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Yes, good you mention it. It's a pain to kick the @ares entry in the mission.sqm file if you forgot to switch off Achilles while using the editor.

Would be nice, if there wasn't a dependency.

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Is this mod broken or something. Same thing with the original Ares mod. I have both enabled. And I keep gettings an error message like so.




I typed that into my computer search, hoping to have something in one of the files come up. But all I post was a posting on some website talking about some of the objects used not being purposely added to the editor. Is there any way to fix this? Because I really liked Ares, I get this error with Ares alone as well.


Exactly the same issue here.



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Exactly the same issue here.




It was explained a couple of threads ago. Since this is an "expansion" on ARES, though at this stage its a completely new mod, it inherited some compositions from the original mod. But these compositions "Vernei" etc dont work in the editor. It was released before the 3den editor was implemented and Anton, the creator of ARES, left the modding community right after it was released and never updated it to work well with 3den. The compositions work perfectly when playing or testing your mission. If you want more compositions, use this mod: https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/189096-zec-zeus-and-eden-templates-building-compositions/ . It works in eden without issues.

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thx Kex, I'm glad someone continued to improve Ares mod.


I have a suggestion for add/remove objects to Zeus module options:

- to add/remove only units to Zeus (excluding other objects like buildings, walls, etc...)in a radius. I think this is essential for zeusing Editor created missions.

- if possible, to be able to select a faction of added units (Bluefor, Opfor, etc..) so you could add only one faction if neccessary.



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So I'm finally back. It will take me some time to recap the progress before I was gone. Nevertheless, I hope I can release the next update by the end of the next week.


Edit: Please report your issues in the form according to the description. This way it should be easier for me to reproduce an error.



What do you mean? The compositions from Ares Mod should be avaiable.


1) Looks funny. I will try to reproduce it. Thank you for the video!

2) They actually programmed that they should exit the animation loop if they get hit or see an enemy, but only if the “combat ready†option was set to true.

3) The Healing Module will be part of the next update.


1) They actually were on the folder level, nevertheless I may consider to implement an option in the settings to reintroduce the helmet icons. I want to implement a settings user inteface anyway.

2) Just check MCC for instance.


The chat is currently linked with the chatter module. I will try to implement a new option to access the zeus channel.


Just check “spawn†category. There is an “effect†module that provides all those options and more.


Strange… I thought dependencies are only there if you place an object of that add-on. I have to investigate how that happens.


Twakkie just perfectly explained the situation. ZEC mod is great. Definitely worth to check it out. Nevertheless, the solution I mentioned earlier will be implemented in the upcoming update.

@ eh chaser

I won’t be able to finish the module for the next update, so I will just reintroduce the animal category atm.

@ Sheflja

Some additional options are probably needed, however I’m not sure yet how I want to improve the module.

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Well the compositions of the Ares Mod don't show up for me in the modules list or compositions menu.
I tried with and without the Ares Mod, but they don't show up for me. The only ones that I see are the camping sites, furnitures and large compositions.

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Maybe the next update will fix this. The Ares compositions will be reorganized the way that they will also work in Eden editor.

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Some ideas (I know, you have a life, just suggestions :D ):


1) Healing-Damage-System

Sliders allow to damage and heal bodyparts (ACE) and to heal/damage players and AI over time (simulate heavy wounds, poison or healing) with some sort of effect-time-slider


2) "Keys"

A simple do-something-with-something mechanic.

For example: You have something called "Keys for jail" and you can do an "open" action on an object called "door" what would be otherwise "closed". If you use "Keys for jail" on "door" with the "open" action, you solve a task called "free the prisoner".

Mechanics could be:

- open (door with key)

- destroy (person or object with weapon/fire)

- interrogate (person)

- switch off/on (object with or without object)

- take away/steal (object/person)

- bring to (object to location)

- see/recon (area/person/object)

- talk to (person)



3) Simple "has seen" system

As in Arma2, you talk to AI and gain information about

- who was in the area (radius)

- where is danger (mines, camps, troops)


4) Simple "suicide bomber"

You put a module onto an AI, this unit gets a heavy west and is walking around .

