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  1. Does anyone have recommendations for fast FTP server hosts for a repo? I was just fooling around with a couple of free ones, but they have maximum file size limits (which obviously won't work wth the size of some pbo files). TIA
  2. BB_Frost


    I was Zeusing the other night and, for whatever reason, I could only apply the AI Behaviour modules to blufor.... but the time before that it was fine and I could apply them to opfor. Did I hit a button I don't know about? 🙂 EDIT: I assume it's something I've done rather than any kind of issue with the mod.
  3. BB_Frost


    If I understand the comments on the update, this is backward compatible with the old medical system? We don't intend to update, but I make liberal use of your mod. 🙂
  4. BB_Frost

    Enhanced Movement

    Yep... -world=empty for me.
  5. BB_Frost

    Enhanced Movement

    I know you're still working on it, but as of a few minutes ago downloading from Steam, I have no Keys/Settings options from the main menu, but it does work from the pause menu once in a game. This isn't a big deal to me at all, as I'm used to making those settings changes once I'm in a game... plus, only have to do it once. :) I was glad to see a single mapping option that did Climb/Jump - I was worried that you'd separated them completely. :)
  6. BB_Frost

    Enhanced Movement

    I'd actually go one further and ask that after a wall climb or a drop that the character goes into crouch stance - it makes more sense to me, just absorbing the energy of the fall/drop.
  7. BB_Frost

    Spyder Addons

    Getting this error with the vehicle spawner (which seems to work properly, despite the error - presumably the vehicle isn't pointed the way it should be, though?) [SpyderAddons - Sup Vehiclespawn] Initialization starting Error in expression <ttings", [[_spawnMarkers,_spawnHeight], _spawnDir, _factions, _whitelist, _black> Error position: <_spawnDir, _factions, _whitelist, _black> Error Undefined variable in expression: _spawndir File \x\spyderaddons\addons\sup_vehiclespawn\fnc_vehicleSpawner.sqf [SpyderAddons_fnc_vehicleSpawner], line 1794 2017.05.23
  8. It's not a workaround... it's how the program works (and I quite like that). You want to have control at the addon group level, but you don't - the control exists at the profile level. Each profile defines addon sources... addon groups are contained within the profile, so creating yet another layer of branching at the addon group level would be unnecessary.
  9. I don't think it could be A3S - it's a nice GUI that, in the end, creates a long command line that launches the game. :) You can close it while A3 is running. That's from my experience, anyway. To specifically answer your question, no, nobody in my group is having that issue and we all use A3Sync to connect to a dedicated server.
  10. BB_Frost

    Enhanced Visuals

    I appreciate you taking a look. :)
  11. BB_Frost

    Enhanced Visuals

    This is creating a server dependency when creating a mission... should it? EM doesn't. (PS: Good to have this functionality back :) )
  12. BB_Frost

    Carry All Items on Vest

    There are two stats for a carrying "thing" - an inventory size and a carrying capacity. The size is the biggest single thing that can go in, while the carrying capacity is the max "weight" it can hold. The LBV has an inventory size of 30 with a carrying capacity of 160, but the Titan AA has an inventory size of 100 - it's not too heavy, it's just too bulky to fit on the LBV. Here's a thread on Steam about these values as of 1.68, it looks like: https://steamcommunity.com/app/107410/discussions/19/617329150703398110/ That said, you could probably write a config patch to mod the LBV (or whatever vest you spec for your players) to increase the inventory size.
  13. I did search the thread, and got no results for the word "dropbox"... any chance that the repo could be made to work with Dropbox? Great program - we have used it for a long time. :) (Just not the repo)
  14. BB_Frost

    Spyder Addons

    It's been a while since I configured this, and I'm not at my computer, but don't the multiple item lists need to be enclosed in square brackets? e.g. [Car,Truck,Armored,Tank]
  15. Does this still need to be on the server, as well?