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  1. tacplay

    name objects as zeus

    You're welcome mate. Can't imagine using zeus without Achilles any more :-)
  2. tacplay

    name objects as zeus

    There is a mod called "Achilles" - you should look into it. In the development section you will find an option called "Bind variable". This could be what you want to do, if I'm understanding you correct. There's an option called "Intel" too. You can create tasks and put in an object (i.e. photos) to find for the players as well. To make a long story short: When you use Zeus, you want to use Achilles too, believe me ;) -->
  3. Argh. Thank you guys! Functions have to return a value. Sometimes it's all too obvious ... but my brain was script-fried.
  4. Hi. I want to write a small function, spawning a soldier at a marker (just an understanding thing, I know it's way more easy to do this in a different way). params [ ["_class","",[""]], ["_wp","",[""]] ]; _posStart = getMarkerPos _wp; _grp01 = createGroup east; _unit01 = _grp01 createUnit [_class, _posStart, [], 0, "CAN COLLIDE"]; It's working, when called with _spawnUnit = ["O_G_Soldier_F","marker1"] call TACP_fnc_Test_spawnSoldier; Given class is spawning at the marker. But I always got the failure message "'call{_spawnUnit |#|= ["O_G_Soldier_F","marker1"] call TACP_fnc..." Error Generic error in expression." What am I doing wrong? *confused*
  5. tacplay


    Ahh, ok. But it's okay to only deactivate sync. You don't have to deactivate the whole ace weather system.
  6. tacplay


    Eeek. I should have post it here. I tried a lot after experiencing this strange weather behaviors, in my case rain was stuck to strange blocks of rain, as if something was cutting it through every second. This brought me to the idea to check synching. And lo and behold, if you have ACE weather sync enabled, Advanced Weather goes down ;) If you disable Sync (still using all ACE weather modules), everything works fine, by now (at least with us). Perhaps it's the same issue with you and your missions. Have a try. Sorry oOKexOo for not posting this earlier, was thinking I had a special ArmA Fubar with my config. Seems sth. is colliding with weather-synching, especially on Tanoa. Perhaps if you have the time, have a look there.
  7. tacplay


    Hi oOKexOo, I noticed, you can't bind a variable to players anymore (worked before). Any ideas why this wouldn't work anymore? I really used this a lot (i.e. adressing certain modifications as fatigue etc. while Zeusing). Any chance to get this functionality back? Edit: Disregard. Was an Ace3-Fubar. Thanks again and again for this really gamechanging mod! Cheers, stuermer
  8. Put me in for whatever is needed (am german though, but can deny my accent quite okay ;) Gesendet von iPhone mit Tapatalk
  9. Hi! Ain't working for startingObjects (aka Establishing FOB) or does it? Any solution for startingObjects? cheers, TacPlay
  10. tacplay


