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  1. Charlie 7

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Ooooo, ahhhhh. Looks very good.
  2. Charlie 7

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Ace3 and or Ace3 AFRF Compat seems to be the issue. (blushes at not double checking myself)... So back to my original comments... Love the update!
  3. Charlie 7

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    1). Great update, I've been itching for this for a while. It's nice to be scratched. 2). I'll ask here and post a bug report later if it's not just me... Anyone else having issues with PKM/PKP mags in Virtural Arsenal? 3). Beautiful UH1H, VHS's, that M1 is beautiful so far, canoe motor boat noises give me a chuckle(please replace with sound of human making motor noises :) ), I like the direction RHS is going with Gref, HIDF forces are really rounded out now, M3A1(SD) is awesome, Magazine selection thingy is spectacular, and lastly thank you. Nice work.
  4. Charlie 7

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Is that a UH-1D/H or do mine eyes deceive? Nice looking cap too.
  5. At some point I will debate & request... Stuff... hoping the goodness of your heart and work ethic will force you to help a brother out... I will read all this before I do so. In the mean time, Gorgeous mod. I am sure you know it, but high end content. Thank you for bringing this to the community!
  6. I assume the new CBA Multi Key thing is the culprit in some way... not jiving with my macro softwear... Wrong place to post this.. Sry. Love TFAR :D
  7. I apologize for this question as it is grey area between TFAR and CBA: In game ctrl+P (default TFAR radio interface multi Key function) works fine.... But macro'ed (bound multi key with 25 mili second delay) Ctrl+P is not working.... going straight to Score Board. Is there a mili second setting that would work? Is CBA now not compatible with macro'd multi key bindings?
  8. Is any one else having issues with macro'd multi key bindings (Like Ctrl+P to bring up Radio) and CBA's new multi key functions?
  9. Charlie 7


    2 items. 1) Love your mod, following it, using it. Sorry I do not give more feed back. But, Great work. 2) Play withSIX version seems corrupt, or flawed in some way. It seems the Addons folders are empty.
  10. Charlie 7

    War Chronicles WW2 Modification

    https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/141039-csa38-45-czechoslovak-army-1938-1945-work-in-progress/?access_token=6462ff05827544c7eee87f51af346c961c35acbb881f8ca59019217150f9bce9430bf3c80e5467cfc424b26a13330d6b#036;53d53d3115ade35b50d6cc67d7f1738f&refresh_token=1db9993e9e062ce9ac8027bc82ae3ddb77b6c7e83cea52dcbefdb995283704aecbc1601c363e1da4cbc7ffb27e6a136c$86f23a498b369221a344956b32d6a156&access_token_expires_at=2016-03-28t16:16:58.716z&access_token_expires_in=3600&refresh_token_expires_at=2018-02-21t01:55:58.716z&refresh_token_expires_in=59999940&token_type=bearer I have not checked up on WC in a while, sorry if this has already come up. I know this is a slightly different era and focus, but have you guys followed the CSA38 development? Thing seem to be coming along great! Really excited to see what you come up with next!
  11. Charlie 7

    War Chronicles WW2 Modification

    MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! Thanks, I'm playing with it now. K98 is spectacular, what a great start. Thank you for leaving this under our WW2 enthusiasts Tree !!! Best wishes, and keep up the good work! EDIT: Ok, besides the Banana Cream M41 Class B... The MP40's rate of fire is a joy, the Bazooka was a pleasant surprise, Garand firing and clip ejection is amazing, Tommy and BAR are nice and the uniforms shape/animation is nice too. Great first effort. I will curb my excitement for what you guys will do next with my wish for you all to have a great holiday and Happy New Years!
  12. Charlie 7

    War Chronicles WW2 Modification

    Though I shudder with anticipation, I cannot fault anyone a good holiday. The 29th Infantry Division and myself wish the whole team happy holidays, and best of luck with this project of yours. We are all excited about.
  13. Charlie 7

    War Chronicles WW2 Modification

    Mmmmmm..... Garand..... Looks great!(hands optional) I love the realistic mission statement and content you have shown so far. I wish you well in your efforts, and excited to see War Chronicles rolling...