If it "sees" players it wanders towards them and within radius x explodes the bomb.

Perhaps with a nice yelling "x-sound"


5) Give-up-units

If moduled, units will lower their weapon within certain parameters (i.e. if there are more than one player in the vicinity of radius x).

You then - as a player - can cry "put your weapons down" via scrollmenue and this unit gets - after x sec. - into "set captive" mode and puts its weapon to the ground (kneelig animation)


6) Put life into area

Within a radius, civilists spawn into buildings/cars and are

- walking around

- get into cars, drive them to another town, get into a building, despawn

- get together in small groups, briefing-animation, go away again

- etc.


7) Sound system

Custom defined sounds could be placed with certain parameters

- volume

- radius to hear (m, global)

- length (sec, complete, loop)

- destroyable (y/n)

- ambient (i.e. city sounds, always in the distance, very calm) Sounds can be grouped and chosen with dropdowns Sounds can be attached to players (go with them, i.e. radio messages)


8) Storm system

Module can be placed with parameters:

- size (radius around players)

- density (light, middle, heavy, are you nuts)

- kind (snow, sand, dust, ashes)

- windvelocity

- particles (papers, grass, ash, flakes)

- tone (i.e. yellowish for sandstorm, blackish black and white for irak-scenario etc.)


9) Sentry immersion

Put in a sentry and this unit stops at waypoints, get together in briefing and listening animation, a sound is played in a loop, where these sentries talk to each other (conversation sound file), perhaps put a cigarette on, glowing in the dark, spitting, laughing, grumbling.


10) Pursuit

Put on a unit and selecting another (unit or player) the first is pursuing the last.

It puts waypoints automatically near players with these parameters:

- style (sneaking, standard, assault)

- time of change (5 sec., 10 sec., 20 sec.)

- area to action (radius in m to do sth.)

- action when in reach (attack, talk)

- weapon (grenade, rocket, pistol, rifle, sniper)

- text/sound (talk/shout)


11) Sleep

Put on a unit and

- sleeping bag and camping-laying-chair spawns

- unit undresses

- unit lays down

- sound "snoring" plays

Unit "wakes up" if shots are fired or other units get into "alarm mode".

There's a short animation "dressing" and 5-6 sec. before unit gets its weapon.


12) Defend

Placed upon object/unit/player and select units to

- build some sort of perimeter around object

- walk around with unit

- imitate stance of unit

- heal unit when unit gets damage


13) Medic

Unit put into group of players will heal players if they get damage.


14) Ammo-Distributor

Unit put into group of players check if they need ammo and bring them what they need.

Spawns Ammo-depot (side ammoboxes, pallets, supportboxes) Unit runs from depot to players every time the backpack is empty


15) Med-Evac

If module is set onto player

- radio message is played ("papa bear, here charlie 2-2, need urgent medevac at grid x, 7-liner as follows ...")

- radio answer us played after x-sec ("this is papa bear, copy, medevac eot 15 minutes, drop green ...")

- radio announcement when helo is within 500m ("charlie 2-2, this is medevac, 10 sec. out, drop green at lz ...")

- players have to drop green smoke at reachable lz or helo spawns green smoke at lz itself

- helo lands

- 2 pararescuejumper get out

- run towards player who get moduled

- player gets ACE-carried (or if there's a stretcher, carried with it)

- load into helo

- flown home within the golden hour


Perhaps you could start a "who likes what" poll or something and if you like, implement ideas, most people (and you of course) find interesting.

(Glad to help you with any of the non-scripting-stuff, just holler)

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Hello guys,


I'm using Achilles and I was used to have custom scripts for making custom loadouts on my NPCs. My question is more on a script side, because I'm quite new to Arma Script and I might need your advices.

I want use the custom compositions to spawn a guy and in the same time add a custom loadout to him. I know already to add a custom loadout to an unit by using the custom scripts from Ares, I just don't know how to spawn something and affect it in the same script.

If you have any idea or something I should look at to understand how to do it, I will be really grateful ! 





