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  1. So what does 2013 bring for the BDR Team? Santa came in with his hands full! A new site, with lots of functionalities, badass graphics and ever more coolness! A new forum with matching graphics accents and Tapatalk enabled so you can follow you Team's gossips everywhere you are ;) Lots of new courses are being activated, ACRE and ACE are paramount so new members must have a clear understanding of how to play. And... well how could I forget? Arma Tactical Combat! One of the most famous European (not that we don't like other guys, it's just that playing with 8h+ TZ diff is not that comfy) campaign, with 80 players each time in two factions of 40 each. From infantry, through tanks, to helis: whatever you like, you can find it in the ATC 5 campaign! WWW.ARMA-TACTICAL-COMBAT.COM (Hosted by BDR TEAM)
  2. Hi Sven, where is your server located? I tried SU but could not find anything.
  3. erupter

    Really disheartened.

    I never tried to paragon TKOH with the likes of falcon4, Jane's longbow or any dcs products. I'm asking the instrumentation to follow the flight model, otherwise why not making it an apache2000 clone? I'm asking that if you go to the extent of modeling a 3D cockpit, you go as far as actually filling it with even fake instruments (as most games do and did) instead if leaving empty spots. I'm asking that if you SELL a product with a model depicting an helicopter with retractable landing gears, those gears are made actually retractable. Even Orbiter simulator does retractable gears, and its free. I don't understand your attitude people: to me it looks like I payed a sum of money which is far higher than the actual value of the product. You have a nice time shoving the responsibility of the decision on the customer (me), but the reality is that such a high priced product entitles to high expectations. You wouldn't pay a modern smartphone something like 500€ and yet get away with a single core and low res display with 4 gb, would you? Anyway I see there is no point in criticizing if the user base is the most ardent defensor: if you guys think the product is so good... well good for you. For me it's not. Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using Tapatalk 2
  4. erupter

    Really disheartened.

    Sven I feel you'd make a nice addition to BIS marketing dep :D Here, have a look at GameStore UK's description of Microsoft Flight Simulator X So not even MSFSX was ever marketed as a Simulator in the professional meaning, still it has perfectly working sideslip indicators, instrumentation lighting and landing gears. And it dates back to 2006. Well even FS98 had better instrumentation and landing gear... I'm not new to BIS, but this endeavour has really lowered my esteem of them: if feels unfinished, barely put together. And yet sold for real money (and not even small money!).
  5. I thought focusing on just one kind of vehicles would allow for an easier implementation. I thought providing just 3 variants would allow for a more realistic representation. Boy was I wrong. 1st of all the instrumentation: it's unusable. VORs, DMEs are nonexistent, the artificial horizon is so small, but the worst is the compass in the light heli, I can't read anything unless zooming. And all of this gets even worse when you turn and the cockpit is shadowed: no illumination at all, so you just see black. And I'm not talking night flight! I'm talking daylight flying when you turn and the helicopter body shadows the cockpit. Then my main grief: no sideslip indicator. How is one supposed to coordinate turning, sideslips, aerobatic manouvers? A plane (that goes more or less straight) has a sideslip indicator, and an helicopter simulator doesn't? I don't know but this really hursts as I don't know what my helicopter is doing. 2nd dynamics I still can't understand why you deliberately chosed not to simulate retracting landing gears on the heavy: it is not only a graphical gimmik, it affects dynamics too. All the more because the mi24 has retracting landing gears, as do most of Arma2 vehicles. The medium heli is unflyable for me: it jumps everywhere, it's itchy as a nervous cat. Is this by design? I can do whatever I want with the light, and with the heavy too (providing allowance for its enormous intertia), with the medium I don't risk anything. A slightly harder pull on the collective, and most often than not you're piroetting in the sky. I have doubts on the heavy mountainous stance too, but having never piloted an NH90 I can't really say. Although available videos would make me lean on a less stable flying machine. Then we have the infamous advancing/retracting blade thing: I've never seen a (real) heli flying tilted. And I see a lot coming and going above my head, but they are usually flying leveled unless turning. But in this simulator I have to be tilted to fly straight. I think TakeOn should have been a kind of testbed for new technologies for Arma3 rather than a standalone (and even pricey) product. At least as it is now. So I think that in the future you should focus on doing what you advertise. Maybe advertise less, but do better what there is. You make 3 choppers? Ok, small number but acceptable IF... you do them in the outmost quality. The light is ok, the medium stands its point, the heavy is just stitched together: dark instrumentation panels, empty instruments... The instrumentation suffers from the points I already explained: can't sell a simulator if it lacks on instrumentation guys. Even the infamous (for rotorwings) MSFS did a better job with the instrumentation! It really gives me the impressions of a sold attempt: it was not a finished product, not even in the product specifications, but you sold it anyway. This makes me sad :(
  6. Beta's supposed to be that way ;) Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using Tapatalk 2
  7. Doesn't require beta, in my team we use it daily with combined stable. Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using Tapatalk 2
  8. Totally ot: why would you do that? Are there any real mp servers? I'm playing single :p Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using Tapatalk 2
  9. I just thought that a facility to make videos (like an official gcam) would be very nice. Then I thought of the incredible abilities of the engine... Sure it's far fetched but think about something along the line of what valve is doing with its source engine: it's working on a hybrid 3dstudio/aftereffects in which you can edit everything, from lip sync, to pose, to lighting (sorry I don't have the link handy). All to produce a machinema video. I think you could make lots of people happy and maybe think about some new business model with such a feature in place. It's no small feat anyway... But anyway even a decently working in game video director mode would be nice. Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using Tapatalk 2
  10. In our team we had to edit the server's spam preferences to get rid of that. Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using Tapatalk 2
  11. Repeated fast press of control keys (ctrl, shift, alt) may trigger Windows accessibility features: filtering of those keys. Previously I always used auto voice, but recently I started playing UO and they enforce ptt:I discovered that even if it seems cumbersome, using right mouse for ts ptt is perfectly fine. Acre is still on caps lock. Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using Tapatalk 2
  12. In ts/options/payback you have mono to surround right? I have an Asus d2x,5.1 headset and I heard perfectly well people marching behind me. Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using Tapatalk 2
  13. You have the steam version which doesn't play nice with external launchers. What I do is this: install latest beta, copy the whole Arma2 folder content to another folder, use sixupdater on the new folder, set it to use the beta executable. This way I have the usual steam setup to pay with my clan, and the sixupdater synced one to pay Unitedoperations. Anyway my clan play with acre too,I just put all the mods in steam: right click arma2, properties, additional commands (or something like that). It allows you to specify command line parameters. I put my mood line there then start the game by right clicking in steam on arma2 and selecting lunch combined operations. Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using Tapatalk 2
  14. erupter

    separate sound systems.

    If you want to do that with single player, no solution: it would require the game to support that. If you want to do that with multiplayer, easy: get a second sound card, set the default windows system sounds on one of the audio cards, teamspeak on the other. I currently play with such a setup in order to be able to mute system/game sounds while still getting radio chatter. But if you intend to hear the radio through headphones while game sounds through speakers I advice you against it: it requires a pretty high volume on the speaker to compensate the headphones,I tried. Sent from my LG-P990 using Tapatalk 2
  15. erupter

    Arma II & OA User Video Thread

    Impressive as usual Stuntman, you really have a nose for where to be to record the nice action ;) What's the OST by the way? Not even Shazam was able to determine it.