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  1. teddymosart1


    * Feature: Vanilla CAS modules: Implemented general config solution => support any 3rd party add-on. Is it possible to make this step a little easier for us?
  2. teddymosart1

    [Release]Easy Mission Creator

    Where do i place this? Missions?
  3. teddymosart1


    What about a Land WP? And auto-enable the Playable unit for any human player in a helo so they can fly anything on the BF?
  4. Any new kinds of helos to be in this pack? The Chinese has quite a cool bunch of gadgets that fly...
  5. Are you adding the Chineese combat helicopter H-9 too? AS-365 Daphin
  6. teddymosart1

    Project Infinite v1.0

    Can we get a jamming and clearing action to this mod? And maybe a Swedish Ak-5? Would look great if you made one.
  7. teddymosart1

    Devas Autopilot Mod

    Nap-of the Earth -mode is really essential for this mod.It will also enable all those movie moments for SP-mode. To get rid of the sharp pull-up for helos and really slow and low flying for ai-pilots. Stealth -stuff will be possible .Something that has been missing for all in Arma 3 ,thanks for this mod.Great.
  8. teddymosart1

    C2 -Command And Control

    Some way to tag a Ai and then move to take all down at the same time ,would be a useful feature .
  9. Could I bother you for a Red and Green light for parachutist too? Could be somewhat useful.Thank you.
  10. teddymosart1

    The Unsung Vietnam Mod 3.0 WIP THREAD

    Lots of mods,it`s top speed about 5 km/h-the one with M-60 on it.The other stuff is top notch working great,the OH-6 looks great. Are there any Speed Limiter in this car?
  11. teddymosart1

    [Release] Incon Airpower

    This as a mod? That would really add to and of this could somehow be added to Achilles Ares mod,that would be just dandy.
  12. teddymosart1

    The Unsung Vietnam Mod 3.0 WIP THREAD

    Jeeps looks great ,but move very slowly. About the CH-53;Any way to place the wounded inside of it/or the ambulance? Great mod ,fantastic.
  13. Could you consider making this as a mod for the SP-players,please ? Don`t care for fidelling with scripts and adding things myself.And a lot of others don`t mind very small mods,even if they have large packs. Thank you.
  14. Great! Working hoist on these? SAR would be fantastic to be able to do....Just a suggestion,thoo`,will play withs this non the less.
  15. When i play with six,i cant get this to work,start ,zeus play right? I havent played with six before,do I have to wait until it`s downloaded zeus or something? Got nothing when I press y,cant get any other mods to work either,thanks for you`re time.