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Currently, I won't consider them, since there is a lot of other stuff that has to be implemented. It is also the reason I won't start a poll soon.

Furthermore, some of your suggestions are just not doable. Keep in mind that I cannot implement custom sound myself.

Custom sound will only work if it is provided by the mission and not in an add-on that is only intended for Zeus to run.

At least regarding to doors, I will soon implement a way for Zeus to lock/unlock them.



Note that custom compositions are currently not suitable for non-static objects such as units.

You can just spawn the unit with the common createUnit command.


Edit: Regarding effect modules:

I can confirm that persistent smoke pillar and light sources do not work for players that do not have Achilles loaded. I'm currently working on a solution.

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Note that custom compositions are currently not suitable for non-static objects such as units.

You can just spawn the unit with the common createUnit command.

Thank for the info. I'll try a new test soon. 

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Hey man, just letting you know Achillies 0.0.2 is putting dependencies in missions. So now my group has upgraded to 0.0.3 no missions will run or open in the editor.



Also I have a request by my Zeus's if you could bring back the flares and smoke module from the original ares, unless they are still there just hidden away they haven't seen yet.

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This issue is a general problem with add-ons since the update 1.60. If you create a mission while running an add-on with replacement configs, it will automatically get added.

e.g. https://github.com/acemod/ACE3/issues/3954


S. Crowe wrote me that the ACE3 team managed to solve the problem.

I will try to fix it.


For now unload the add-on if you want to create a mission.

For the missions you already have created, you have to load them while running Achilles Alpha 0.0.2c:



In order to remove the dependency:

1) open the mission in Eden

2) save it (remove the ticket for binarizing)

3) find your mission folder and edit the mission.sqm file with text editor

4) Remove the add-on from the list addOns[] =  {...} and save it.

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I need to do some more testing to see if something else is causing the issue, but a quick operation yesterday with Achilles 0.0.3c, I wasn't able to get smoke grenades and flares to spawn at all. Adding units to server through the module removes and prevents garrisoning of that unit (this might be more due to BI's side of things than Achilles). Intel in some cases will not display the title still and just double up the text/description field for that intelligence (occurred when more than one intel piece was placed, in initial testing the intel was working as intended).


Feature request would be a module that forces AI to attack a position/marker (someone's written code out there for this based on artillery targets for the original Ares, but it was never merged into GitHub).

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I like new update but in suppression module,

1.AI is firing all direction and kill their team or squad. 

2. Its doesn't focus on suppression target.

3. Some Static emplaced weapons not fire at all.

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2 items.  


1) Love your mod, following it, using it.  Sorry I do not give more feed back.  But, Great work. 

2) Play withSIX version seems corrupt, or flawed in some way.  It seems the Addons folders are empty.

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Could you get it to order a rescue mission if any CAS planes get shoot down,automatically? Would be useful....

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@Kasli Catal

1) Weird... smoke and flares seem to work for me. Can you report your issue in details according to the form in the thread start post.

2) Yeah as I mentioned earlier, transfering units to the server lead to loss of some functionalities due to locality issues, although the features ambient animation, have a seat, surrender, forced eject/chute should still work.

3) Confirmed. It seems several issues with edited / multiple placed intels escaped my notice...

4) Do you have the link of that branch, so I can have a look on it?



I know this feature has some flaws from the very beginning. Nevertheless, the script should work fine if units have a good position (e.g. line of sight and team is spread out). I should at least find a way to detect that another team mate is in front so they don't shoot. I haven't checked it for turrets yet.


@TSgt. Balzer 29th ID

The version on Play withSix is not uploaded by me. I even don't know who does it...



This post sounds familiar... You are welcome to implement it as a custom module in Achilles or in a mission script, but I won't do it for you.

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Hey - glad to see you picked up the Ares torch and ran with it :)  Thanks for that.


One small request that has nothing to do with functionality - could you put a little logo back beside the functions that are Ares as opposed to core Zeus stuff?  That made it easy to pick out the ones I wanted with Ares.


Thanks. :)

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