01/2011). Operation Buzzsaw which some of you may have seen kicking about on Armaholic and on the BI forums. It was a fantastic op and everyone who took part was outstanding. We completed all of our objectives with no casualties. G-man got hit on the head a few times but he hasn't got much to damage in that department! He videoed the entire thing on our livestream. He has cut out the main insertion as he crashed and it did not look right. The video starts with him being reinserted back in to the AO by our flight element. You can view this video HERE. Be aware that it is 2 and a bit hours long! Other videos such as our training sessions are also present however they normally don't end with the same success; Don't say I didn't warn you! Stuff of concern: Unfortunately Christmas has brought UGAF some misery. Due to the inability to respect other people's 'Property' our dedicated server, which hosts our game servers & Teamspeak 3 server has been subject of DDOS attacks. The source of the attacks are unknown however it seems to have eased up a little over the past week so hopefully our provider has sorted it. We have, like many other server providers for Arma II have been having the issue with hackers killing our game servers. This is due to a vulnerability in ARMA II's programming and not our server. We apologise in advance if you are suddenly kicked due to one of these hacks but until BIS fixes it we cannot do anything about it. To find out if it is an issue with us or with the server please visit our website. Please note: If our website is down too it is an issue with our provider and not UGAF. That pretty much covers everything for today. If I have missed anything G-man will probably post up with it. Take care all, Recon UGAF 2IC
  10. Hi All, I would like to present Operation Buzzsaw. It was originally intended as a UGAF private mission for use with other units in joint operations. After some tweaking however I have decided to release it. This is my mission making debut so be nice :) Your main objectives are to secure 2 towns and the northern most airfield on Takistan. You can either play as PMC's or as US Army infantry. I have not added formal tasks however the map makes it fairly obvious what you have to do, as does the mission briefing. Both factions have one so no need to worry. The mission has been fully beta tested on both stand alone machines & a dedicated server. We found minor bugs which, to our knowledge have been fixed. This should be a nice stable mission. If you do find any problems with it please get in contact with me either on the UGAF website or PM me. Please do leave feedback. I can take constructive criticism. Required Addons: ACE2 ACRE/Arma2Jaylib BAF (Lite/full) PMC (Lite/full) This is a video of myself and a UGAF member playing the mission. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cItOD0asREc Mirror
  11. Recon2130

    [UGAF] United Global Armed Force

    Greetings, Just a small update on what has been going on in UGAF over the past weeks. First of all I am pleased to say that we got our website back up and running. This outage was caused by our domain providers going bust and therefore we had to transfer our website to a new provider. No data loss was incurred because of this move. UGAF is now running 1.56 on all of it's servers and has added ACRE to our public server to allow public players who use the addon that extra bit of realism. Please be aware we always run the most recent version. This can be downloaded from our Yoma repository's. We have also continued to update ACE on Yoma. We were discussing sticking to stable releases only however we got a visit from Sickboy who persuaded us to stick with the beta updates and provide the community with an alternative means of updating (other than 6 updater). We also host the stable releases from the following Yoma link. This has NOT been updated to 1.6 and is still hosting 1.5 stable. We will update this thread once we have 1.6 ready for download. http://folders.ugaf-addons.co.uk/OA_ACE/modreopo.7z We have also recently got back to a high level of readiness. Over the summer months we fell in to a period of decreased activity while people enjoyed the summer weather. Now that this has passed we are slowly climbing back to full strength and have been working hard to get our skills polished. We have also gained strong ties with the -=GiFr=- community and have been in constant communication with them over joint operations and training. This has been laughed at by many of our UK members with the recent news on the UK & French now being officially allies. Please be sure to visit our website and check to see if any events are happening over the coming weeks. UGAF are constantly planning public missions and would love for you to join in!
  12. Recon2130

    A2+OA+BAF No Sound.

    Yes I am very sure, I am not a total bafoon. I have updated all drivers on my machine and issue persists. Please help!
  13. Recon2130

    [UGAF] United Global Armed Force

    As of a unknown time on Thursday 25th November 2010 the United Global Armed Force website went offline. We are unsure as to the reason of this however wish to assure the BI community that we are working on getting it back up as quickly as possible. The downtime was not scheduled. We will have it back online hopefully within the next 24-48hours. Sorry for any inconvenience caused. Kind Regards Recon UGAF 2IC.
  14. Recon2130

    A2+OA+BAF No Sound.

    Still didn't work. Again for clarification - Arma II is the only application affected and this has been an issue since BEFORE latest game patches (by about 3 days)
  15. Recon2130

    A2+OA+BAF No Sound.

    Volume = 100% - Confirmed BAF Patch - Downloaded and installed numerous times (although issue started pre patch) Issue occurs with and without mods. All other app's work without issue.