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  1. God_Emperor

    Cold War Rearmed III

    Really excited for this Mod that AH-1S is beautiful! I’d cut my nuts off for a couple pictures of the cockpit interior 🙂. I bet you already have plenty of ideas for content for this mod but some Ragtops for the PASGT helmets would be amazing but they were never in Flashpoint so it’s definitely not a priority. If you need any help with US or Soviet Gear or Vehicle references from PASGT Vests and Helmets, M69 and Alice Load Bearing gear, to M16A1s and Colt 3X20 scopes to TMs and Vehicle interior refs I’d be happy to help. Keep up the good work!
  2. God_Emperor

    Aliens Mod

    I’m so happy to see his mod get a tuneup! Hell this mod is the reason why I had to get a copy of the the Technical Manual for myself! Is it in the scope of possibility to add in any other vehicles, and gadgets from the TM make their way the mod? I’d kill to see a M40 Ridgeway or the M579 Daisycutter make their way into the mod. Good work guys keep killing it!
  3. Really looking forward to this mod really need more Cold War stuff can't wait for the UH-60As and AH-1Fs . Are you guys adding in an M2 bradley or just a M2A2 port? I would kill to see an old school Bradley. I haven't had the pleasure of driving one since OPFP.
  4. God_Emperor

    Soviet AF Pack

    I haven't heard an update on this mod in a while hows she coming ?
  5. Good to hear thanks for the info !
  6. God_Emperor

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    Wanted: Cold War Vehicles Mod Ever since OPFP I've been hooked on making Cold War scenarios but I lack one thing historically accurate vehicles! I've been stuck using UH-60Ms instead of UH-60A's and M2A2ODS instead of M2s and AH-1Zs instead of AH-1Fs and most horrifying of all using M1A1s instead of M1 or M1IPs. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only guy that gets a annoyed by this so I'm throwing this out there to see if anyone with more talent than myself that can help me and the rest of the community members stricken with the virus that is Cold War nostalgia. Personally if you were going to create this mod I'd focus on U.S. vehicles since mods like RHS and CUP cover most Soviet vehicles and Redd and Tank and Gobal Mobilization (when it comes out) has West and East Germany covered. Some vehicles that we could use are: M1 M1ip M60A3s M2 Bradley LVTP-7 AAV MIM-72 Chaparral AH-1s AH-64a UH-60As (ESS,Medevac) OH-58 Kiowa F-18A AV-8A F-15A Probably a ton more I can't name off the top of my head *Also all ground vehicles most be doused in a thick coating of MERDC :) *If it were all possible I would love vehicle interiors but that be up to the mod author Mods like Unsung and Firewill collection cover a decent amount but hey what's not to like about more vehicles! Feel free to suggest any more vehicles that come to mind that you could see fit perfectly into this setting! Thanks a ton guys!
  7. Awesome mod Firewill! Do you have any more 1980s models/textures or aircraft such as the F-15c 1st pack you released awhile ago planned ? I'd kill for some Camo F-15s and F-16s or even an AV-8A if you're feeling crazy. Good luck and keep doing what you're doing !
  8. Hell yeah ! Speaking of kickass birds how's the work on the OV-10 going? Definitely one of my favorite planes of all time and I'd kill to have her in soon. Also have you guys had any thought of reintroducing the LVT-5 ? Would kill for some new ground vehicles but I'm in no rush. Keep doing what you're doing guys !
  9. God_Emperor

    Aliens Mod

    I have a bug on the Cheyenne where I cannot use the cannon the ammo counter just reads zero and the weapon name is called Cannon caseless 30mm. Other than that sweet mod would love to see a infantry carrier version similar to the one in AVP 2010 with drop ship like seating. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=QYHR8VhbpxU