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  1. Been using ACRE for a while now and used to get alot of ts/ ACRE crashes. I heard from somewhere that setting the affinity of ts to only one core (assuming you have a multicore processor) fixes it. I have to say that it has fixed about 90%+ of my ts/ACRE crash issues. Been doing this for months now. Maybe trying affinity fixes will work for those who crash?
  2. 3MERC Wookie

    realistic carnage

    I would find it more shocking and immersing to have more death animations (perhaps some animations that fit the method of death rather than generic death animation1) and have more wounded/death sounds than adding body parts flying. Hearing the urgency of people screaming and dying all around sounds more intense and isn't as visually distracting. Better blood effects and spray would be nice but dismembering IMHO proves more distracting than game enhancing. I don't think the models can be deformed as such in the current engine anyway. As far as im aware to make gore and gibs, you'd have to remove the body and replace it with body parts on the fly, rather than the body parts coming off from the model itself. Required more calculations and such id imagine.
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    Hello, I love the map, excellent for tank battles and such. However, i don't know if its just me... but do the streetlights work on Celle? I'm currently making a night mission, yet none of the lights in the towns etc are on. Pitch blackness. Do i have to use a script to switch the lights on? Or has the OA patches broken something?
  4. I have a question regarding something which gets used in warfare style missions. More specifically the ability to purchase weapons and ammo etc with money earned from doing tasks (killing/ taking towns etc). Is there a way to do this via scripting without the need for having the warfare module since the warfare module really isn't ideal for my needs. I have looked inside warfare modules and searched forums for anything related to this, but didn't have any luck. Can any of you lot help? Wookie
  5. 3MERC Wookie

    The Undead Mod

    Tis an excellent addon for arma 2. Did a simple and slightly silly mission for multiplayer with it, works a charm. Also nice to use it with ACE2, since you get flashlights. Makes for some sexy night battles. I know its a bit of a bloody cheek me asking, but are there any better mirrors to use then sendspace or whatever its called for those patches... i think everyone ive been in contact with in regards to this mod have enjoyed using it. Apart from the painfully slow d/l... Keep up the great work!