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    oOKexOo As requested: https://github.com/sthorshaug/Ares/commit/4393054e03fe2eee23abc062401d735c0b964908
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    I need to do some more testing to see if something else is causing the issue, but a quick operation yesterday with Achilles 0.0.3c, I wasn't able to get smoke grenades and flares to spawn at all. Adding units to server through the module removes and prevents garrisoning of that unit (this might be more due to BI's side of things than Achilles). Intel in some cases will not display the title still and just double up the text/description field for that intelligence (occurred when more than one intel piece was placed, in initial testing the intel was working as intended). Feature request would be a module that forces AI to attack a position/marker (someone's written code out there for this based on artillery targets for the original Ares, but it was never merged into GitHub).