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  1. NoRailgunner

    SOPA - Internet as we know it about to be gone?

    Did terrorist win in making average Joe & Jill in US a bit more paranoid? Is it possible to use this kind of fear to establish some more intrusive "safeguards" and "safety" programs/tools/backdoors even as legal options for an "War against terror", "War against drugs", "War against the axis of evil" etc? Again - who controls those who are using these security measures or is it just better to have somekind of blind obedience and trust in everything + anything they say and do? Mattar_Tharkari - FYI : US isn't even officially a country where happy unicorns and fluffy bunnies live: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_federal_political_scandals_in_the_United_States and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_state_and_local_political_scandals_in_the_United_States ;)
  2. NoRailgunner

    SOPA - Internet as we know it about to be gone?

    Mattar_Tharkari isn't it you who should be interested in whom + why you trust? If you only believe in official sources - you will only get the official version. If you can live with that, its all fine - if not do some work on your own and don't wait until someone else presents another version just how you like/accept it.... ;)
  3. NoRailgunner

    SOPA - Internet as we know it about to be gone?

    Lol, there are so many proud & blind nationalist/patriots or *placecountryname*-bots online.... They don't want to know, see, hear or think anything else than *placecountryname* strong/1st/l33t/... !! For some people the world is just better black and white only - anything else would make them nervous and uncomfortable. ;)
  4. NoRailgunner

    SOPA - Internet as we know it about to be gone?

    Of course US politicians and US intelligence services did and do nothing wrong because of: "US 1stplace strong!!". There really isn't much that you need to know or need to think of - just simply-blindly believe in anything what they say or write. All the others are just unpatriotic, traitors and perhaps just trying to create a anti-US conspiracy (or anti-US-gov.conspiracy@net).... Please don't look back at history of USA or try to find affairs, political scandals etc - its nothing compared to every other country of the world. US is the best, their friends and followers are ok and all others who have doubts or oppose US politics/ideas and certain "security" measures are evil. :cool:
  5. NoRailgunner

    SOPA - Internet as we know it about to be gone?

    @Mattar_Tharkari of course you can believe whatever you want even if its the opposite and not common sense. Its imo naive to think that spying on other countries/citizens is just done as an "pre-emptive" process only against all the bad or evil guys and all data is stored safely + no one is interested in using them be it for research or economical benefits. No doubt every intelligence service will say that they are the good guys and that they are doing only good things!! ;)
  6. NoRailgunner

    SOPA - Internet as we know it about to be gone?

    Well and who really controls those "intelligence services"? How much they are terrorist hunting and how much they do support their own domestic economy by spying on foreign company and research & developments?? Maybe there is a deal between government and a secret agency in place such as: "as long as you can provide us with certain data we will turn a blind eye on other things..." ? On the other hand its funny to watch how fast US people go ballistic if China, Russia or any other country is spying on them = instant "axis of evil" and warmongering guaranteed! Doubt that any or most of EU governments would have the balls to deny and prosecute official/inofficial US spying on them and their economy, science + technology developments.... Big brother is not bad, he is just doing these things to protect US citizens against all those evil things - plus possible evil stuff and people who maybe could turn evil. Intelligence services are always and everytime right! Stop asking silly questions about their work its all automatically good and fine !! ;) :)
  7. NoRailgunner

    PedagneMOD - Amphibious pack at 360°

    After testing and seeing a lot of issues/bugs you should now try to squeeze them out one by one, imo. Just place similar vehicles (empty/with AI) into the editor and play a bit with them - same with any other stuff. Check sounds too - some SD weapons do switch from "silenced" into "loud/normal" and the door/ramp open + close sounds need to be a bit more silenced - annoying if you put vehicles, aircrafts and the first you hear is this strange sound. Perhaps you can add some groups for desert/winter combat too? Btw why do have marksmen a DMR/sniper rifle which fires only full auto? Hope you are going to explore + enjoy A2OA with PedangeMod and fix most of the issues/bugs ("_destruct_rvmat" seems to get the most lines in arma2oa.rpt) ! :)
  8. NoRailgunner

    ArmA III is the last Arma

    Does this thread make sense and is it posted in the right section of the forum (read the thread description below the thread title) ? Btw as long as BIS makes profit they will do whatever they think its right and of course try to stay alive + happy in games business/industry. ;)
  9. NoRailgunner

    arma 2 is awesome

    So you did play all the other games which were made before Arma2, at the same time and after? ;)
  10. NoRailgunner

    Proposal for a new Game Engine

    How many devs are capable of writing a engine or proper tools for game development? If a gamestudio don't have the ressources (devs, money, time) they can just fumble around and try to improve/fix stuff. Of course there will be a time when one can't upgrade the old game engine anymore.... question then would be what kind of a game engine can be used to continue a profitable serie/franchise without changing its own and perhaps unique character? ;)
  11. Think there is no need to be so much in function and working details like one can have in a dedicated flight or tank simulation but at least those silly single slitted 2D viewports should be gone aswell as copy-pasted cockpits. How many gamers would be mad if there are some basic stuff/features implemented to operate vehicles in military games? Guess saying that a military game is "focused on infantry" is just overused by BIS as an universal excuse... one can only hope that someday someone will make just a great milgame/milsim. ;)
  12. NoRailgunner

    BM Production makes mission(s)

    Hmm... this mission needs more spice and kickass enemies. You could add an UAZ + troops to patrol around and makes some stops here and there. The town and buildings could be more occupied with enemies (on "safe") and maybe add some more life for example vehicles could be repaired/resupplied by their crews so it looks more like Timurkalay is occupied and there is only a very little chance to destroy vehicles/defense/supply without air (or arty) support. Perhaps add a few SD weapons/Laserdesignator + option to skip time?
  13. How compatible these new RKSL addons will be to old (A2) RKSL addons? Better to make "@RKSL_GRUMPYANDOLD" and "@RKSL_THISISSOOOMUCHBETTER" folders? ;) :D
  14. Waiting for new HiP news/updates/bugfixes/pics/trailers and some nice Coop (for ~10-20 players) + SP missions. ;)
  15. NoRailgunner

    PedagneMOD - Amphibious pack at 360°

    Thanks for upgrade + release! Italians units, vehicles and other stuff are a great addition to Armaverse - guess having them speak, swear and sing italian would be like the cherry on top of a delicious cake. Now I just tried those showcase missions and some error messages came up aswell as an performance drop = lag. Maybe you can just check and perhaps fix what makes troubles? There are also some error lines in the arma2oa.rpt written by just starting PedangeMod with official A2OA update/patch 1.62 + latest betabuild + @CBA_CO + @MMA. Hope that we will see now a bit more naval combat/warfare - ASZ_Pedange/Italian Navy could be now a major threat to all other ships and naval fleets. :)