    Some ideas (I know, you have a life, just suggestions :D ): 1) Healing-Damage-System Sliders allow to damage and heal bodyparts (ACE) and to heal/damage players and AI over time (simulate heavy wounds, poison or healing) with some sort of effect-time-slider 2) "Keys" A simple do-something-with-something mechanic. For example: You have something called "Keys for jail" and you can do an "open" action on an object called "door" what would be otherwise "closed". If you use "Keys for jail" on "door" with the "open" action, you solve a task called "free the prisoner". Mechanics could be: - open (door with key) - destroy (person or object with weapon/fire) - interrogate (person) - switch off/on (object with or without object) - take away/steal (object/person) - bring to (object to location) - see/recon (area/person/object) - talk to (person) etc. 3) Simple "has seen" system As in Arma2, you talk to AI and gain information about - who was in the area (radius) - where is danger (mines, camps, troops) 4) Simple "suicide bomber" You put a module onto an AI, this unit gets a heavy west and is walking around . If it "sees" players it wanders towards them and within radius x explodes the bomb. Perhaps with a nice yelling "x-sound" 5) Give-up-units If moduled, units will lower their weapon within certain parameters (i.e. if there are more than one player in the vicinity of radius x). You then - as a player - can cry "put your weapons down" via scrollmenue and this unit gets - after x sec. - into "set captive" mode and puts its weapon to the ground (kneelig animation) 6) Put life into area Within a radius, civilists spawn into buildings/cars and are - walking around - get into cars, drive them to another town, get into a building, despawn - get together in small groups, briefing-animation, go away again - etc. 7) Sound system Custom defined sounds could be placed with certain parameters - volume - radius to hear (m, global) - length (sec, complete, loop) - destroyable (y/n) - ambient (i.e. city sounds, always in the distance, very calm) Sounds can be grouped and chosen with dropdowns Sounds can be attached to players (go with them, i.e. radio messages) 8) Storm system Module can be placed with parameters: - size (radius around players) - density (light, middle, heavy, are you nuts) - kind (snow, sand, dust, ashes) - windvelocity - particles (papers, grass, ash, flakes) - tone (i.e. yellowish for sandstorm, blackish black and white for irak-scenario etc.) 9) Sentry immersion Put in a sentry and this unit stops at waypoints, get together in briefing and listening animation, a sound is played in a loop, where these sentries talk to each other (conversation sound file), perhaps put a cigarette on, glowing in the dark, spitting, laughing, grumbling. 10) Pursuit Put on a unit and selecting another (unit or player) the first is pursuing the last. It puts waypoints automatically near players with these parameters: - style (sneaking, standard, assault) - time of change (5 sec., 10 sec., 20 sec.) - area to action (radius in m to do sth.) - action when in reach (attack, talk) - weapon (grenade, rocket, pistol, rifle, sniper) - text/sound (talk/shout) 11) Sleep Put on a unit and - sleeping bag and camping-laying-chair spawns - unit undresses - unit lays down - sound "snoring" plays Unit "wakes up" if shots are fired or other units get into "alarm mode". There's a short animation "dressing" and 5-6 sec. before unit gets its weapon. 12) Defend Placed upon object/unit/player and select units to - build some sort of perimeter around object - walk around with unit - imitate stance of unit - heal unit when unit gets damage 13) Medic Unit put into group of players will heal players if they get damage. 14) Ammo-Distributor Unit put into group of players check if they need ammo and bring them what they need. Spawns Ammo-depot (side ammoboxes, pallets, supportboxes) Unit runs from depot to players every time the backpack is empty 15) Med-Evac If module is set onto player - radio message is played ("papa bear, here charlie 2-2, need urgent medevac at grid x, 7-liner as follows ...") - radio answer us played after x-sec ("this is papa bear, copy, medevac eot 15 minutes, drop green ...") - radio announcement when helo is within 500m ("charlie 2-2, this is medevac, 10 sec. out, drop green at lz ...") - players have to drop green smoke at reachable lz or helo spawns green smoke at lz itself - helo lands - 2 pararescuejumper get out - run towards player who get moduled - player gets ACE-carried (or if there's a stretcher, carried with it) - load into helo - flown home within the golden hour Perhaps you could start a "who likes what" poll or something and if you like, implement ideas, most people (and you of course) find interesting. (Glad to help you with any of the non-scripting-stuff, just holler)
  11. tacplay


    @twakkie: Yes, good you mention it. It's a pain to kick the @ares entry in the mission.sqm file if you forgot to switch off Achilles while using the editor. Would be nice, if there wasn't a dependency.
  12. tacplay


    Hi oOKexOo, thanks for your reply! Advanced weather ain't working for me, whether with or without Ace-Weather-Modul (tried it with and without disabled configs). When I config heavy fog, it's dissipating immediately in the distance, visible by a strange looking small line, opening within 15-20 sec. to a completely fog-free sky. I think it may be the horizon line, I'm seeing and the fog is dissipating sphere-like to the pole above me (see video). That's a bummer, because Advanced Weather would be very immersive for our roleplay sessions (i.e. slowly dissipating fog over some time, rain, when I like to have rain, intensifying fog after rain and so on). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vksk_BiC3o4 Sitting: Thanks man, I was blind ;) Feature request animations: I haven't worked with animations a lot, but it would be awesome, if enemy units would immediately come out of the animation, if they recognise you. When I put an enemy into i.e. watch-animation, they only react, if you shoot (at) them, killing immersion quite a bit (you can walk right under their noses). Would be realistic, if they get out of animation way before, when they see you. But I don't know if it's possible with the animation-loop-system in arma. Healing: That would be very nice! Because of my poor abilities with scripting I have to spawn some sort of medic-box right now, with a "Full healing" menue entry x) Some way to check an balance healing for players without interruption would help a lot. This mod is just the reason why I love Arma so much. The chance to play immersive, dynamic roleplay-missions. If you don't mind, I will swarm you with feature-requests concerning roleplay-abilities as well. ;) Keep on Achilling! Thanks for this nugget!
  13. tacplay


    Great mod! ErrorReport: When I use the AdvancedWeather Mod, rain is not working properly (it kinda hanging in the air for some seconds and then start again), fog is dissipating way to soon and there's a loop of dissipating, re-activating, dissipating ... and so on. Sitting doesn't work with me either: I would spawn a chair, click on "have a seat", choose the chair, mouseover a unit, press return. Nothing happens. Feature request: Would be nice, if there was some sort of healing management with ACE. Heal body parts, full healing, SewingKit etc. So as a Zeus, you could simulate healing AI units (or players). Thanks for the great work, MP is way better with Achilles!
  14. Schön zu hören, Herr Kaleun! Gute Leute muss man haben ... gute Leute. ;)